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Mountain Time vs. Eastern Time: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 16, 2024
Mountain Time is 2 hours behind Eastern Time; they are time zones in the United States.

Key Differences

Mountain Time (MT) is a time zone in the western part of the United States, whereas Eastern Time (ET) is a time zone in the eastern part. Both are used for standard time and daylight saving time.
Mountain Time impacts states like Colorado and Arizona, offering a unique time reference distinct from the Eastern Time, which influences states like New York and Florida. This geographical difference is crucial for scheduling and broadcasting.
In terms of daylight saving, most regions in Mountain Time observe it, moving an hour ahead in summer. Similarly, Eastern Time also adheres to daylight saving, adjusting clocks to optimize daylight.
For international coordination, Mountain Time is GMT-7 or GMT-6 during daylight saving, while Eastern Time is GMT-5 or GMT-4 during daylight saving. This highlights their global position.
During winter, when daylight saving is not in effect, Mountain Time is only 2 hours behind Eastern Time, a key factor for businesses and communication across these zones.

Comparison Chart


Western U.S. (e.g., Colorado)
Eastern U.S. (e.g., New York)

UTC Offset

UTC-7 (Standard), UTC-6 (Daylight)
UTC-5 (Standard), UTC-4 (Daylight)

Daylight Saving

Observed in most areas

Standard Time Period

Early November to mid-March
Same as MT

Influence on Scheduling

Affects western region schedules
Dominant in eastern region schedules

Mountain Time and Eastern Time Definitions

Mountain Time

In winter, Mountain Time is two hours behind Eastern Time.
When it's noon Eastern Time, it's only 10 AM Mountain Time.

Eastern Time

It is the standard time in regions observing GMT-5.
Eastern Time is three hours ahead of Pacific Time.

Mountain Time

It is the standard time in regions observing GMT-7.
Mountain Time is currently two hours ahead of Pacific Time.

Eastern Time

In winter, Eastern Time is two hours ahead of Mountain Time.
If it's 5 PM Mountain Time, it's 7 PM Eastern Time.

Mountain Time

Mountain Time refers to the time zone in the western U.S., including states like Colorado.
The webinar starts at 9 AM Mountain Time.

Eastern Time

Eastern Time refers to the time zone in the eastern U.S., including states like New York.
The show airs at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Mountain Time

During daylight saving, Mountain Time shifts to GMT-6.
Remember to adjust your clocks for Mountain Time daylight saving.

Eastern Time

It significantly influences national broadcasting schedules.
Most national events are scheduled according to Eastern Time.

Mountain Time

It impacts local scheduling distinct from Eastern Time.
The meeting is scheduled for 10 AM Mountain Time.

Eastern Time

During daylight saving, Eastern Time shifts to GMT-4.
Eastern Time switches to daylight saving in spring.


What states are in Eastern Time?

States like New York, Florida, and Georgia are in Eastern Time.

How many hours is Mountain Time behind Eastern Time?

Mountain Time is typically 2 hours behind Eastern Time.

Do both time zones observe daylight saving?

Yes, most regions in both zones observe daylight saving.

What is Mountain Time?

Mountain Time is a time zone in the western U.S. observed in states like Colorado and Utah.

What is the daylight saving UTC offset for Eastern Time?

During daylight saving, Eastern Time has a UTC offset of UTC-4.

Does Mountain Time affect international travel?

Yes, travelers need to adjust to Mountain Time when visiting states like Arizona.

Can Mountain Time affect online events?

Yes, online events based in Mountain Time can affect global participants.

Is Eastern Time the same in all states observing it?

Yes, all states in the Eastern Time zone follow the same time.

What is the standard UTC offset for Mountain Time?

The standard UTC offset for Mountain Time is UTC-7.

Are there exceptions to daylight saving in Mountain Time?

Yes, some regions like Arizona do not observe daylight saving in Mountain Time.

How does Eastern Time impact business hours?

Businesses in the Eastern Time zone often set standard U.S. business hours.

Does Eastern Time affect international business?

Yes, Eastern Time is crucial for international business, especially with Europe.

Are TV shows broadcast according to Eastern Time?

Many national TV shows are scheduled according to Eastern Time.

Is Mountain Time ahead or behind Eastern Time during daylight saving?

It's still 2 hours behind Eastern Time during daylight saving.

Does Mountain Time have an effect on flight schedules?

Yes, flight schedules are adjusted according to Mountain Time in its region.

Is Eastern Time used as the standard for national broadcasts?

Yes, Eastern Time often sets the standard for live national broadcasts.

How does Mountain Time impact daily life in its region?

It influences work hours, school schedules, and daily routines in the region.

How do time zone differences impact communication between Mountain and Eastern Time?

It requires scheduling awareness for calls and meetings between these zones.

How does daylight saving transition work in Eastern Time?

Clocks are set forward one hour in spring and back in fall in Eastern Time.

Are public events scheduled differently in Mountain Time compared to Eastern Time?

Yes, local public events in Mountain Time are scheduled independently of Eastern Time.
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