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Incalls Services vs. Outcalls Services: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 7, 2024
Incalls services are provided at the service provider's place, while outcalls services involve the provider traveling to the client's location.

Key Differences

Incalls services are where clients visit the service provider's location, such as a salon, clinic, or office. Outcalls services, on the other hand, involve the service provider traveling to the client's chosen location, like a home or hotel.
Incalls services often have the necessary setup, tools, and ambiance for the service provided. In contrast, outcalls services require the provider to adapt to varying environments and client preferences.
Pricing for incalls services may be lower as they don't include travel costs. Conversely, outcalls services often include additional charges to cover travel and time.
Incalls services allow providers to schedule appointments more efficiently as they control their environment. Outcalls services may involve more scheduling flexibility but can be less efficient due to travel time.
Clients choosing incalls services must consider travel and convenience. For outcalls services, clients enjoy the comfort and privacy of their own space.

Comparison Chart


At provider's place
At client's chosen location

Environment Control

Controlled by provider
Adapted to client’s environment


Generally lower, no travel costs
Higher, includes travel and time costs


More controlled and efficient
Flexible but less efficient due to travel

Client Convenience

Requires client travel
Provides convenience and privacy for clients

Incalls Services and Outcalls Services Definitions

Incalls Services

Services provided at the professional's established location.
She booked an incalls massage service at the therapist's studio.

Outcalls Services

Services provided at the client's location.
She booked outcalls massage services at her home for convenience.

Incalls Services

Clients visit the provider's location for the service.
He went to the photographer's studio for incalls portrait services.

Outcalls Services

Involves travel and set-up time for the provider.
The makeup artist charged extra for outcalls services due to travel requirements.

Incalls Services

Often includes a fully equipped and controlled environment.
The incalls services at the salon offered a comfortable and professional setting.

Outcalls Services

Requires flexibility from the service provider.
The caterer provided outcalls services for various events, adapting to different venues.

Incalls Services

May offer a more efficient scheduling system.
The clinic's incalls services allowed back-to-back client appointments.

Outcalls Services

Can be more expensive to cover travel costs.
The hairdresser's outcalls services included a travel surcharge.

Incalls Services

Can be more affordable due to no travel costs.
Opting for incalls services at the spa was cheaper than a home visit.

Outcalls Services

Offers clients comfort and privacy in their own space.
He preferred outcalls personal training sessions at his home gym.


What are outcalls services?

Outcalls services involve the provider going to the client's chosen location.

Can the quality of services differ between incalls and outcalls?

The quality of service should remain high in both cases, but the environment and available equipment might vary.

Do service providers need special equipment for outcalls services?

Yes, providers often need portable equipment and supplies for outcalls services.

What are incalls services?

Incalls services are where the client goes to the service provider's location.

Why might someone choose outcalls services?

Clients might choose outcalls services for the convenience and comfort of receiving services in their own space.

Are incalls services more secure for the provider?

Generally, incalls services can be considered more secure as the provider is in a familiar and controlled environment.

Are outcalls services more time-consuming for the provider?

Yes, outcalls services often require more time due to travel and setup.

Are incalls services cheaper than outcalls services?

Generally, incalls services are cheaper as they don't include additional travel costs.

Do providers need insurance for outcalls services?

Yes, providers should have appropriate insurance to cover their outcalls services.

Are outcalls services suitable for large groups?

Outcalls services can be arranged for groups, but it may require additional planning and resources.

Is it more convenient for the provider to offer incalls services?

Yes, incalls services can be more convenient for providers as they control the environment and equipment.

Can clients request specific times for incalls services?

Clients can request specific times, but they are subject to the provider's availability at their location.

Do providers charge for travel in outcalls services?

Yes, providers often include travel expenses in their outcalls service charges.

Can incalls services accommodate emergency appointments?

It depends on the provider's schedule and availability at their location.

Can clients provide their own equipment for outcalls services?

Clients can provide equipment for outcalls services, but it's subject to the provider's approval.

Is there a higher demand for one type of service over the other?

Demand varies based on the type of service and client preferences.

Is travel time included in the pricing of outcalls services?

Typically, travel time is factored into the pricing of outcalls services.

Do incalls services offer more consistent quality?

Incalls services can offer more consistency in terms of environment and equipment.

Are there any restrictions on the locations for outcalls services?

Providers may have restrictions on travel distance or specific locations for outcalls services.

Can outcalls services be customized according to the client's location?

Yes, providers can customize outcalls services based on the client's location and needs.
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