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Homemaker vs. Housemaker: What's the Difference?

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A homemaker is someone who manages a household, while a housemaker is one who builds or creates houses.

Key Differences

A homemaker is a term that has been traditionally associated with someone, irrespective of gender, who takes responsibility for the management, care, and maintenance of a home. This individual typically deals with tasks such as cooking, cleaning, child-rearing, and other domestic chores. On the other hand, a housemaker is not a commonly used term in English. However, when used, it may refer to someone involved in the construction or creation of houses, possibly a builder or contractor.
The word homemaker evokes an image of someone who ensures that the house runs smoothly. This can encompass a myriad of tasks and responsibilities that vary from home to home. This term has also undergone changes in its connotation over time, embracing the pivotal role such individuals play in the holistic well-being of families. In contrast, the word housemaker may lead one to think of the physical construction of a residence. It's about laying the foundation, constructing walls, and establishing a tangible structure.
In cultural discussions, the term homemaker is more prevalent. Historically, the role of a homemaker was often associated with women, though modern times recognize that anyone can be a homemaker irrespective of their gender. Meanwhile, housemaker is not as culturally or historically rooted, and when used, it is mostly confined to the literal context of making a house.
In essence, while homemaker delves deep into the realms of care, love, and management of a household, ensuring the emotional and physical well-being of its members, housemaker remains on the periphery, associated more with the brick and mortar aspect of creating a dwelling.

Comparison Chart


Manages household duties.
Builds or creates houses.

Common Usage

Widely recognized term.
Not a commonly used term.


Care, maintenance of a home.
Physical construction of a house.

Cultural Relevance

Historically linked with women.
Lacks deep cultural or historical roots.


Encompasses emotional well-being.
Focuses on tangible structures.

Homemaker and Housemaker Definitions


A person in charge of the household's daily operations.
Sarah, a dedicated homemaker, ensures her family starts each day with a hearty breakfast.


A person or company responsible for building houses.
This company is a renowned housemaker with a track record of timely delivery.


An individual overseeing domestic chores and care.
As a homemaker, Tom excels in both cooking and organizing the home.


An entity turning architectural plans into tangible homes.
The housemaker meticulously followed the blueprint, creating a masterpiece.


A person ensuring a smooth home environment.
The role of a homemaker is integral to a harmonious household.


An individual or entity constructing homes.
As a housemaker, John has built over 50 homes in the county.


Someone responsible for maintaining the well-being of the household.
The responsibility of a homemaker often extends beyond mere housework.


One involved in the creation of residential structures.
The reputed housemaker ensured quality in every brick laid.


An individual nurturing and managing a household.
Even in contemporary times, a homemaker's role is pivotal to family well-being.


One skilled in crafting homes from ground up.
With two decades in the field, the housemaker had an eye for detail.


One who manages a household, especially as one's main daily activity.




(US) A person who maintains the administration and upkeep of his or her residence, especially one who is not employed outside the home; one who runs the household.


A wife who who manages a household while her husband earns the family income


Are homemakers paid for their work?

Typically, homemakers are not paid as it's usually seen as familial duty, but the value of their work is undeniable.

How is a homemaker different from a housekeeper?

A homemaker manages and nurtures the home and its members, while a housekeeper primarily focuses on cleaning tasks.

Is "housewife" synonymous with "homemaker"?

While both terms refer to managing the home, "housewife" is gender-specific, whereas "homemaker" is not.

Is "housemaker" a common term in English?

No, "housemaker" is not a commonly used term; "builder" or "contractor" are more prevalent.

Can a man be a homemaker?

Yes, a man can be a homemaker; the term is gender-neutral.

What does a housemaker do?

A housemaker is involved in the construction or creation of houses.

Is there a cultural significance to the term housemaker?

No, "housemaker" lacks the cultural or historical depth that "homemaker" has.

Which term is older, homemaker or housemaker?

"Homemaker" has deeper historical and cultural roots compared to "housemaker."

Do homemakers have a professional community or associations?

There are various support groups and communities for homemakers, both online and offline.

What is a homemaker's primary role?

A homemaker's primary role is to manage and care for the household.

Can a homemaker also be a housemaker?

Yes, if someone manages their home and is also involved in building houses, they can be both.

Are there courses or training for homemakers?

While formal courses are rare, numerous workshops and online resources can help enhance homemaking skills.

How has the role of the homemaker evolved over the years?

The role has expanded to include various tasks and is now recognized as being irrespective of gender or marital status.

Can a company be referred to as a housemaker?

Yes, if it's involved in building homes, it can be termed a housemaker.

Is "homemaker" a full-time job?

While not formally recognized as a job, homemaking can be as demanding, if not more, as a full-time job.

Is housemaking limited to constructing homes?

While primarily about constructing homes, housemaking can also involve design and planning.

Why is "homemaker" a more recognized term?

"Homemaker" resonates culturally and historically with the idea of managing and nurturing a home.

Do housemakers need a specific qualification?

Typically, housemakers or builders require relevant experience, and in many places, a license or certification.

Is the term "housemaker" used globally?

No, "housemaker" is not widely recognized and can be confusing in some contexts.

Can "housemaker" be used metaphorically?

While uncommon, "housemaker" could be used metaphorically to describe someone foundational to a group or community.
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