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Difference Between Milkshake and Malt


Main Difference

Milkshake and malt are two of the famous soda fountain beverages which are loved by people around across the globe. These easy to be prepared drinks are popular every now and then because of their easily available ingredients and the technique through which they can either be prepared at home. Both these nutritious drinks are quite the same as both are made up of the essential ingredients like ice cream, milk, flavoring, whipped cream and syrup. The only difference Milkshake and Malt have is that use of malted milk is done in the case of malt while using the above-mentioned ingredients, whereas no malted milk is used in the milkshakes.

What is Milkshake?

The milkshake is the sweet drink which has ice-cream, milk, flavoring, fruits, and syrup as the important ingredients. This beverage is equally liked worldwide but there comes the slight difference in the basic recipe due to the preference f the people of different regions. Although, the best part is that maximum of the people are still stuck to the classic technique of preparing the milkshake with using milk, ice-cream, fruits and cream as the basic ingredients. The use of flavors or the fruits mainly counts for the milkshake you wanted to have. Some of the most famous milkshakes are vanilla, chocolate, mango and strawberry. The use of essence, frozen fruits, or the flavor is done to ensure the specific taste according to the liking. The best part of the milkshake is that it is easy to be made; with just knowing the recipe for once, you can create something of your own choice and that too with ease. The milkshake can be prepared by ‘hands’, means by combining the ingredients in the blender. Other than that automatic milkshake machines are also used for the milkshake preparation. In one of the most famous recipes of milkshake, the flavored powder is blend in the milk simply to make the milkshake of different flavors. This technique is famous because of the absence of seasonal fruits within the specific period of the year.


What is Malt?

The malt, malt shake or malteds are the name for the similar drink which is prepared with all the typical ingredients of the milkshake. Even the technique or the recipe of the malt goes quite the same as of the milkshake; the difference which divides them into two different types of beverages is the use of malted milk in the case of malt. It will be pertinent to mention here that the malted milk is not added for the preparation of the milkshake. The confusion which arises in the mind of laymen is that the malted milk powder is used as a replacement of the fresh milk in the malt, but that is not the case. Fresh milk is used along with the malted milk powder to prepare the malt. In preparation of the malt, the malted milk powder is added to the ice cream just before blending. In malted milk powder, the milk rehydrates the powder and equally distributes it around through the process of blending. People often also get confused about what actually the malted milk is; it is a powder that is derived from the mixture of wheat flour, malted barley and the evaporated whole milk. The other difference between the milkshake and malt based on the people’s review is that the malt is slight hard or sour as compared to the milkshake.

Milkshake vs. Malt

  • Malted milk is used in the malt, whereas it is not used in the milkshake.
  • A misconception prevails that malted milk powder is used as a replacement of the fresh milk in the malt, but that is not the case. Fresh milk is used along with the malted milk powder to prepare the malt.
  • Based on the user’s review; the milkshake is sweet in taste while malt gives a slightly sour taste along with the sweet touch.
  • Both these soda foundation drinks have ice-cream, milk, frozen fruits, syrup and whipped as the important ingredients.
  • Malteds and Malt-shake are the other famous words used for the malts.
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