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Carbon Steel vs. Black Steel: What's the Difference?

By Janet White || Published on December 15, 2023
Carbon steel is an alloy made primarily of iron with a carbon content up to 2.1%, while black steel is a type of carbon steel with a black oxide scale on its surface.

Key Differences

Carbon steel, an alloy of iron and carbon, comes in various grades depending on the carbon content. While, black steel is a form of carbon steel distinguished by its dark-colored surface due to mild oxidation.
The carbon content in carbon steel affects its strength and ductility. However, black steel, a specific type of carbon steel, gets its color from a layer of oxide formed during its manufacturing process.
Carbon steel is used widely in construction and manufacturing due to its versatility. Black steel is often used for gas and oil pipelines because its oxide layer offers some corrosion resistance.
Carbon steel can be classified into low, medium, and high carbon types, while black steel refers specifically to a surface condition and not to any particular carbon content.
The mechanical properties of carbon steel, like hardness and tensile strength, vary with carbon content. In contrast, black steel's properties are similar to those of the base carbon steel but with an emphasis on its surface characteristics.

Comparison Chart


Alloy of iron and carbon, with carbon content up to 2.1%
Carbon steel with a black oxide layer on its surface

Carbon Content

Varies (low, medium, high)
Not specific to carbon content, focuses on surface condition

Surface Appearance

Can vary depending on treatment
Characterized by a dark, black oxide layer

Common Uses

Construction, tools, automotive parts
Gas and oil pipelines, specific fittings

Corrosion Resistance

Depends on the grade and treatment
Oxide layer provides some corrosion resistance

Carbon Steel and Black Steel Definitions

Carbon Steel

A type of steel classified as low, medium, or high carbon.
High carbon steel is preferred for making cutting tools.

Black Steel

Steel characterized by its black oxide coating.
Black steel fittings are common in various industrial setups.

Carbon Steel

Steel that can be hardened and tempered.
Carbon steel blades are valued for their sharpness and durability.

Black Steel

Carbon steel with a dark-colored oxide surface.
Black steel pipes are often used for gas transportation.

Carbon Steel

Steel whose properties are primarily defined by the amount of carbon.
Medium carbon steel is commonly used in construction.

Black Steel

Carbon steel with a distinctive surface finish.
Black steel plates are used in certain architectural designs.

Carbon Steel

An alloy of iron and carbon with varying carbon content.
Carbon steel is widely used in the manufacturing of automotive parts.

Black Steel

A form of carbon steel used for specific applications.
Black steel is chosen for certain types of oil pipelines.

Carbon Steel

A versatile material used in a wide range of applications.
Carbon steel pipes are essential in many industrial sectors.

Black Steel

A variant of carbon steel with a protective oxide layer.
Black steel is used in outdoor installations due to its corrosion resistance.


Does carbon steel rust?

Yes, without protective coatings, it can rust.

What is carbon steel?

An alloy of iron and carbon with up to 2.1% carbon content.

What are the uses of carbon steel?

Used in construction, manufacturing, and automotive industries.

Where is black steel typically used?

In gas and oil pipelines and specific industrial fittings.

Is black steel rust-resistant?

Its oxide layer provides some corrosion resistance.

Is black steel suitable for outdoor use?

Its corrosion resistance makes it suitable for certain outdoor applications.

What is the surface finish of black steel like?

It has a dark, black oxide layer.

How is carbon steel made?

By combining iron with carbon and other elements in varying amounts.

Is carbon steel magnetic?

Yes, it is generally magnetic.

How is black steel different from regular carbon steel?

Black steel is a type of carbon steel with a black oxide surface.

Does black steel have a specific carbon content?

No, it refers to the surface condition, not the carbon content.

Is carbon steel suitable for kitchen knives?

Yes, especially high carbon steel, due to its sharpness.

What maintenance does black steel require?

Regular maintenance to prevent corrosion, despite its oxide layer.

Can carbon steel be hardened?

Yes, particularly high carbon steel.

Are there different grades of carbon steel?

Yes, including low, medium, and high carbon grades.

Are carbon steel and black steel expensive?

Their cost varies depending on the grade and specific type.

Can both types of steel be recycled?

Yes, both are recyclable.

What is the appearance of carbon steel?

It varies, but typically it has a metallic, gray finish.

Can black steel be welded?

Yes, but it requires specific welding techniques.

Why choose black steel for pipelines?

Its oxide layer offers corrosion resistance and durability.
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