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Greek Orthodox vs. Roman Catholics: What's the Difference?

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Greek Orthodox is Eastern Christian, with autocephalous churches; Roman Catholics are Western Christian, under the Pope's authority.

Key Differences

Greek Orthodox churches are led by a group of autocephalous patriarchs and bishops, emphasizing collective decision-making. In contrast, Roman Catholics recognize the Pope as the supreme religious authority, centralizing leadership in the Vatican.
Greek Orthodox liturgy is traditionally in ancient Greek and involves a highly ceremonial service, with significant emphasis on icons. Roman Catholics, however, conduct mass in local languages, and their rituals, while also ceremonial, are less reliant on icons.
The Greek Orthodox Church, part of Eastern Christianity, developed in the Eastern Roman Empire, maintaining many ancient Christian traditions. The Roman Catholic Church evolved in Western Europe, adapting to various cultural and historical influences distinct from the East.
Greek Orthodox theology emphasizes mysticism and theosis (deification), with a focus on experiential faith. Roman Catholics, while sharing many core Christian beliefs, place more emphasis on doctrinal teachings and the role of the Church in interpreting Scripture.
The Greek Orthodox Church has historically been associated with Greek and Eastern European cultures, influencing its practices and customs. Roman Catholics have a broader global presence, with a significant impact on Western culture and international politics.

Comparison Chart


"Greek" is capitalized, "orthodox" often lowercase
"Roman" and "Catholics" both capitalized

Usage in Sentences

Used as a noun or adjective
Used as a noun or adjective


Both singular and plural forms used
Both singular and plural forms used


Emphasis on the first syllable "Greek"
Emphasis on "Ro" in "Roman"

Associated Adjectives

Often paired with "Eastern," "Byzantine"
Frequently paired with "Western," "Papal"

Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholics Definitions

Greek Orthodox

Associated with the Byzantine liturgical tradition.
The Greek Orthodox service is known for its Byzantine chants.

Roman Catholics

Relating to the Catholic Church based in Rome.
The Roman Catholic doctrines are influential worldwide.

Greek Orthodox

Pertaining to the traditions of Orthodox Christianity in Greece.
Many Greek Orthodox traditions are celebrated during Easter in Greece.

Roman Catholics

Pertaining to the religious practices of the Catholic Church.
They follow Roman Catholic rituals during Christmas.

Greek Orthodox

A member of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
He is a Greek Orthodox, regularly attending the local parish.

Roman Catholics

Adhering to the teachings of the Vatican.
As Roman Catholics, they respect the Pope's authority.

Greek Orthodox

Adhering to the doctrines of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
Their wedding followed Greek Orthodox rituals.

Roman Catholics

Associated with the Western Christian tradition.
Roman Catholic architecture is prominent in Europe.

Greek Orthodox

Relating to the Eastern Christian Churches.
The Greek Orthodox Church has a rich history in Eastern Christianity.

Roman Catholics

A member of the Christian church led by the Pope.
She is a Roman Catholic, attending mass every Sunday.


Who leads the Roman Catholic Church?

The Roman Catholic Church is led by the Pope, who is the bishop of Rome and the spiritual leader of Catholics worldwide.

What is the Greek Orthodox Church?

The Greek Orthodox Church is a Christian denomination, part of Eastern Orthodoxy, with a strong tradition in Eastern Europe and Greece.

What is the significance of icons in Greek Orthodox worship?

Icons are central in Greek Orthodox worship, serving as symbols of spiritual reverence and windows to the divine.

What is theosis in Greek Orthodox belief?

Theosis in Greek Orthodox belief is the process of becoming more like God through participation in divine nature.

What are the holy days observed by Greek Orthodox?

Greek Orthodox observe holy days like Easter and Christmas, often on different dates due to the Julian calendar.

How do Roman Catholics view the Pope?

Roman Catholics view the Pope as the vicar of Christ on Earth, holding supreme authority in religious matters.

How does the Greek Orthodox Church view the Pope?

The Greek Orthodox Church does not recognize the Pope's authority as supreme, differing from Roman Catholicism.

What is the history of the Great Schism between Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholics?

The Great Schism in 1054 was a major split between the Eastern (Greek Orthodox) and Western (Roman Catholic) churches, primarily over issues of authority and creed.

Are Greek Orthodox services conducted in Greek?

Greek Orthodox services are traditionally in ancient Greek, but many churches offer services in local languages.

Do Roman Catholics venerate icons?

Roman Catholics do use and venerate religious images, but they are not as central as in Greek Orthodox tradition.

How is baptism conducted in the Greek Orthodox Church?

Baptism in the Greek Orthodox Church involves full immersion in water, symbolizing death and resurrection with Christ.

How does Roman Catholic mass differ from Greek Orthodox services?

Roman Catholic mass is generally less ceremonial than Greek Orthodox services and conducted in local languages instead of ancient Greek.

What is the significance of Lent in Roman Catholicism?

Lent in Roman Catholicism is a period of penance, prayer, and fasting before Easter.

How does the Greek Orthodox Church view salvation?

Salvation in the Greek Orthodox Church is seen as a lifelong process of cooperating with God's grace through faith and good works.

What are the key differences in the Eucharist between Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholics?

The Greek Orthodox use leavened bread in the Eucharist, symbolizing the risen Christ, while Roman Catholics use unleavened bread, focusing on the Last Supper.

What is the role of the Bible in Greek Orthodox Christianity?

The Bible in Greek Orthodox Christianity is revered, with emphasis on mystical interpretation and tradition.

Do Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholics recognize each other's sacraments?

Generally, the sacraments of each church are recognized by the other, but there are differences in understanding and practice.

Are Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholics part of the same Christian family?

Both are part of Christianity but differ in theology, liturgy, and church governance.

What languages are used in Roman Catholic liturgy?

Roman Catholic liturgy is typically conducted in the local language of the congregation.

What is the role of saints in Roman Catholic belief?

Saints in Roman Catholicism are revered as holy individuals who intercede with God on behalf of believers.
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