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Instable vs. Unstable: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on June 25, 2024
"Instable" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "unstable", meaning not steady or firmly fixed.

Which is correct: Instable or Unstable

How to spell Unstable?

Instable is Incorrect

Unstable is Correct


Key Differences

Think of "unstable" as used in common phrases like "unstable condition" to reinforce the correct spelling.
Associate "un-" with negation, as in "unhappy" or "unlucky," to remember "unstable" means not stable.
Practice writing "stable" and then adding "un-" in front to get "unstable."
Remember that "in-" is less commonly used as a negation prefix than "un-."
Recall that "stable" is the base word, and "un-" is a common prefix to indicate the opposite.

Correct usage of Unstable

The chemical compound is instable and could react at any time.
The chemical compound is unstable and could react at any time.
The table is instable and wobbles if you put weight on it.
The table is unstable and wobbles if you put weight on it.
She felt instable on her feet after the long journey.
She felt unstable on her feet after the long journey.
The government's instable policies have led to economic uncertainty.
The government's unstable policies have led to economic uncertainty.
His mood is very instable; it changes rapidly.
His mood is very unstable; it changes rapidly.

Unstable Definitions

Lacking stability, prone to change or unpredictable behavior.
The chemical compound was unstable.
Characterized by erratic changes or lack of consistency.
His mood was unstable.
Susceptible to emotional or mental disturbances.
She was in an unstable state of mind.
Not secure in position, easily disturbed.
The government was unstable.
Not steady and liable to fall or collapse.
The ladder felt unstable.
Tending strongly to change
Unstable weather.
Not constant; fluctuating
Unstable vital signs.

Unstable Sentences

The economy is unstable, making it hard to predict future trends.
The experiment used a compound known to be highly unstable.
Due to the earthquake, many buildings are now considered unstable.
After the accident, he was on unstable ground, unsure of his next steps.
The weather is too unstable to plan a picnic.
The political situation in the country is unstable and volatile.
The bridge is unstable and might collapse if more weight is added.
The ladder looked unstable, so he decided not to climb it.
The company's finances are unstable, leading to layoffs.
His mental health was unstable, requiring professional help.
Her emotions were unstable, swinging from joy to sadness in minutes.
Their relationship became unstable after the argument.
They found the cliff to be unstable and dangerous for climbers.
The ground around the volcano is unstable due to seismic activity.
His grasp on reality seemed unstable at times.
The terrain was unstable, filled with loose rocks and slippery slopes.
The support for the plan was unstable, with opinions changing daily.
Her health has been unstable since the diagnosis.
The mixture became unstable and exploded in the lab.
Unstable internet connections can be frustrating during online classes.
The ice on the lake is unstable and not safe to walk on.
The market is too unstable for small investors.
She has an unstable knee due to her old sports injury.
The regime was unstable, leading to frequent changes in leadership.

Unstable Idioms & Phrases

Navigating an unstable path

Making one's way through a difficult or uncertain situation.
Starting a new business now means navigating an unstable path.

On unstable ground

In a situation that is insecure or uncertain.
After the scandal, the CEO was on unstable ground with the board.

An unstable foundation

A weak or insecure base for a plan, argument, or physical structure.
Their argument was built on an unstable foundation, making it easy to dismantle.

Weathering unstable times

Enduring periods of uncertainty or difficulty.
The company is weathering unstable times but remains hopeful.

An unstable peace

A peace agreement or period that could easily be broken.
The treaty brought an unstable peace to the region.

Unstable at the helm

Being in a leadership position but lacking steadiness or reliability.
With someone so unstable at the helm, the project was doomed from the start.


Which vowel is used before unstable?

The vowel "a" is used in the root word "stable" before the suffix "ble."

What is the singular form of unstable?

Unstable itself is the singular form when used as an adjective.

Is unstable an abstract noun?

No, "unstable" is an adjective, not a noun.

Why is it called unstable?

It's called unstable because it describes something that is not stable or secure.

What is the verb form of unstable?

Unstable is an adjective, so it doesn't have a verb form. The related verb would be "destabilize."

What is the root word of unstable?

The root word is "stable."

What is the plural form of unstable?

As an adjective, "unstable" does not have a plural form.

What is the pronunciation of unstable?

Unstable is pronounced as /ʌnˈsteɪbəl/.

Which preposition is used with unstable?

Prepositions like "in" or "on" can be used, as in "unstable in his convictions" or "unstable on her feet."

Which conjunction is used with unstable?

Conjunctions like "and" can be used, as in "unstable and dangerous."

Which article is used with unstable?

The articles "a" or "the" can be used depending on the context, e.g., "an unstable structure" or "the unstable economy."

Is unstable an adverb?

No, "unstable" is not an adverb.

Is unstable a negative or positive word?

"Unstable" is generally considered a negative word as it indicates lack of stability.

Is the unstable term a metaphor?

"Unstable" can be used metaphorically to describe situations, relationships, etc., that are not steady or secure.

How do we divide unstable into syllables?

"Unstable" is divided as un-sta-ble.

What is the second form of unstable?

"Unstable" does not have a second form; it remains unchanged as an adjective.

What is the third form of unstable?

There is no third form for "unstable" as it is an adjective.

Is unstable a countable noun?

"Unstable" is not a noun; it's an adjective.

Is unstable a collective noun?

No, "unstable" is not a collective noun.

Is the word unstable imperative?

"Unstable" is not typically used in an imperative form since it's an adjective.

How many syllables are in unstable?

There are three syllables in "unstable."

What is a stressed syllable in unstable?

The stressed syllable in "unstable" is "sta."

What is another term for unstable?

Another term for "unstable" could be "insecure" or "volatile."

What is the first form of unstable?

As an adjective, "unstable" does not have a "first form" like a verb does.

Is unstable a noun or adjective?

Unstable is an adjective.

Is unstable a vowel or consonant?

"Unstable" is a word composed of both vowels and consonants.

What part of speech is unstable?

"Unstable" is an adjective.

What is the opposite of unstable?

The opposite could be "stable" or "steady."

Which determiner is used with unstable?

Determiners like "this" or "that" can be used with "unstable" depending on the context.

How is unstable used in a sentence?

"The economy has been quite unstable in recent months."
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