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Fundemental vs. Fundamental: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on March 13, 2024
"Fundemental" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "fundamental," which means forming a necessary base or core; of central importance.

Which is correct: Fundemental or Fundamental

How to spell Fundamental?

Fundemental is Incorrect

Fundamental is Correct


Key Differences

Think of "fund" in "fundamental" as the base or 'funds' needed for a foundation.
Remember, "fundamental" relates to the foundation, both starting with "fund."
Use the mnemonic "fun+dame+mental" to remember the parts of the word.
Break it down into sounds: fun-da-men-tal, focusing on the "da" sound, not "de."
Recall that "fundamental" contains "mental," hinting at its foundational nature for thoughts or principles.

Correct usage of Fundamental

The fundemental issue has yet to be addressed.
The fundamental issue has yet to be addressed.
Understanding the fundemental concepts is crucial.
Understanding the fundamental concepts is crucial.
We need to revisit the fundemental theories in this field.
We need to revisit the fundamental theories in this field.
The principles are based on solid fundemental beliefs.
The principles are based on solid fundamental beliefs.
He lacks the fundemental skills required for the job.
He lacks the fundamental skills required for the job.

Fundamental Definitions

Concerning the foundation or basis.
Gravity is a fundamental force in physics.
Serving as an essential component.
Trust is fundamental to any successful relationship.
Being of central importance.
Respecting human rights is fundamental to our organization.
Relating to the most important aspects.
Understanding the fundamentals of mathematics is crucial for advanced study.
Being an original or primary source.
The Constitution is a fundamental document of the nation.
Of or relating to the foundation or base; elementary
The fundamental laws of the universe.
Forming or serving as an essential component of a system or structure; central
An example that was fundamental to the argument.

Fundamental Sentences

Reading and writing are fundamental skills that everyone should learn.
A strong foundation in mathematics is fundamental to engineering studies.
It's important to grasp the fundamental concepts before moving on to advanced topics.
They discussed the fundamental differences between the two philosophies.
The fundamental problem with the plan is its lack of feasibility.
The fundamental rights of citizens are protected by the constitution.
Understanding your fundamental rights is crucial in a democratic society.
The theory is based on fundamental observations and experiments.
The study aims to explore the fundamental causes of climate change.
Respect for others is a fundamental principle in any society.
The book provides a fundamental understanding of human psychology.
The course covers the fundamental aspects of business management.
A fundamental change in policy is needed to address the issue.
The documentary highlights the fundamental importance of biodiversity.
The fundamental theorem of calculus is a key concept in mathematics.
The fundamental goal of the organization is to promote peace and understanding.
The company's fundamental values include integrity and innovation.
He has a deep understanding of the fundamental laws of physics.
A fundamental shift in consumer behavior is evident from the study.
The research focuses on the fundamental processes of cell division.
There is a fundamental flaw in the argument that needs correction.
Achieving equality is a fundamental objective of the movement.
Scientists are working to unlock the fundamental mysteries of the universe.
The teacher emphasized the fundamental techniques in art class.

Fundamental Idioms & Phrases

Fundamental to

Being essential or central to something.
Trust is fundamental to any successful relationship.

Fundamental difference

A basic and significant distinction between two things.
There's a fundamental difference in the approaches of the two scientists.

On a fundamental level

At the most basic or important level.
On a fundamental level, we all seek happiness and fulfillment.

Fundamental question

A basic and essential question that addresses the core of an issue.
The fundamental question we need to ask is what kind of society we want to live in.

Fundamental principle

A basic rule or concept that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior.
Freedom of speech is a fundamental principle of democracy.

Fundamental truth

A basic and undeniable fact.
It's a fundamental truth that actions speak louder than words.

Fundamental shift

A major change in the basic nature or character of something.
The industry is undergoing a fundamental shift due to technological advances.

Fundamental understanding

A deep and basic comprehension of a subject.
A fundamental understanding of chemistry is essential for the study of biology.


What is the pronunciation of fundamental?

The pronunciation is /ˌfʌndəˈmɛntəl/.

Which vowel is used before fundamental?

The vowel "a" is used before "mental" in "fundamental."

Is fundamental a negative or positive word?

Neither; it is neutral, describing something essential or basic.

What is the singular form of fundamental?

The singular form is "fundamental."

What is the root word of fundamental?

The root word is "fundament," meaning foundation or base.

What is the plural form of fundamental?

The plural form is "fundamentals."

Why is it called fundamental?

It is called fundamental because it pertains to the foundation or base, indicating something that is of central importance.

What is the verb form of fundamental?

"Fundamental" is primarily an adjective and noun; it does not have a direct verb form.

Is fundamental a noun or adjective?

"Fundamental" can be both a noun and an adjective.

Is fundamental an adverb?

No, "fundamental" is not an adverb; the adverb form would be "fundamentally."

Is the fundamental term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically to emphasize the importance or foundational aspect of something.

Which preposition is used with fundamental?

The preposition "to" is often used with "fundamental."

Is fundamental a countable noun?

When used as a noun, "fundamental" can be countable (e.g., fundamentals of a subject).

How do we divide fundamental into syllables?

It is divided as fun-da-men-tal.

What is the third form of fundamental?

There is no third form for the adjective "fundamental."

Which conjunction is used with fundamental?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used, depending on the sentence structure.

Which article is used with fundamental?

Both "a" for singular and "the" for specific reference are used with "fundamental."

Is fundamental a collective noun?

No, "fundamental" is not a collective noun.

What part of speech is fundamental?

It can be an adjective or a noun.

What is the second form of fundamental?

There is no second form for the adjective "fundamental."

How is fundamental used in a sentence?

"Freedom of speech is a fundamental right in a democratic society."

Is fundamental a vowel or consonant?

The word "fundamental" starts with the consonant "f."

How many syllables are in fundamental?

There are four syllables in "fundamental."

What is a stressed syllable in fundamental?

The stressed syllable is "men."

What is the opposite of fundamental?

The opposite could be "ancillary" or "secondary."

What is the first form of fundamental?

As an adjective or noun, "fundamental" is its base form.

Is fundamental an abstract noun?

Yes, when used as a noun, "fundamental" can be considered abstract, referring to basic principles or elements.

Is the word fundamental is imperative?

No, "fundamental" is descriptive, not imperative.

What is another term for fundamental?

Another term could be "basic" or "essential."

Which determiner is used with fundamental?

Determiners such as "the," "a," and "this" can be used, depending on context.
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