Difference Between Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets


Primary Difference

Work is needed to be done efficiently in a work environment and the companies who need this work to be completed, provide different tools to their employees to help them finish the task in as less a time as possible. There is various software which helps in performing these activities but sometimes it becomes difficult to choose which one is the best choice for a certain activity. Entering data has long been a vital task given to the workers and since this data is of relative importance the choice of best possible application is necessary. Two of such software which are used for data entry and creating spreadsheets are known as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Both end up performing the same task but there are differences between them which make their uses different from each other. Some of those differences will be explained in this article. The main variation between the two is that Excel is a child of Microsoft while Google sheets obviously belong to Google Inc. Another thing that gives one edge over the other is that Excel has been the older of the two and has been used for a long time. On the other hand, Google sheets is a new entry and has been creating competition for Excel. One advantage that Excel has over the sheets is that they are available in the offline mode and people can download the application on their laptops of computers and use at a convenient time. But in the case of Google Sheets, the work has to be done with the availability of internet and currently there are no desktop apps available. Another difference between the two competitors is that Google sheets cost relatively less than the Microsoft Excel. On average you have to pay $60 to use all the google applications which include the docs, space, sheets and much more while to get a copy of just excel, from Microsoft Word you have to pay around $120 at one time which is way more than the sheets. Another difference between the two is that Excel work as a single entity, you have to enter the data, create a spreadsheet and then send it to others through email. With Google sheets, the user can work on the sheet and share it with others at the same time. Data from other Google related applications can also be imported and exported according to the requirement which helps is the completion of work in a quicker way.

Comparison Table

Microsoft ExcelGoogle Worksheets
It is the oldest application when it comes to creating spreadsheets.It is the new entry in the market and is giving a competition to Excel.
User has to save each file with a new nameUser can access by the revision history option.
Can work without the internetInternet is a requirement.
Works on its own.Can be integrated with other Google apps and data can be imported easily.

Definition of Microsoft Excel

It is the oldest application when it comes to creating spreadsheets and has been used over the years because of its simplicity. It is still the most use app in the world and provides many options for the user to enter data and arranging it properly. It is available in the market along with the Microsoft Office suite which has other applications as well, if someone is willing to buy a separate version of Excel it costs around $130, which is relatively costly as compared to other similar applications. They are also helpful when the data has to be entered in bulks, unlike other software it does not slow down when abundant information is being entered. It also offers in-app options of viewing the data entered in the proper way, this can be done with the help of bar charts, graphs, and other services. Mathematical equations and physics formulas are also programmed in it for giving other options. There is also the option of automating the task, if same data is to be entered again and again, instead of typing, it can be customized. There are many advanced features as well, which make Excel the most reliable and versatile application in its field.


Definition of Google Sheets

It is the new entry in the market and is giving a competition to Excel though it still lags behind. There are many features in this app which make it modern and versatile. People can share the work they are doing with a group of other people which make it easier for the workers in the company to collaborate. The data can be stored in one place while the older versions are automatically saved, people can use the app with other tools and it costs around $60 per year. Since it is integrated with Google people can make use of the other services though it currently, does not work well when an abundance of data is to be entered.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. If someone needs to access to access the older version of files, in Excel the user has to save each file with a new name while in Google sheets the user can do so by the revision history option.
  2. Microsoft Excel is an older software which has been used over the years by many people while Google sheets is a new application which is trying to compete with Excel.
  3. In Microsoft, Excel people can work on their desktops without worrying about the availability of the internet while Google sheets only work online.
  4. There are no desktop apps for Google sheets while Excel is available in Microsoft Office on desktops.
  5. A new version of Microsoft Excel costs around $130 while a new version of Google sheets costs around $60 per year.
  6. Google sheets can be integrated with other Google apps and data can be imported easily while Excel works on its own.
  7. There is no option of sharing work with others in Excel and it has to be sent through email while in Google sheets work can be shared with a group of people.


There are many instances when someone asks you to create a document, there are always two ways of doing that, you can create it with the software ad there are many which have similar properties, this and the differences mentioned above should be enough to give a clear idea of what the two terms mean and how they are different from each other.

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