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Disgusting vs. Delicious: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on October 3, 2023
Disgusting refers to something unpleasant or repulsive, while Delicious denotes something highly pleasant to taste.

Key Differences

Disgusting is an adjective that describes something that is unpleasant or revolting, typically generating feelings of repulsion and aversion. It’s a term that reflects a strong, negative emotional response to something, often related to taste, smell, or sight. Delicious, however, swings to the opposite end of the spectrum, denoting something that provides great pleasure, especially concerning taste. It reflects a positive emotional response and is often associated with foods that are satisfying and savored.
When something is considered Disgusting, it causes a visceral, often involuntarily negative reaction, possibly provoking physical responses like gagging or retching. Disgusting can relate to various senses but is commonly tied to experiences of taste and smell. Delicious, contrastingly, alludes to a pleasing experience, generally related to the palate. A delicious item or meal satiates and gratifies, often triggering feelings of pleasure and contentment.
Utilizing Disgusting in a sentence might be aimed to express strong distaste and rejection, typically dissuading others from engaging with the subject in question. It is often associated with things that are morally, aesthetically, or gastronomically offensive. On the other hand, Delicious is employed to express approval, satisfaction, and recommendation, often enticing others to try or engage with the subject. Delicious encourages an experience, signifying it is rewarding and enjoyable.
Disgusting can also be used in various contexts, not limited to describing foods or smells. It can describe actions, attitudes, or visuals that are morally or ethically reprehensible. Delicious, while primarily used to describe flavorful foods, can also metaphorically depict experiences, moments, or achievements that are delightful and satisfying, thus proving that both terms, while contrasting, can be applied in diverse scenarios.

Comparison Chart


Causes a strong aversion or repulsion.
Provides great pleasure, especially in taste.

Common Usage

Often relates to unpleasant tastes/smells.
Commonly used to describe tasty food.

Emotional Response

Provokes negative emotions.
Evokes positive emotions.

Contextual Use

Can describe moral/ethical repulsion.
Primarily related to satisfying experiences.

Physical Reaction

May induce gagging or revulsion.
Often makes one want more.

Disgusting and Delicious Definitions


Unpleasant and offensive. The room was in a disgusting state.


Highly pleasant to the taste.
The cake was absolutely delicious.


Vile or foul.
The disgusting sight made him retch.


Delightful and pleasing
The victory was simply delicious.


Morally reprehensible.
The tyrant’s actions were


Very pleasant; delightful.
He found her company to be delicious.


Arousing revulsion or strong indignation.
The rotten egg had a disgusting smell.


Either of two varieties of apple, the Golden Delicious or the Red Delicious.


Arousing disgust; repugnant.


Highly pleasing or agreeable to the senses, especially of taste or smell.


Causing disgust; repulsive; distasteful.


Very pleasant; delightful
A delicious revenge.


Present participle of disgust


Pleasing to the sense of taste; tasty.


That causes disgust; sickening; offensive; revolting.


Pleasing to a person's taste; pleasing to the eyes or mind.
The irony is delicious!


Highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust;
A disgusting smell
Distasteful language
A loathsome disease
The idea of eating meat is repellent to me
Revolting food
A wicked stench


(slang) Having tremendous sex appeal.


Repugnant or nasty.
He found the attitude of his boss disgusting.


Affording exquisite pleasure; delightful; most sweet or grateful to the senses, especially to the taste; charming.
Some delicious landscape.
One draught of spring's delicious air.
Were not his words delicious?


Addicted to pleasure; seeking enjoyment; luxurious; effeminate.
Others, lastly, of a more delicious and airy spirit, retire themselves to the enjoyments of ease and luxury.
Like the rich fruit he sings, delicious in decay.
No spring, nor summer, on the mountain seen,Smiles with gay fruits or with delightful green.


Variety of sweet eating apples


Greatly pleasing or entertaining;
A delightful surprise
The comedy was delightful
A delicious joke


Extremely pleasing to the sense of taste


Particularly pleasing or moreish.
The gossip was deliciously scandalous.


Characterized by rich or sweet flavor.
The sauce was deliciously creamy.


Can Disgusting be used to describe a person?

Yes, regarding actions or attitudes, not their being.

What does Disgusting mean?

Something unpleasant or repulsive to the senses.

Can Delicious describe a smell?

Yes, if the smell is pleasant and appetizing.

Can a situation be Disgusting?

Yes, if it invokes moral or ethical repulsion.

Is Delicious only related to food?

Primarily, but it can describe any highly pleasurable experience.

Can we say "Delicious scenery"?

It's metaphorical but can convey that the scenery is delightful.

Does something Disgusting always smell?

No, it could relate to any unpleasant sensory experience.

Can music be Delicious?

Uncommon, but might suggest the music is exceptionally pleasurable.

Can a movie be Delicious?

Metaphorically, if it provides delightful or pleasurable elements.

Is Delicious always a compliment?

Typically yes, signaling pleasure and approval.

Can a sound be Delicious?

Metaphorically, if it’s extremely pleasing to hear.

What’s a synonym for Disgusting?


Can Disgusting describe a texture?

Yes, if the texture provokes aversion.

Can something be both Disgusting and Delicious?

Generally no, as they are antonyms.

Does Disgusting always relate to physical senses?

Mostly, but it can also describe moral repulsion.

Can Disgusting be used positively?

Rarely and usually in a sarcastic or ironic context.

What’s a synonym for Delicious?


Can Disgusting describe flavor?

Yes, often used for unpleasant tastes.

Does Delicious imply sweetness?

Not always, it can describe any pleasurable flavor.

Can an idea be Disgusting?

Yes, if it invokes moral or ethical aversion.
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