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Competant vs. Competent: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on March 13, 2024
"Competant" is incorrect; "Competent" is correct spelling, meaning having the necessary ability or knowledge.

Which is correct: Competant or Competent

How to spell Competent?

Competant is Incorrect

Competent is Correct


Key Differences

Remember, "ent" at the end of "competent" is like "ent" in "efficient," both describing capability.
Link "competent" with "competition," where only those with the necessary skills succeed.
Note the similarity in "competent" and "pentagon," focusing on the "ent" ending for capability and structure.
Associate "competent" with "entertainment" where "ent" signifies delivering quality.
Recall that "competent" includes "pet," perhaps as a mnemonic that even a pet knows the correct spelling.

Correct usage of Competent

Their team is very competant at solving complex problems.
Their team is very competent at solving complex problems.
We need a competant mechanic to fix the engine.
We need a competent mechanic to fix the engine.
She proved to be a competant leader during the crisis.
She proved to be a competent leader during the crisis.
The staff was not competant enough to handle the situation.
The staff was not competent enough to handle the situation.
He is very competant in his field of work.
He is very competent in his field of work.

Competent Definitions

Competent can describe something as satisfactory or adequate, though not outstanding.
The repair work was competent but not exceptional.
Competent means having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully.
She is competent in three languages.
Competent can also relate to having the jurisdiction or authority over something.
The local council is competent to make such decisions.
Competent refers to being legally qualified or fit to perform an act.
The judge found the witness to be competent.
In a business context, competent means capable of performing an allocated or required task.
He's very competent in managing projects.
Properly or sufficiently qualified; capable
A competent typist.
Adequate for the purpose
A competent performance.

Competent Sentences

The agency provides training to ensure all employees are competent.
She is highly competent in three languages.
You must be competent in multitasking for this job.
A competent teacher can make a big difference in students' lives.
They found a competent contractor to complete the renovation.
A competent lawyer will understand the intricacies of your case.
To be competent, continuous learning is essential.
He is competent with computer programming and software development.
For complex electrical work, hiring a competent electrician is crucial.
Being competent in digital tools is a requirement for the position.
She demonstrated competent leadership skills.
The pilot must be competent in handling emergency situations.
To provide the best care, nurses must be competent and compassionate.
Competent communication skills are vital for success in any field.
Being competent means having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully.
The technician was competent enough to repair the old clock.
Ensuring that the staff is competent is the manager's responsibility.
A competent chef can create delicious meals from simple ingredients.
For the project to succeed, we need a team of competent professionals.
Competent advisors can help make sound financial decisions.
Teachers should be competent not only in their subject matter but also in pedagogy.
A competent salesperson knows how to address customer concerns effectively.
The success of the mission depends on having competent leaders at every level.
A competent musician understands both theory and practice.
He quickly proved himself to be competent in managing projects.

Competent Idioms & Phrases

Competent authority

A person or organization with the legal authority to make decisions.
The building plans must be approved by the competent authority.


Why is it called competent?

It is called competent because it comes from the Latin "competentem," meaning suitable or sufficient.

What is the verb form of competent?

The verb form related to "competent" is "compete."

What is the pronunciation of competent?

The pronunciation of "competent" is /ˈkɒmpɪtənt/.

What is the root word of competent?

The root word is the Latin "competere," meaning to strive together or to be suitable.

What is the singular form of competent?

The singular form is "competent."

What is the plural form of competent?

The plural form is not applicable as "competent" is typically used as an adjective.

Is competent an abstract noun?

No, "competent" is an adjective, not a noun.

Which vowel is used before competent?

The vowel "e" is used before "nt" in "competent."

Is competent an adverb?

No, "competent" is not an adverb.

Is the competent term a metaphor?

The term can be used metaphorically to describe various forms of adequacy or suitability.

Is the word competent imperative?

"Competent" is not an imperative; it describes a state or quality.

Which article is used with competent?

The indefinite article "a" is used before "competent."

Is competent a collective noun?

No, "competent" is not a collective noun.

How many syllables are in competent?

There are three syllables in "competent."

What is the first form of competent?

As an adjective, "competent" does not change form like verbs; its form is "competent."

What is the second form of competent?

There is no "second form" for adjectives like "competent."

Which preposition is used with competent?

The preposition "in" is commonly used with "competent," as in "competent in."

Which conjunction is used with competent?

The conjunction "and" can be used when listing areas of competence.

Is competent a vowel or consonant?

The word "competent" starts with a consonant.

Is competent a countable noun?

Competent is not a noun; it is an adjective and therefore not countable.

How do we divide competent into syllables?

Competent is divided as com-pe-tent.

What is the third form of competent?

Adjectives do not have a "third form."

How is competent used in a sentence?

"The team was competent, ensuring the project's success."

Is competent a noun or adjective?

Competent is an adjective.

Is competent a negative or positive word?

Competent is a positive word, indicating adequacy or capability.

What is a stressed syllable in competent?

The stressed syllable in "competent" is the first one: "com."

What part of speech is competent?

"Competent" is an adjective.

What is another term for competent?

Another term for "competent" is "capable."

What is the opposite of competent?

The opposite of "competent" is "incompetent."

Which determiner is used with competent?

Determiners like "a" or "the" can be used with "competent."
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