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Vector vs. Matrix: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Aimie Carlson || Published on December 3, 2023
A vector is a one-dimensional array of numbers, while a matrix is a two-dimensional array of numbers.

Key Differences

A vector is a sequence of numbers arranged in order, representing a point in space with magnitude and direction, whereas a matrix is a rectangular array of numbers organized into rows and columns. Each element in a vector is a component of that vector, while in a matrix, each element belongs to both a row and a column.
In mathematical operations, vectors often represent quantities with both magnitude and direction, such as force or velocity. Matrices, on the other hand, are used to represent and solve systems of linear equations, transformations, and more complex operations in higher dimensions.
The visualization of a vector is typically a directed line segment in a coordinate system, pointing from the origin to a point in space. A matrix, however, is visualized as a grid of numbers, where the position of each number is significant to its function and interpretation.
Vectors can be added or subtracted directly if they are of the same dimension, using their corresponding components. Matrices can also be added or subtracted, but this requires that they have the same number of rows and columns.
Vectors can be scaled by multiplying each component by a scalar value, affecting its magnitude but not its direction. Matrices can undergo similar scalar multiplication, but they can also be multiplied by other matrices or vectors, a process that involves combining rows and columns in a specific way.

Comparison Chart




Ordered set of numbers
Rectangular grid of numbers

Use in Mathematics

Representing points, quantities with direction
Solving linear systems, transformations


Directed line segment in space
Grid of numbers in rows and columns


Addition, subtraction, scalar multiplication
Addition, subtraction, scalar and matrix multiplication

Vector and Matrix Definitions


A vector is a quantity having both magnitude and direction.
The wind vector showed a strong eastern direction with high speed.


A matrix is an array of numbers arranged in rows and columns.
The matrix was used to solve the system of linear equations.


In computing, a vector is a dynamic array that can change size.
The program used a vector to store the list of user inputs.


In computer science, a matrix is a data structure for 2D arrays.
The software used a matrix to store pixel values of the image.


In genetics, a vector is a vehicle used to transfer genetic material.
Scientists used a viral vector to introduce the new gene.


In biology, the matrix is the inner substance of a tissue or organ.
The bone matrix provides structural support to the body.


In biology, a vector is an organism that transmits a disease or parasite.
Mosquitoes are a common vector for malaria.


In geology, the matrix is the fine-grained material in which larger objects are embedded.
The fossils were embedded in a sedimentary matrix.


In graphics, a vector describes an image using lines and shapes.
The logo was created as a vector graphic to maintain quality at any size.


In film and literature, a matrix is a simulated reality or artificial world.
The characters believed they were living in a real world, but it was actually a matrix.


A quantity, such as velocity, completely specified by a magnitude and a direction.


A situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained
"Freedom of expression is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every form of freedom" (Benjamin N. Cardozo).


A one-dimensional array.


The womb.


What is a biological vector?

In biology, a vector is an organism that transmits a disease or parasite.

What is a vector in mathematics?

A vector is an ordered set of numbers representing magnitude and direction in space.

What is the role of matrices in linear algebra?

Matrices are used to represent and solve systems of linear equations and transformations.

How do you visualize a vector?

A vector is visualized as a directed line segment from the origin to a point in space.

Can a vector change size in computing?

Yes, in computing, a vector is a dynamic array that can change size.

What is the matrix in biology?

In biology, the matrix refers to the inner substance or material of a tissue or organ.

How is a vector used in genetics?

In genetics, a vector is a vehicle for transferring genetic material.

What differentiates a matrix in mathematics and computing?

In mathematics, a matrix represents numbers for equations, while in computing, it's a structure for data.

What is a geological matrix?

In geology, a matrix is the finer material in which larger objects are embedded.

How is a matrix represented?

A matrix is represented as a rectangular array of numbers in rows and columns.

Can vectors represent physical quantities?

Yes, vectors often represent physical quantities like force or velocity.

What is a vector graphic?

A vector graphic is an image described using lines and shapes, scalable without quality loss.

Are vectors limited to a certain number of dimensions?

No, vectors can exist in any number of dimensions, depending on the context.

Can vectors and matrices be used in machine learning?

Yes, vectors and matrices are fundamental in representing and processing data in machine learning.

What is a matrix multiplication?

Matrix multiplication involves combining rows of one matrix with columns of another.

Can matrices store data in computer science?

Yes, in computer science, matrices store data in two-dimensional arrays.

What does a matrix mean in film and literature?

In film and literature, a matrix often refers to a simulated or artificial reality.

How are vectors and matrices used in physics?

Vectors represent directional quantities, while matrices help in calculations involving multiple dimensions in physics.

Can vectors and matrices interact mathematically?

Yes, vectors can be multiplied by matrices to produce new vectors or transformed coordinates.

Is a matrix always square?

No, matrices can be rectangular; only special types, like square matrices, have equal rows and columns.
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