Difference Between Group and Team


Main Difference

The main difference between Group and Team is that Group is gathering of people who coordinate their efforts for a common goal whereas Team is a group of people who are mutually committed and share a common purpose.

Group vs. Team

A group is an assembly of individuals who work individually for a common goal. A team is a group of people who cooperate and work together to achieve an aim. The group focus on individual goals. The team focuses on team objectives. Group has one leader. The team has more than one. Group members do not aware of other’s task, but team participants insight other’s work. The conflicts of the group are resolved by the manager on the flip side; team issues solves with collaboration. Group participants do not trust each other. The team has a high level of trust. The manager leads the group while members lead the team. In a group, accountability is given at individual level conversely in a team; all members get appreciation. Groups are for a short time. A team is developed for long term projects. Group members work individually while team members do mutual work.


Comparison Chart

An assembly of people who interact for achieving a common goal is called group.A group of people who share a common purpose to complete it is called a team.
OneMore than one
Individual goalsTeam goals
ManagerWhole team
Task Decision
By managerBy team members

What is a Group?

The group is an assembly of people with different goals, interact, and work together to accomplish a common interest. It is a collection of people in which members do not depend on each other for their work. Every person has a different individual task which he needs to complete on an individual basis without the help of any other. It is same as a bus moving with passengers. Every passenger travel for a different reason but the bus is the same. Group members are valued on an individual basis for their task. Like in a company, the business group are formed. People from different departments are its members. After completing their work, they leave this group and move on. There is no understanding between group members; even they do not know other’s task. Every person has its responsibility, which he must complete. He will be rewarded or penalized; all depends on his task. If a passenger misses his train, then this is his fault. The train will not stop and wait for him. It is a penalty for him because he was late; this happens in groups too. Groups are best for short term projects. Group work is preferred because work is done individually by members. Every participant is proficient in his field. The combined action of all skilled persons is outstanding. Examples are ethnic groups, friendship circles, etc.



  • Formal Group: Created formally by the management for a specific reason, i.e., trade associations.
  • Informal Group: Formed naturally for a different reason, i.e., friend’s group

What is a Team?

A team is a group of members who share a common goal or purpose. They coordinate their task to achieve their shared goal. Every member has assigned work which they do interdependently. If a person misses his assignment, this may affect the product of the whole team. This work process can be shown with a simple example if a train delays due to some technical issue in its engine. All passengers will suffer from it. The leader acts as an organizer. The members can talk freely in a team and discuss their issues and problems. Teamwork is formal because it has a specific vision to achieve. Business needs teams for their projects. Team has a vital dynamic range; Open communication to resolve problems, Active management to dodge confusions, Cooperation in completing their tasks, Interdependence, and High level of trust among team members. Team motivates the members to work and participate creatively in every task. Moreover, the team is a stimulator for a person to accomplish his objectives. Team members work together to exploit their strengths and minimize their faults. The key attribute of a team is a good interaction among team participants. Cricket team, management team, doctors’ team are examples.

Features of Team

  • Cohesion
  • Confrontation
  • Collaboration

Key Differences

  1. A group of people who come together and interact for a cause or reason, whereas a team is a group of people who share a common goal.
  2. Group has one leader while the team has multiple leaders.
  3. Group members work independently; on the other hand, team members work by sharing.
  4. Group discusses the issue, decide the solution, and delegate work conversely team address the problem, decide and do the task.
  5. Group associates work individually on the flip side team associates do mutual work.
  6. The group focuses on individual purpose while the team works for team goals.
  7. In a group, task appreciation is given to manger while in case of a team, all members are appreciated.
  8. The manager decides the group task, but members decide the team task.


The group is a crowd of people who interact with one another for a common interest and team is a group of people who coordinate and work together to achieve a vision.