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Leg Spin vs. Off Spin: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on December 17, 2023
Leg spin involves spinning the ball from leg to off side for a right-handed batsman, while off spin spins it from off to leg side.

Key Differences

Leg spin, a bowling style in cricket, involves spinning the ball from the leg side to the off side of a right-handed batsman. Conversely, off spin refers to spinning the ball from the off side to the leg side.
In leg spin, the ball is delivered with a wrist action that imparts spin towards the leg side. Off spin, however, uses a finger action, rotating the ball towards the leg side.
Leg spinners often rely on flight and guile to deceive batsmen, using variations like the googly. Off spinners, in contrast, focus more on subtle variations in speed and angle.
Leg spin typically generates more spin and bounce, creating a greater challenge for batsmen. Off spin, while generally less aggressive, is often more controlled and accurate.
Famous leg spinners like Shane Warne have shown the art's potential for dramatic turn and wicket-taking. Off spinners like Muttiah Muralitharan have demonstrated consistent control and effectiveness.

Comparison Chart

Spin Direction

From leg to off for a right-hander
From off to leg for a right-hander

Bowling Action

Wrist action
Finger action

Typical Variations

Googly, flipper
Arm ball, doosra

Control and Accuracy

Generally less controlled
More controlled and accurate

Effect on Batsman

More deceptive, challenging
Consistently troublesome, less dramatic

Leg Spin and Off Spin Definitions

Leg Spin

Leg spin is known for its unpredictability and turn.
The leg spin created a challenging angle for the batsman.

Off Spin

Off spin involves spinning the cricket ball from off to leg.
His off spin drifted into the batsman, leading to a catch.

Leg Spin

Leg spin can be effective in taking wickets.
His leg spin led to a crucial wicket in the game.

Off Spin

Off spin is characterized by finger-based bowling action.
The bowler's off spin was precise and controlled.

Leg Spin

Often a leg spinner delivers a googly as a surprise.
His leg spin included a deceptive googly.

Off Spin

Subtle variations like the arm ball are common in off spin.
He used off spin with an arm ball to deceive the batsman.

Leg Spin

Leg spin involves using the wrist to turn the ball.
The leg spin caused the ball to deviate sharply.

Off Spin

Off spin can be less aggressive but highly effective.
Through his off spin, he managed to contain the run rate.

Leg Spin

A cricket bowling technique spinning the ball from leg to off.
He bowled a brilliant leg spin that bamboozled the batsman.

Off Spin

Off spin is often used for its accuracy and control.
His off spin maintained consistent pressure on the batsmen.

Off Spin

Alternative form of off spin


What is off spin?

Off spin is a cricket bowling style that spins the ball from off to leg side for a right-handed batsman.

What is leg spin?

Leg spin is a cricket bowling technique that spins the ball from leg to off side for a right-handed batsman.

How is off spin delivered?

Off spin is delivered using a finger action.

How is leg spin delivered?

Leg spin is delivered using a wrist action.

Is leg spin more aggressive than off spin?

Yes, leg spin is generally more aggressive, with more turn and bounce.

Can leg spin lead to more wickets?

Yes, due to its unpredictability, leg spin can be very effective in taking wickets.

What are common variations in leg spin?

Common variations include the googly and the flipper.

What are common variations in off spin?

Common variations include the arm ball and the doosra.

Does leg spin require a lot of practice?

Yes, mastering leg spin requires a lot of practice and skill.

Is off spin more accurate than leg spin?

Yes, off spin is often more controlled and accurate.

Can left-handers bowl off spin?

Yes, left-handers can bowl off spin, known as left-arm orthodox spin.

Can left-handers bowl leg spin?

Yes, left-handers can bowl leg spin, which is then called left-arm unorthodox spin.

Can off spinners bowl doosras?

Yes, the doosra is a variation for off spinners, spinning away from a right-handed batsman.

Is off spin easier to learn than leg spin?

Off spin is generally considered easier to learn due to its simpler action.

Does weather affect off spin bowling?

While not as sensitive as leg spin, damp conditions can sometimes help off spin.

Is off spin effective in limited-overs cricket?

Yes, off spin is effective in limited-overs cricket due to its control and ability to contain runs.

Who are some famous leg spinners?

Shane Warne and Anil Kumble are examples of famous leg spinners.

Who are some famous off spinners?

Muttiah Muralitharan and Harbhajan Singh are examples of famous off spinners.

Does weather affect leg spin bowling?

Yes, dry and dusty conditions can enhance the effectiveness of leg spin.

Can leg spinners bowl googlies?

Yes, the googly is a common variation for leg spinners, spinning in the opposite direction.
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