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Chane vs. Chain: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 13, 2024
"Chane" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "chain" which refers to a series of connected metal links.

Which is correct: Chane or Chain

How to spell Chain?

Chane is Incorrect

Chain is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize the "i" in "chain" as part of a linked chain.
Associate "chain" with physical objects to cement the correct spelling.
"Chain" rhymes with "train," which can be linked together.
Recall that "chain" contains "ai," commonly found in English words.
"Chain" has an "i," symbolizing the interconnected links.

Correct usage of Chain

I bought a beautiful gold chane yesterday.
I bought a beautiful gold chain yesterday.
She wears a silver chane around her neck.
She wears a silver chain around her neck.
We need to fix the broken chane on the swing.
We need to fix the broken chain on the swing.
He used a heavy chane to secure the gate.
He used a heavy chain to secure the gate.
The dog broke its chane and ran off.
The dog broke its chain and ran off.

Chain Definitions

A chain is a series of connected metal links used for fastening or securing objects.
He locked his bike with a heavy chain.
"Chain" can also refer to a measure of length, approximately 66 feet, used in surveying.
The property was measured in chains and acres.
In a metaphorical sense, "chain" represents a series of connected events, actions, or things.
The chain of events led to an unexpected outcome.
"Chain" can describe a sequence of atoms in a chemical compound.
The molecule is characterized by a long carbon chain.
In retail and business, a chain is a series of stores or establishments owned by the same company.
She prefers shopping at local chains for unique finds.
A connected, flexible series of links, typically of metal, used especially for holding objects together, for restraining, or for transmitting mechanical power.
Such a set of links, often of precious metal and with pendants attached, worn as an ornament or symbol of office.

Chain Sentences

The bicycle's chain came off, and I had to put it back on.
They used a chain to tow the broken-down car.
The company is expanding its chain of coffee shops across the state.
She added a charm to her favorite chain to personalize it.
The mountain range formed a natural chain across the landscape.
He wore a chain with a pendant that held sentimental value.
The chain reaction was initiated by a small spark.
She received a chain letter that she decided to ignore.
The chain of events led to an unexpected outcome.
The rusty chain needed to be replaced to ensure safety.
The chain on her wristwatch was delicate and elegant.
The anchor was lowered by letting out more chain.
They formed a human chain to pass supplies to the flood victims.
The islands are linked by a chain of bridges.
He used a strong chain to lock his bike securely.
She collects chains of various lengths and styles for her jewelry making.
The supply chain was disrupted, causing delays in production.
A chain of volunteers worked tirelessly to aid the disaster-stricken area.
The ancient ruins were discovered in a chain of small islands.
The chain of command in the military is strictly adhered to.
The chain of responsibility in the project was clearly defined.
The chain of pearls added elegance to her outfit.
The detective uncovered a chain of evidence that solved the case.
The food chain illustrates the flow of energy from one organism to another.

Chain Idioms & Phrases

Chain of events

A number of actions and their effects that are contiguous and linked together.
A simple misunderstanding triggered a chain of events that led to the conflict.

Chain of command

The hierarchy within an organization that establishes who is in charge of whom.
It's important to follow the chain of command when addressing issues at work.

Chain reaction

A series of events, each caused by the previous one.
The new policy set off a chain reaction of changes throughout the company.

Chain of thoughts

A succession of connected ideas or mental images.
My chain of thoughts was disrupted by the sudden noise.

Chain smoker

A person who smokes cigarettes one after the other with very little time in between.
He was a chain smoker, rarely seen without a cigarette in hand.

Pulling the chain

British slang for flushing the toilet; can also mean to tease or fool someone.
After fixing the toilet, he tested it by pulling the chain.

Chain up

To secure something with a chain.
Before the storm, we chained up the outdoor furniture to prevent it from blowing away.

Chain store

One of a series of stores owned by the same company and selling the same merchandise.
She preferred shopping at local boutiques rather than chain stores.

Chain letter

A message that attempts to convince the recipient to make copies and send them to others.
I received a chain letter by email but decided not to forward it.

Chain gang

A group of prisoners chained together to perform menial or physically challenging work as a form of punishment.
The concept of a chain gang is considered outdated and inhumane by many.

Chain of custody

The documented and unbroken transfer of evidence from the time it is collected until it is presented in court.
The prosecutor ensured the chain of custody was maintained for all evidence in the case.

Yanking someone's chain

Teasing or fooling someone.
I was just yanking your chain; I didn't mean what I said seriously.

Food chain

The hierarchy of organisms, each dependent on the next as a source of food.
Sharks are at the top of the marine food chain.

Ball and chain

Something that restricts one's freedom or is a burden.
His debts felt like a ball and chain, holding him back from his dreams.

The weakest link in the chain

The least strong or most vulnerable element in a series or system.
In security systems, human error is often considered the weakest link in the chain.

Chain of mountains

A series of connected mountains or mountain ranges.
The Andes is a vast chain of mountains that stretches across South America.

Off the chain

Slang for something being wild, unrestrained, or extremely good.
The party last night was off the chain!


What is the root word of chain?

The root word of "chain" comes from the Old French "chaine," derived from Latin "catena," meaning "a chain."

What is the verb form of chain?

The verb form of "chain" is "to chain," meaning to secure with a chain.

What is the pronunciation of chain?

The pronunciation of "chain" is /tʃeɪn/.

Which vowel is used before chain?

The vowel "a" is used before the "i" in "chain."

Why is it called chain?

It is called "chain" because it consists of a series of connected links that can be used for binding or fastening.

Which preposition is used with chain?

The preposition "with" is often used with "chain," as in "secured with a chain."

Which article is used with chain?

The indefinite article "a" or the definite article "the" can be used with "chain" depending on the context.

Is chain an adverb?

No, "chain" is not an adverb.

Which conjunction is used with chain?

The conjunction "and" is commonly used with "chain" in lists or descriptions.

Is chain a noun or adjective?

"Chain" is primarily a noun, but it can function as an adjective in compound nouns, like "chain reaction."

What is the singular form of chain?

The singular form is "chain."

Is chain an abstract noun?

"Chain" is not typically an abstract noun; it is usually concrete, referring to a physical object or a clear concept.

How do we divide chain into syllables?

"Chain" is a single syllable and is not divided.

What is the plural form of chain?

The plural form is "chains."

Is the chain term a metaphor?

"Chain" can be used metaphorically to describe a series of connected events or relationships.

Which determiner is used with chain?

Determiners like "a," "the," and "this" can be used with "chain."

What is the first form of chain?

The first form is "chain," as in the base form of the verb or the singular noun.

What is the third form of chain?

The third form is also "chained," used as the past participle.

Is chain a negative or positive word?

"Chain" is neutral; its positive or negative connotation depends on context.

Is the word chain is imperative?

The word "chain" can be used in imperative sentences, e.g., "Chain the door."

What is another term for chain?

Another term for "chain" is "linkage."

What is the opposite of chain?

The opposite of "chain" could be "release" or "unbind."

What is the second form of chain?

The second form is "chained," which is the simple past tense.

Is chain a vowel or consonant?

"Chain" starts with the consonant "c."

Is chain a countable noun?

Yes, "chain" is a countable noun.

Is chain a collective noun?

"Chain" can be considered a collective noun when referring to a series of linked items.

How is chain used in a sentence?

"She wore a silver chain around her neck."

How many syllables are in chain?

There is one syllable in "chain."

What is a stressed syllable in chain?

In the word "chain," the single syllable /tʃeɪn/ is stressed.

What part of speech is chain?

"Chain" is primarily a noun but can serve as an adjective in compound terms.
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