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iRobot i7 vs. iRobot i8: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 7, 2024
The iRobot i7 is an advanced robotic vacuum with smart mapping, while the iRobot i8, an upgrade, offers improved battery life and enhanced area coverage.

Key Differences

The iRobot i7 features smart mapping technology, allowing it to learn and adapt to a home's layout. The iRobot i8, building on this, offers more advanced mapping capabilities, efficiently covering larger areas.
In terms of battery life, the iRobot i7 has a standard runtime suitable for small to medium-sized homes. The iRobot i8 boasts a longer battery life, making it more suitable for larger spaces.
Both the i7 and i8 models include compatibility with the iRobot Home App, providing customizable cleaning schedules and preferences. However, the i8 may offer more refined app features and controls.
The iRobot i7 is equipped with high-efficiency filters and multi-surface brushes, making it effective on various floor types. The i8 enhances these features with improved suction power and better adaptability to different surfaces.
The i7's dirt disposal system allows it to empty its bin automatically, a feature further refined in the i8 for more effective and frequent disposal, reducing manual intervention.

Comparison Chart

Mapping Technology

Smart mapping
Advanced mapping

Battery Life

Standard runtime
Extended runtime

App Features

Basic controls
More refined controls

Cleaning Efficiency

High-efficiency filters
Improved suction power

Dirt Disposal System

Automatic emptying
Enhanced automatic disposal

iRobot i7 and iRobot i8 Definitions

iRobot i7

A self-emptying robotic vacuum cleaner.
I love how the iRobot i7 empties its bin automatically.

iRobot i8

An upgraded robotic vacuum cleaner with enhanced mapping.
The iRobot i8 efficiently navigates my larger home.

iRobot i7

A smart home device compatible with voice assistants.
I can start my iRobot i7 with just a voice command.

iRobot i8

A smart vacuum with extended battery life for larger areas.
The iRobot i8 cleans my entire home on a single charge.

iRobot i7

A robotic vacuum cleaner with smart mapping technology.
The iRobot i7 quickly learned the layout of my apartment.

iRobot i8

An automated cleaner with improved suction and adaptability.
The iRobot i8 adjusts its cleaning based on the floor type.

iRobot i7

An automated cleaning solution with customizable schedules.
I set up the iRobot i7 to clean every morning.

iRobot i8

A robotic vacuum with an enhanced dirt disposal system.
The iRobot i8's disposal system requires less frequent emptying.

iRobot i7

A robot vacuum with a high-efficiency filter system.
The iRobot i7's filters keep my home's air clean.

iRobot i8

A robot vacuum compatible with advanced app features.
I use the app to control specific cleaning areas for my iRobot i8.


How does the iRobot i8 differ from the i7?

The iRobot i8 offers enhanced mapping, longer battery life, and improved dirt disposal.

Can the iRobot i7 be controlled via a smartphone app?

Yes, the iRobot i7 can be controlled and scheduled through the iRobot Home App.

Is the iRobot i8 suitable for larger homes?

Yes, the iRobot i8 is designed for larger areas, thanks to its extended battery life.

Does the iRobot i7 work with voice assistants?

Yes, the iRobot i7 is compatible with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Are both the i7 and i8 models able to self-empty their dustbins?

Yes, both models have an automatic dirt disposal feature.

Is there a significant price difference between the i7 and i8?

Typically, the iRobot i8 is priced higher than the i7 due to its advanced features.

Do both models offer customizable cleaning areas?

Yes, both the i7 and i8 allow users to set specific areas for cleaning via the app.

What is the main feature of the iRobot i7?

The iRobot i7 is known for its smart mapping and self-emptying capabilities.

What is the battery life of the iRobot i8 compared to the i7?

The iRobot i8 has a longer battery life than the i7, making it more efficient for extended cleaning sessions.

Can the iRobot i8 clean multiple floor types?

Yes, the iRobot i8 is designed to adapt to various floor types effectively.

Can I schedule cleaning times with both models?

Yes, both the iRobot i7 and i8 support scheduling cleaning times through their app.

How does the navigation system in the i8 compare to the i7?

The i8's navigation system is more advanced, offering better efficiency in mapping and covering larger areas.

How does the cleaning efficiency compare between the i7 and i8?

The i8 generally offers improved cleaning efficiency with better suction power.

Are these models pet-friendly?

Yes, both are designed to handle pet hair and are generally pet-friendly.

Do the i7 and i8 have different maintenance needs?

Maintenance needs are similar, but the i8's enhanced disposal system might require less frequent attention.

Can I control the i7 and i8 models remotely?

Yes, both models can be controlled remotely through the iRobot Home App.

Do both models support zone cleaning?

Yes, both the i7 and i8 support cleaning specific zones or rooms.

Are the iRobot i7 and i8 covered by a warranty?

Yes, both models come with a manufacturer's warranty, the details of which can vary by region.

Can the iRobot i8's battery be replaced?

Yes, the battery in the iRobot i8 can be replaced if needed.

Is the dustbin capacity different between the i7 and i8?

The i8 may have a slightly larger bin capacity, complementing its enhanced disposal system.
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