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GPS Apple Watch vs. Cellular Apple Watch: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 14, 2024
GPS Apple Watch requires a nearby iPhone for connectivity, while Cellular Apple Watch can independently connect to cellular networks.

Key Differences

GPS Apple Watch relies on a paired iPhone for data and connectivity, whereas Cellular Apple Watch can connect to cellular networks independently.
GPS Apple Watch offers location tracking and fitness features, while the Cellular Apple Watch adds the ability to make calls and use data without an iPhone nearby.
The main advantage of Cellular Apple Watch is its independence; it doesn't need an iPhone close by for full functionality, unlike the GPS Apple Watch.
GPS Apple Watch generally has a lower purchase price, but the Cellular Apple Watch incurs additional monthly costs for cellular service.
GPS Apple Watch is ideal for those who always carry their iPhone, while Cellular Apple Watch suits users needing connectivity without their phone.

Comparison Chart


Requires iPhone
Independent cellular connectivity

Calls & Messages

Via iPhone
Directly from the watch

Monthly Cost

Additional for cellular service

Ideal User

Always with iPhone
Needs independence from phone

Data Use

Through iPhone
Direct cellular data usage

GPS Apple Watch and Cellular Apple Watch Definitions

GPS Apple Watch

It serves as a smart notification center on your wrist.
My GPS Apple Watch alerts me about new emails and messages.

Cellular Apple Watch

Acts as a business tool for managing communications.
I check important emails on my Cellular Apple Watch during meetings.

GPS Apple Watch

It's a useful navigation aid with GPS functionality.
I navigated through the city using my GPS Apple Watch.

Cellular Apple Watch

The Cellular Apple Watch allows for independent phone calls and messaging.
I left my phone at home but could still call with my Cellular Apple Watch.

GPS Apple Watch

The watch acts as a health monitor with various sensors.
The GPS Apple Watch helps me monitor my sleep patterns.

Cellular Apple Watch

The watch can contact emergency services without a phone.
I used my Cellular Apple Watch to dial emergency services after my fall.

GPS Apple Watch

The GPS Apple Watch is also a fashionable style accessory.
I love customizing my GPS Apple Watch with different bands.

Cellular Apple Watch

It provides remote internet access without an iPhone.
I streamed music on my Cellular Apple Watch during my hike.

GPS Apple Watch

The GPS Apple Watch is a fitness tracker that monitors your daily activities.
I use my GPS Apple Watch to track my runs and monitor my heart rate.

Cellular Apple Watch

Serves as a travel companion with its standalone features.
My Cellular Apple Watch was my sole gadget on a short trip.


What is a GPS Apple Watch?

A smartwatch that requires a nearby iPhone for full functionality.

Can the GPS Apple Watch make calls?

Yes, but it needs a connected iPhone nearby to do so.

Can I use data services on a Cellular Apple Watch without an iPhone?

Yes, it has its own cellular connectivity.

Is there a price difference between the two models?

Yes, the Cellular Apple Watch is typically more expensive.

Can both watches track fitness activities?

Yes, both offer fitness tracking features.

How does GPS function in the GPS Apple Watch?

It uses GPS for location tracking when connected to an iPhone.

Can I stream music on a Cellular Apple Watch?

Yes, it allows for streaming music independently.

Which Apple Watch is better for someone always carrying their iPhone?

The GPS Apple Watch is more suitable in this case.

Can the Cellular Apple Watch function as a standalone device?

Yes, it can function independently of an iPhone.

Can I use the Cellular Apple Watch for navigation without my phone?

Yes, it supports standalone GPS navigation.

What makes the Cellular Apple Watch different?

It can connect to cellular networks independently, without needing an iPhone.

Do I need a separate data plan for a Cellular Apple Watch?

Yes, it usually requires an additional plan.

Are there any additional costs with a Cellular Apple Watch?

Besides the purchase price, there are monthly fees for cellular service.

Does the Cellular Apple Watch need an iPhone for setup?

Yes, initial setup requires an iPhone.

Is cellular connectivity on the Cellular Apple Watch reliable?

It depends on the carrier and coverage area, but generally, it's reliable.

Is the GPS Apple Watch suitable for kids?

Yes, especially if they don't need cellular connectivity.

Are there design differences between the two models?

No significant design differences, mostly internal features vary.

What is the primary benefit of the Cellular Apple Watch over the GPS model?

Its ability to connect to cellular networks independently for calls, texts, and data.

Is the GPS Apple Watch less expensive than the Cellular model?

Generally, the GPS model is more affordable.

Can I send texts from a GPS Apple Watch?

Yes, but it requires a connected iPhone.
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