Difference Between Infatuation and Love


Main Difference

People are often confused about their feelings and are unable to differentiate that whether they have developed a temporary passionate affection for someone or it is long lasting love. One is not having proper knowledge of Infatuation usually mix it up with love, but in actual, the concept of both is different and even contradict each other. Infatuation is referred as a temporary passionate feeling that carries away a person totally and blows his or her mind due to a certain characteristic or quality of others. Currently, youth relationships at their initial basis are often infatuation is which they are attracted towards each other passionately due to a single central trait which is usually sex. On the other hand, love is a long lasting positive feeling that is in between people that are emotionally connected and care for each other.

Comparison Chart

Infatuations are regarded as the temporary passionate feelings in which one completely is lost on a particular trait with unknown desire.Love is the feeling of affection between individuals, it is long-lasting and is the base of every long-term relation. It is depicted by caring and sacrificing.
A person having infatuation of some kind is quite aggressive and passionate about it. It is a feeling like drugs, and the person can risk everything and can go to any extent due to temporary passion and lust.Feelings of love are quite positive in nature. It gradually takes place. It gives confidence to each other. It covers feelings of care, respect, assertiveness and selflessness. It can be between friends, family, etc.
Passionate, high risk taking deeds, perseverance, intense behavior, sexual attraction, etc.Sincerity, faithfulness, loyalty, trust, confidence, compromises, selflessness, respecting each other and sacrificing for each other.
A person lost all his or her basic abilities to differentiate between good and bad. Failed rational evaluation. Cogitative control over affection.Love effects always in a positive way. It grooms the person and his or her personality. It provides stability and confidence along with focus.
Person to Person
Passionate commitment, solid affection overcoming every other thing in the world. It is usually regarding the sexual desire or lust.Fair commitment with pure, healthy intentions. Taking care of other person feeling more.
Results In
Depression, loneliness, anxiety, etc.Confidence, happiness, stability, etc.
Time Span
It is for quite short time and wipes out as it never existed causing negative effects.The feeling of love keeps of getting stronger and stronger with the passage of time.
Level of Patience
There is nothing like patience in infatuation.Love is the second name of patience. It is a gradual feeling that initiates slowly.
Interdependence is affected big time. A person always wants to be near to that person.Love makes way for interdependency. The individual gives space to each other.
Level of Commitment
It is a passionate commitment for a temporary period.One can remain committed throughout the life.
Infatuation is moreover like an illusion and is fake in nature.The feeling of love is unrestricted and unconditional.

What is Infatuation?

Infatuation is referred towards the temporary passionate feelings that blow away everything at once, and the person falls for a single specific trait and is recklessly intense in nature. Feelings of infatuations are often mixed and confused with the feelings of love. Some people consider Infatuation as the initial step of love. It can sometimes be, and infatuation can further change into love, but most of the time this does not happen. Love is gradual process whereas infatuation is more like the attraction at first sight or glance. Currently, the youth and their temporary lustful relations are clear depictions of the infatuation concept. Infatuation refers towards the immaturity. Infatuation is strong, passionate feeling in which a person lost his or her all other senses, he or she is not able to differentiate between good and bad. Even minor rational evaluation is not possible for the person possessing the feelings of Infatuation. Two person having the feelings of infatuation are temporarily attracted towards each other due to a particular trait in each other, and that is sexual desire most of the time. Lustful feeling with passion, recklessness, and anxiety are involved in Infatuation. A person always wants to be with that specific person. It wipes out soon totally as it was never existed causing depression and other negative effects.


What is Love?

Love, on the other hand, is a gradual feeling of affection that is slowly developed for a person. The feeling of love develops the personality of the person. Love is the feelings that make people feel for others, care for their loved ones, live for their loved ones and scarifies for their sake. It is always positive in nature and has positive effects. It is long- lasting feelings that last forever. The commitment is permanent, and people compromise for the sake of each other’s will. Infatuation on early stages if remains positive and slows down can be converted into love too.

Infatuation vs. Love

  • Infatuation is temporary passionate feelings due to a single specific trait.
  • Love is long-lasting gradually developing feelings of affection.
  • Infatuation is temporary.
  • Love is permanent.
  • Infatuation mentally destroys the person.
  • Love stabilize the person and develop confidence along with overall personality.
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