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Internal Environment vs. External Environment: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on December 3, 2023
The internal environment refers to elements within an organization, while the external environment encompasses factors outside it.

Key Differences

The internal environment of an organization includes its culture, employees, and internal policies. In contrast, the external environment consists of political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors that impact the organization from the outside.
In the internal environment, decision-making is influenced by internal values, mission, and leadership style. The external environment, however, is shaped by market trends, customer demands, and competitive landscape, which are beyond direct control.
Resources such as financial capital, human resources, and technology form a crucial part of an organization's internal environment. Conversely, the external environment is characterized by factors like supply chain dynamics, regulatory requirements, and global economic conditions.
The internal environment is more controllable and can be adjusted through management decisions. On the other hand, the external environment requires organizations to adapt and respond to changes that are often unpredictable.
The internal environment is a reflection of an organization's intrinsic characteristics and operations, while the external environment represents the broader context in which the organization operates.

Comparison Chart


Largely controllable by the organization.
Mostly uncontrollable and influenced by external forces.


Employees, culture, internal policies.
Market trends, regulations, competition.

Influence on Strategy

Influenced by organization's values and leadership.
Influenced by market dynamics and societal changes.

Change Responsiveness

Can be changed or managed internally.
Requires adaptation to external changes.

Impact on Decision-Making

Direct and immediate.
Indirect but significant.

Internal Environment and External Environment Definitions

Internal Environment

It refers to aspects within a company that affect its operations.
The firm's internal environment was influenced by its innovative culture.

External Environment

It covers technological advancements and regulatory changes.
The external environment was marked by rapid technological innovation.

Internal Environment

The internal environment includes employee morale and internal processes.
A strong internal environment is key to maintaining high productivity.

External Environment

The external environment refers to external factors impacting an organization.
The company's growth strategy was influenced by the changing external environment.

Internal Environment

The internal environment is shaped by the company's values and ethics.
The ethical policies significantly improved the company's internal environment.

External Environment

It includes economic, political, and social factors outside the company.
The external environment was challenging due to economic downturns.

Internal Environment

The internal environment encompasses an organization's internal elements.
The company's internal environment was positively transformed by its new leadership team.

External Environment

The external environment involves global and local socio-economic conditions.
The external environment required the firm to adopt more sustainable practices.

Internal Environment

It embodies the organizational culture and internal dynamics.
The internal environment at the startup was dynamic and employee-centric.

External Environment

The external environment encompasses market trends and competition.
Adapting to the external environment, the company revamped its product line.


Can the internal environment be controlled?

Yes, it is largely controllable through management and organizational strategies.

What is the internal environment in a business?

It's the internal elements of a business, like its culture, employees, and processes.

How does the external environment affect a business?

It impacts through external factors like market trends, regulations, and economic conditions.

Can external environment changes be predicted?

They are often unpredictable and require businesses to be adaptable.

How do internal policies shape the internal environment?

They dictate operational practices and organizational culture.

What role does technology play in the external environment?

It influences through advancements and changes in tech trends.

How do global economic conditions affect the external environment?

They shape market opportunities and challenges for businesses.

Are leadership styles considered part of the internal environment?

Yes, they significantly influence the internal environment.

Does the external environment include competitors?

Yes, competitors and industry dynamics are key external factors.

Are customers part of a business's external environment?

Yes, customers and their demands are part of the external environment.

Is employee morale part of the internal or external environment?

It's part of the internal environment.

What's the importance of the internal environment in strategic planning?

It's crucial for aligning strategies with organizational capabilities.

Are supply chain dynamics internal or external?

They are considered part of the external environment.

Is the internal environment linked to a company's performance?

Yes, a positive internal environment often leads to better performance.

How do social trends influence the external environment?

They affect consumer behavior and market demands.

Can a business's internal environment affect its competitive edge?

Yes, a strong internal environment can lead to a competitive advantage.

How does a company's culture impact its internal environment?

It shapes employee engagement and operational effectiveness.

How do political factors impact the external environment?

They affect through regulations, policies, and political stability.

Do legal changes fall under the external environment?

Yes, legal factors are a significant part of the external environment.

Can external environmental factors be controlled by a company?

They cannot be controlled but can be responded to strategically.
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