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Kurlon vs. Sleepwell: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 1, 2024
Kurlon and Sleepwell are both prominent mattress brands in India, with Kurlon known for a wide product range and Sleepwell for innovation and comfort.

Key Differences

Kurlon and Sleepwell are leading names in the mattress industry, each with a unique approach to providing a good night's sleep. Kurlon, established in 1962, has a long history and a wide distribution network across India. Sleepwell, part of the Sheela Group, is recognized for its focus on research and innovation in crafting sleep solutions. Both brands offer a variety of products but differ in their market strategies and product offerings.
When considering quality and variety, Kurlon offers an extensive range of mattresses, catering to various customer preferences and budgets. Sleepwell, on the other hand, emphasizes technology and quality, integrating the latest findings in sleep research into its products. Sleepwell's commitment to innovation is evident in its range of products, which often feature new materials and ergonomic designs.
In terms of market presence and brand perception, Kurlon is seen as a brand with a wide reach, boasting a strong distribution network and a presence in both urban and rural markets. Sleepwell, while also widely available, is often associated with a more premium market segment, focusing on a customer base that prioritizes advanced features and materials in their sleep products.
Customer service and satisfaction are key for both Kurlon and Sleepwell. Kurlon is known for its robust customer support and widespread service network. Sleepwell, while offering excellent customer service, often highlights its product innovation and customer-centric design, aiming to provide superior sleep quality through advanced technology and materials.
Kurlon and Sleepwell both aim to provide quality sleep products, they differ in their approach, with Kurlon focusing on variety and reach, and Sleepwell emphasizing innovation, technology, and a premium customer experience.

Comparison Chart

Establishment Year

Part of the Sheela Group, established in the 1970s

Product Range

Extensive variety catering to various needs
Focus on premium, technologically advanced products

Market Reach

Wide distribution network, urban and rural
Targeted primarily at the urban and premium segment


Traditional and reliable product lineup
Emphasizes research and innovation in product design

Brand Perception

Known for variety and accessibility
Seen as a premium brand with a focus on quality and comfort

Kurlon and Sleepwell Definitions


Kurlon continually innovates to include a variety of materials and designs in its products.
The new Kurlon memory foam mattress was a game-changer for Anita's sleep quality.


Sleepwell offers a premium range of sleep products aimed at enhancing sleep quality.
To invest in their health, they decided to upgrade to a Sleepwell premium mattress.


Kurlon emphasizes durability and comfort in its mattresses and sleep products.
The Kurlon mattress they bought years ago still feels as supportive and comfortable.


Sleepwell is a prominent mattress brand, part of the Sheela Group, known for comfort and innovation.
Their bedroom makeover included a luxurious Sleepwell mattress for optimal comfort.


Kurlon is a leading mattress brand in India known for its wide range of sleep products.
The hotel furnished its rooms with Kurlon mattresses to ensure guests had a comfortable stay.


Sleepwell incorporates advanced technology in its mattresses, like memory foam and cooling gels.
The Sleepwell mattress with cooling gel technology was perfect for hot summer nights.


Kurlon products are widely available across India, featuring a strong distribution network.
No matter where she moved in India, Priya could find a Kurlon store nearby.


Sleepwell is recognized for its customer-centric approach and after-sales support.
The Sleepwell customer service promptly addressed and resolved their mattress concerns.


Kurlon offers orthopedic and spring mattresses catering to diverse customer needs.
After experiencing back pain, Raj decided to buy a Kurlon orthopedic mattress.


Sleepwell focuses on ergonomic design, providing mattresses that support spinal alignment.
After switching to a Sleepwell mattress, Meena's neck pain significantly reduced.


How does Kurlon cater to different customer needs?

Kurlon offers an extensive product range, including orthopedic, spring, and foam mattresses, to cater to diverse needs.

What distinguishes Sleepwell in the mattress industry?

Sleepwell distinguishes itself through innovation, quality, and a focus on ergonomic design in its sleep products.

What technological advancements does Sleepwell offer in its mattresses?

Sleepwell integrates advanced technologies like memory foam, cooling gels, and ergonomic designs in its mattresses.

What warranty does Kurlon offer on its products?

Kurlon typically offers a substantial warranty period on its products, ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.

How does Kurlon ensure product durability?

Kurlon ensures product durability through rigorous quality testing and by using high-quality materials in manufacturing.

Where can customers purchase Kurlon products?

Customers can purchase Kurlon products across a wide distribution network in India, including urban and rural areas.

Are Kurlon mattresses available online?

Yes, Kurlon mattresses are available online through various e-commerce platforms and the official Kurlon website.

Does Kurlon offer sleep accessories besides mattresses?

Yes, Kurlon also offers a range of sleep accessories, including pillows, mattress protectors, and bed linens.

What is Kurlon best known for?

Kurlon is best known for its wide range of mattresses and sleep products, catering to various customer preferences.

What makes Sleepwell mattresses suitable for health-conscious consumers?

Sleepwell mattresses are suitable for health-conscious consumers due to their focus on spinal alignment, comfort, and use of hypoallergenic materials.

Is Sleepwell considered a premium brand?

Yes, Sleepwell is considered a premium brand, known for its high-quality, technologically advanced sleep solutions.

Does Sleepwell offer a trial period for its mattresses?

Yes, Sleepwell often offers a trial period for its mattresses, allowing customers to experience the comfort before making a decision.

Does Sleepwell offer customized mattresses?

Yes, Sleepwell offers customized mattresses to meet individual customer preferences and requirements.

How does Sleepwell address different climatic conditions in its mattress designs?

Sleepwell addresses climatic conditions by incorporating features like cooling gels and breathable fabrics in its mattress designs.

How do Kurlon mattresses support orthopedic needs?

Kurlon mattresses support orthopedic needs through specially designed products that provide adequate support and alleviate pressure points.

How does Sleepwell's customer service enhance the buying experience?

Sleepwell's customer service enhances the experience by providing prompt support, addressing queries, and offering after-sales services.

Can customers avail of financing options for Kurlon products?

Yes, customers can avail of various financing options for Kurlon products, making it easier to purchase without upfront payment.

Are Sleepwell mattresses eco-friendly?

Sleepwell is committed to sustainability and often uses eco-friendly materials and processes in its mattress production.

Does Kurlon provide guidance on choosing the right mattress?

Yes, Kurlon provides guidance through customer support and in-store experts to help customers choose the right mattress for their needs.

What feedback mechanism does Sleepwell have for customer satisfaction?

Sleepwell has a structured feedback mechanism, including customer surveys and support channels, to ensure continuous improvement based on customer satisfaction.
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