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Mac 10 vs. Mac 11: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 7, 2024
The MAC-10 and MAC-11 are both American submachine guns; the MAC-10 is larger and heavier, while the MAC-11 is smaller and designed for more concealment.

Key Differences

The MAC-10 and MAC-11 are both compact submachine guns designed by Gordon B. Ingram. The MAC-10, known for its larger size and higher caliber, is chambered for either .45 ACP or 9mm cartridges. The MAC-11, conversely, is notably smaller and lighter, designed primarily for 9mm or .380 ACP cartridges, making it more suitable for concealed carry.
In terms of rate of fire, the MAC-10 and MAC-11 differ significantly. The MAC-10 has a slower rate of fire, which allows for more controlled bursts. The MAC-11, on the other hand, has a much higher rate of fire, making it harder to control but potentially more effective in close-quarter scenarios.
Regarding physical dimensions, the MAC-10 is larger, measuring about 11.8 inches in length with a stock extension. The MAC-11 is considerably smaller, about 9.76 inches long with an extended stock, emphasizing its design for concealability and compactness.
The MAC-10 and MAC-11 both feature open bolt operation, a common feature in submachine guns for simplicity and cost-effectiveness. However, the MAC-10's heavier build reduces recoil compared to the lighter MAC-11, which can be more challenging to handle due to its higher recoil and rapid rate of fire.
Both firearms have seen various uses in military and law enforcement contexts, as well as in popular culture. The MAC-10, with its iconic look and slower rate of fire, has been featured in numerous films and video games. The MAC-11, while less iconic, is noted for its small size and high rate of fire, also making appearances in various media.

Comparison Chart


.45 ACP or 9mm
9mm or .380 ACP

Size and Weight

Larger and heavier
Smaller and lighter

Rate of Fire

Slower, more controlled bursts
Higher, less controlled bursts

Length (with stock)

About 11.8 inches
About 9.76 inches

Recoil and Handling

Lower recoil, easier to handle
Higher recoil, more challenging

Mac 10 and Mac 11 Definitions

Mac 10

A heavier and larger submachine gun for controlled fire.
The MAC-10's weight aids in managing its recoil.

Mac 11

A less recognizable but effective submachine gun in media.
The villain in the film used a MAC-11 during the chase scene.

Mac 10

A submachine gun known for its use in military and law enforcement.
The SWAT team used a MAC-10 during the raid.

Mac 11

A smaller, lighter submachine gun suitable for concealment.
The undercover agent carried a concealed MAC-11.

Mac 10

A .45 ACP or 9mm caliber firearm with a distinctive appearance.
The MAC-10's unique design makes it recognizable in action movies.

Mac 11

A firearm chambered in 9mm or .380 ACP for rapid fire.
The MAC-11's rapid rate of fire can be overwhelming.

Mac 10

An iconic firearm frequently seen in popular culture.
I saw the MAC-10 in that new video game.

Mac 11

A compact gun with high recoil and fast action.
Handling the MAC-11's recoil requires practice.

Mac 10

A compact gun designed for close-quarter combat.
For close-range encounters, the MAC-10 is a reliable choice.

Mac 11

A gun designed for quick, close-quarter scenarios.
In tight spaces, the MAC-11 is extremely effective.


What caliber is the MAC-10?

It's available in .45 ACP or 9mm.

What caliber is the MAC-11?

Typically chambered in 9mm or .380 ACP.

Is the MAC-10 easy to control?

Its heavier weight aids in better control despite its power.

What is a MAC-10?

It's a compact submachine gun, larger and heavier among the MAC series.

What is the length of the MAC-10?

About 11.8 inches with the stock extended.

What is a MAC-11?

A smaller, lighter version of the MAC submachine gun series.

Is the MAC-11 good for concealed carry?

Yes, its smaller size makes it more suitable for concealment.

What’s the capacity of a MAC-10 magazine?

It varies, but common magazines hold 30 rounds.

How long is the MAC-11?

It measures about 9.76 inches with an extended stock.

Why would someone choose a MAC-11?

For its compact size, high rate of fire, and suitability for concealed carry.

Can the MAC-10 be concealed easily?

Due to its size, the MAC-10 is not ideal for concealment.

Which is heavier, MAC-10 or MAC-11?

The MAC-10 is heavier than the MAC-11.

What’s the rate of fire of a MAC-11?

The MAC-11 has a very high rate of fire.

Is the MAC-11 used by the military?

It has seen some use, but it's more common in law enforcement and civilian markets.

Which has more recoil, MAC-10 or MAC-11?

The MAC-11 has more recoil due to its lighter weight.

Can MAC-11's high rate of fire be a disadvantage?

Yes, it can make the gun harder to control.

Are MAC-10 and MAC-11 legal for civilian use?

It depends on local laws and regulations.

What are typical uses for the MAC-10?

It's used in close-quarter combat, by law enforcement, and in the civilian market.

What’s the magazine capacity of a MAC-11?

Standard magazines usually hold 32 rounds.

Which is more popular in movies, MAC-10 or MAC-11?

The MAC-10 is more iconic and commonly seen in movies.
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