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Mitt vs. Glove: What's the Difference?

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A mitt is a type of hand covering that usually has a separate section for the thumb and a combined section for the other fingers, while a glove has individual sections for each finger.

Key Differences

Mitts, often used in sports like baseball, have a design that groups most of the fingers together, providing a larger surface area for catching or handling items. Gloves, on the other hand, offer individual finger slots, allowing for more dexterity and finger movement.
The design of a mitt is such that it prioritizes warmth and sometimes protection, as seen in oven mitts and catcher's mitts. On the flip side, gloves are designed to offer protection while maintaining finger mobility, important in activities requiring precision.
Mitts are generally bulkier due to their design, suitable for activities where fine finger skills are not essential. While, gloves are sleeker and more form-fitting, used in a variety of settings from fashion to manual labor.
In terms of usage, mitts are common in colder climates for warmth or in specific sports for catching balls. However, gloves are ubiquitous, used in medical fields, construction, gardening, and as a fashion accessory.
The term "mitt" is also used colloquially to refer to hands in a general sense, whereas "glove" does not have such a colloquial use.

Comparison Chart

Finger Sections

Combined section for fingers
Individual sections for each finger

Design Purpose

Warmth and protection
Dexterity and protection

Typical Use

Sports (baseball), cold weather
Various activities requiring finger precision

Physical Form

Sleeker and form-fitting

Colloquial Usage

Refers to hands in general
No such colloquial use

Mitt and Glove Definitions


A glove used in baseball by the catcher or first baseman.
The catcher’s mitt is heavily padded.


A hand covering with individual sections for each finger.
She wore elegant gloves to the gala.


A padded covering for boxing training.
They practiced punches using a boxing mitt.


A fashion accessory, often made of leather or fabric.
His leather gloves matched his jacket.


A hand covering with a separate thumb but combined other fingers.
He wore thick mitts in the snow.


For practical use in cold weather, keeping hands warm.
He put on his gloves before shoveling snow.


An oven mitt, used for handling hot cookware.
She pulled the cookies out of the oven with an oven mitt.


Used for protection in various professions like medical or construction.
The surgeon put on sterile gloves.


A colloquial term for hand.
Get your mitts off my cookies!


For sports, providing grip and protection, like in golf or cycling.
She always wears gloves when cycling.


A type of glove that extends over the hand but only partially covers the fingers.


A close-fitting covering for the hand with a separate sheath for each finger and the thumb, worn especially as protection from the cold.


A mitten.


A gauntlet.


(Baseball) A large, padded, protective leather glove, usually with one sheath for the thumb and one undivided sheath for the remaining fingers, used by catchers and first basemen.


What is a mitt?

A mitt is a type of hand covering with a separate thumb and combined finger section.

What is a baseball mitt?

A baseball mitt is a padded glove used by catchers or first basemen in baseball.

Are mitts warmer than gloves?

Generally, mitts are considered warmer than gloves due to less surface area exposed to the cold.

What sports use mitts?

Sports like baseball and boxing use mitts for catching and protection.

What is a glove?

A glove is a hand covering with individual sections for each finger.

Are gloves better for dexterity?

Yes, gloves offer better dexterity due to individual finger sections.

Can gloves be used in sports?

Yes, gloves are used in many sports for grip and protection.

Can gloves be a fashion statement?

Yes, gloves can be a fashionable accessory, especially in materials like leather.

Are surgical gloves a type of glove?

Yes, surgical gloves are a type of protective glove used in medical procedures.

Do gloves provide protection from chemicals?

Certain types of gloves, like rubber or nitrile gloves, provide chemical protection.

What are oven mitts used for?

Oven mitts are used to handle hot cookware safely.

What are mitts colloquially known for?

Colloquially, "mitts" can refer to hands.

Can gloves be touchscreen compatible?

Many modern gloves are designed to be touchscreen compatible.

Do gardeners use gloves?

Yes, gardeners often use gloves for protection and to maintain cleanliness while working.

Do mitts have individual finger slots?

No, mitts typically have a combined section for fingers except for the thumb.

Can mitts be used for cooking?

Yes, oven mitts are specifically designed for cooking and baking.

Are leather gloves durable?

Yes, leather gloves are known for their durability and protection.

Are there mitts for infants?

Yes, there are mitts designed for infants to prevent scratching and keep their hands warm.

What is a boxing mitt?

A boxing mitt is a padded hand covering used for training and sparring in boxing.

Are there waterproof gloves?

Yes, there are waterproof gloves designed for various outdoor activities.
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