Difference Between Grey and Gray


Main Difference

According to linguistics, the world grey and gray refers to a same color that is intermediate between black and white. They argue that grey is used and spelled in English dictionary while gray is used and spelled in American dictionary. However, there are differences between grey and gray. The main difference between these two as per is that grey and gray are two color switches. Grey color code is #D3D3D3 while gray color code is #808080.

What is Grey?

Grey stands for a color that is intermediated between black and white. It is similar to the color of cloud-covered sky, ash and of lead. In English or British dictionary and language, grey is used and pronounced instead of gray. It was first recorded as a name in English language in AD 700. It is the dominant spelling in British and Commonwealth English. According to, the code of grey is #D3D3D3. In grey color, the presence of white color is more as compare to black.


What is Gray?

Gray stands for a color that is intermediate between black and white. The word gray is pronounced and spelled in American English language. It was used in America during 18th century and since it is the standard word for gray color. In both US and Europe, grey or gray is most attached with conformity, old age, and modesty. According to, the cod of gray is #808080. Gray color contains more black color in it as compare to white color.

Key Differences

  1. Grey word is widely used in Europe and Commonwealth nations while gray is standard word in American English language.
  2. Grey word was first used in AD 700, however, it become standard word in British dictionary during 20th Gray word for color is a standard word in American English since the 18th century.
  3. According to, both grey and gray are used for two different colors. The color code of grey is #D3D3D3 while color code of gray is #808080.
  4. In grey, ratio of white color is more as comparison to black while in gray color ratio of black color is more as comparison to white color.
  5. According to survey, grey is a color perceived as the hue of “silver” while gray is a sliding scale of values from black to white.
  6. The easy way to difference between grey and gray is that in grey “E” denotes the England (Britian) while in gray “A” stands for American English.
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