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Basis vs. Bases: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 16, 2024
"Basis" is a singular noun referring to the foundation or starting point of something, while "bases" is the plural form of "base," meaning the supports or foundations for something or multiple locations or points.

Key Differences

The word "basis" is a singular noun referring to the fundamental principle or underlying concept of something. "Bases," on the other hand, is the plural form of "base," which means foundations, supports, or starting points in various contexts, including physical, conceptual, or locational.
"Basis" is used as a singular noun to describe a single foundational element or principle. "Bases," as the plural of "base," refers to multiple foundational elements or locations.
The term "basis" is commonly used in academic, legal, and philosophical contexts to denote the main reason or principle. "Bases" is used in various contexts like military (referring to multiple military installations), science (referring to chemical compounds), or sports (multiple stations in games like baseball).
An example of "basis" in a sentence might be: "The theory was developed on the basis of empirical evidence." An example of "bases" might be: "The troops were dispatched to various bases around the country."
Synonyms for "basis" include foundation, groundwork, or cornerstone. For "bases," synonyms could include grounds, stations, or compounds depending on the context.

Comparison Chart




Fundamental principle or starting point
Plural of "base," referring to supports or locations

Usage Context

Academic, legal, philosophical
Military, science, sports

Example Use

"The basis for the argument..."
"The military has multiple bases..."


Foundation, groundwork
Grounds, stations, compounds

Basis and Bases Definitions


Underlying support or foundation for something.
Her argument had a strong theoretical basis.


Chemical compounds that react with acids.
In the lab, we tested various bases for their reactivity.


A starting point for reasoning or argument.
On the basis of these facts, we can conclude that the hypothesis is correct.


Stations in games like baseball or softball.
The player ran swiftly between the bases.


The fundamental principle or idea.
The research project was conducted on the basis of previous studies.


Plural of "base," referring to foundations or supports.
The engineer checked the structural bases of the bridge.


Main reason or justification for something.
The decision was made on the basis of financial feasibility.


Multiple military installations or locations.
The country has several naval bases along the coast.


Central theme or principle.
The book's basis is the importance of environmental conservation.


Points or locations serving as centers of operation.
The company has bases in several major cities worldwide.


A fact or circumstance on which something is established
Rumors with no basis in reality.


Plural of basis.


Plural of base


Plural of basis


Infl of base


What does bases mean in chemistry?

Substances that can accept hydrogen ions or donate electron pairs in reactions.

What is a basis in mathematics?

It's the set of vectors in a vector space from which all others can be derived.

What are military bases?

Locations or facilities owned and operated by the military.

Can basis refer to reasons in an argument?

Yes, it often refers to the underlying reasons or principles.

Are bases in baseball literal bases?

Yes, they are the stations a player must touch to score.

What is the basis for scientific research?

The fundamental hypothesis or theory being tested.

How is basis used in legal terms?

As the underlying foundation or principle of a legal argument.

Is basis always singular?

Yes, "basis" is always used as a singular noun.

What do bases do in a chemical reaction?

They typically neutralize acids and can form salts.

Can basis change over time?

Yes, the basis of a theory or argument can evolve with new information.

Are bases important in medicine?

Yes, they are used in various medical applications, including pH balance in the body.

How do you determine the basis of a decision?

By identifying the fundamental reasons or principles behind it.

Do bases react with metals?

Yes, some bases react with metals to produce hydrogen gas.

Can bases refer to home bases?

Yes, it can mean home locations or starting points.

How is basis used in finance?

It refers to the underlying value or principle amount in financial contexts.

What does it mean to have a moral basis?

It refers to the ethical foundation or principles guiding decisions.

Can one have multiple bases in an argument?

Yes, an argument can have several foundational principles or bases.

Do all bases have a pH above 7?

Typically, yes, as they are the opposite of acids.

Are military bases only for defense?

They can be for various purposes, including defense, training, and support.

Are all alkaline substances bases?

Generally, alkaline substances are considered bases.
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