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Interests vs. Hobbies: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on December 15, 2023
Interests are areas or subjects that capture attention and curiosity, while hobbies are regular activities done for enjoyment, typically during leisure time.

Key Differences

Interests are subjects or topics that arouse curiosity and attention, whereas hobbies are activities engaged in regularly for pleasure.
An interest can be passive, like an interest in astronomy, while a hobby involves active engagement, like stargazing or telescope building.
Interests often inspire hobbies; a person interested in music may take up playing an instrument as a hobby.
Hobbies are generally more action-oriented, like gardening or knitting, compared to interests which can be more contemplative, like an interest in history or philosophy.
Hobbies often require a commitment of time and resources, while interests can be as simple as reading or learning about a particular subject.

Comparison Chart


Curiosity or attraction towards a subject
Regularly practiced activities for enjoyment

Engagement Level

Can be passive or active
Typically involves active participation

Time Commitment

Varies, can be minimal
Often requires dedicated time regularly


Interest in art history
Painting as a leisure activity


Broadens knowledge or understanding
Develops skills and provides recreation

Interests and Hobbies Definitions


Curiosity about or a desire to know about something.
Their interest in ancient cultures inspired their travels.


An activity done for pleasure when not working.
Photography is her hobby; she loves capturing nature's beauty.


A feeling of wanting to learn more about something.
His interest in jazz music grew after attending a live concert.


A regular activity done for enjoyment in one's leisure time.
Gardening is her hobby; she spends hours tending her plants.


A concern or importance given to a subject.
Her interest in health and fitness motivates her daily routine.


A leisure activity that one actively engages in for enjoyment.
Her hobby of baking leads her to try new recipes every weekend.


An attraction to a particular field or topic.
She has a keen interest in environmental conservation.


An avocation or a pastime activity.
Collecting vintage postcards has become his favorite hobby.


A subject or area that captures attention.
His interest in robotics led him to read extensively on the topic.


A pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in for relaxation.
He finds building model trains a relaxing hobby.


A state of curiosity or concern about or attention to something
An interest in sports.


An activity or interest pursued outside one's regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure.


Something, such as a quality, subject, or activity, that evokes this mental state
Counts the theater among his interests.


Any of several small falcons of the genus Falco, formerly used for catching small birds or game.


Plural of hobby


Can interests lead to hobbies?

Yes, interests often inspire people to start hobbies related to those subjects.

Can interests change over time?

Yes, as people grow and evolve, their interests can also change.

What defines an interest?

An interest is a subject or topic that draws attention and curiosity.

How do interests benefit individuals?

Interests broaden knowledge and understanding in various areas.

Do interests require action?

Not necessarily; interests can be purely contemplative or theoretical.

Are interests always active?

No, interests can be passive, like enjoying listening to music.

What is a hobby?

A hobby is a regular activity performed for enjoyment during leisure time.

Can someone have multiple interests?

Yes, individuals can have a wide range of interests in various subjects.

Can hobbies become a profession?

In some cases, hobbies can evolve into professions if pursued with passion and dedication.

Are hobbies costly?

The cost of hobbies varies greatly; some can be inexpensive while others might require significant investment.

Can interests be shared?

Yes, people often share interests with others, leading to social connections and discussions.

Do hobbies require skill?

Some hobbies might require or develop specific skills, while others are more about relaxation and enjoyment.

How important is a hobby in one’s life?

Hobbies can significantly contribute to a person’s well-being and relaxation.

Do hobbies need regular involvement?

Generally, hobbies involve regular engagement, though the frequency can vary.

Do hobbies change with age?

People's hobbies may evolve as their lifestyle and interests change over time.

How do hobbies enrich life?

Hobbies provide enjoyment, skill development, and a sense of accomplishment.

Can hobbies be done alone?

Many hobbies can be enjoyed alone, while others might be social activities.

Are hobbies a form of escape?

For many, hobbies serve as a relaxing escape from daily routines and stress.

How do interests impact personal growth?

Interests can stimulate intellectual growth and personal exploration.

Can hobbies be educational?

Yes, many hobbies involve learning new skills or acquiring knowledge.
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