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Issueing vs. Issuing: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 14, 2024
Issueing is an incorrect spelling, the correct spelling is issuing, which refers to the act of distributing or sending out.

Which is correct: Issueing or Issuing

How to spell Issuing?

Issueing is Incorrect

Issuing is Correct


Key Differences

Issuing sounds like "is-suing", not "issue-ing".
Remember that issuing has double 's' and only one 'e'.
Follow the verb pattern: drop the 'e' in "issue" and add 'ing'.
“If you're choosing or perusing, remember issuing is not confusing; double 's' and one 'e' is amusing.”
Imagine issuing tickets; each 's' represents a ticket, with only one 'e' in the queue.

Correct usage of Issuing

They had trouble issueing the tickets on time.
They had trouble issuing the tickets on time.
We are issueing warnings about the severe weather conditions.
We are issuing warnings about the severe weather conditions.
The mayor is issueing a statement about the new policy.
The mayor is issuing a statement about the new policy.
The company is issueing a recall for the defective product.
The company is issuing a recall for the defective product.
The library is issueing new cards next week.
The library is issuing new cards next week.

Issuing Definitions

In legal terms, issuing can refer to formally sending out official documents like subpoenas or warrants.
The court is issuing a summons for the witness.
In tech, issuing might refer to generating or distributing digital items, like certificates or keys.
The software is issuing new access tokens for users.
Issuing refers to the official distribution of items or documents.
The office is issuing new ID cards next week.
In publishing, issuing means releasing publications like books, magazines, or reports.
The publisher is issuing the latest edition of the novel tomorrow.
In finance, issuing means creating and selling new securities, like stocks or bonds.
The company is issuing new shares to raise capital.
A point or matter of discussion, debate, or dispute
What legal and moral issues should we consider?.
A matter of public concern
Debated economic issues.

Issuing Sentences

The school is issuing report cards to students this Friday.
The bank is issuing a new series of credit cards with enhanced security features.
Local authorities are issuing a ban on outdoor burning due to the dry conditions.
The embassy is issuing visas to applicants who meet all the requirements.
The government is issuing new guidelines for public health.
The department is issuing a warning about the increased risk of forest fires.
The police are issuing reminders to lock your doors to prevent theft.
The airline is issuing refunds to passengers affected by the cancellations.
The software company is issuing an update to fix the bug in the program.
The office is issuing parking permits to residents of the area.
The organization is issuing certificates to participants who complete the course.
The museum is issuing tickets online to manage visitor numbers.
The manufacturer is issuing a warranty for all its new products.
The registrar is issuing diplomas to the graduating students.
The finance ministry is issuing bonds to fund infrastructure projects.
The library is issuing reminders for overdue books.
The publisher is issuing a new edition of the classic novel.
The lottery commission is issuing licenses to authorized retailers.
The water company is issuing advisories to boil water after the contamination scare.
The weather service is issuing alerts for the upcoming storm.
The council is issuing plans for the new community center.
The health department is issuing guidelines for eating establishments.
The technology firm is issuing a recall for the faulty device.
The park service is issuing permits for camping in the national park.
The city is issuing notices about the upcoming road closures.

Issuing Idioms & Phrases

Issuing an invitation

Formally inviting someone or some group to an event or activity.
The mayor is issuing an invitation to all residents for the town hall meeting.

Issuing a statement

Releasing a formal communication to the public.
The company is issuing a statement to address the rumors.

Issuing a warning

Giving notice about potential danger or consequences.
The authorities are issuing a warning about the rising river levels.

Issuing a license

Granting official permission to do something, typically through a formal document.
The city is issuing a license for the new restaurant to operate.

Issuing a refund

Returning money to someone, typically because of an unsatisfactory product or service.
The store is issuing a refund for the returned merchandise.

Issuing a ticket

Giving out a formal notice of violation, such as for parking or speeding.
The officer is issuing a ticket for speeding in a school zone.

Issuing a challenge

Presenting a task or problem to be solved, often as a test of ability.
The team leader is issuing a challenge to boost productivity.

Issuing a mandate

Officially requiring something to be done or adhered to.
The government is issuing a mandate for all citizens to wear masks in public spaces.

Issuing an apology

Expressing regret or remorse publicly for an action or statement.
The celebrity is issuing an apology for the offensive tweet.

Issuing a decree

Officially ordering something, often by someone in power.
The king is issuing a decree that the festival be held annually.

Issuing instructions

Providing detailed directions or orders on how to do something.
The coach is issuing instructions for the new training regimen.

Issuing a report

Publishing a detailed account or findings of an investigation or study.
The committee is issuing a report on the impacts of climate change.

Issuing a recall

Requesting the return of a product due to safety concerns or defects.
The car manufacturer is issuing a recall for models with faulty brakes.

Issuing a correction

Making a public clarification or rectification of a previously stated error.
The newspaper is issuing a correction for the misreported facts in yesterday's article.

Issuing an ultimatum

Presenting a final set of terms or conditions for an agreement, often with consequences for non-compliance.
The negotiator is issuing an ultimatum to resolve the standoff.

Issuing shares

Releasing new shares of stock to the public or specific investors.
The company is issuing shares to raise capital for expansion.

Issuing a passport

Providing an official document that certifies the identity and nationality of the holder for international travel.
The consulate is issuing a passport to the applicant after thorough verification.

Issuing a ban

Officially prohibiting something, usually by law or regulation.
The city is issuing a ban on plastic bags to reduce waste.

Issuing an order

Formally directing that something be done or how it should be done.
The court is issuing an order for the evidence to be presented.

Issuing a press release

Distributing a written statement to the media to announce something newsworthy.
The startup is issuing a press release about its innovative new product.


Which vowel is used before issuing?

The vowel 'a' is typically used before issuing, as in "a issuing authority."

Why is it called issuing?

It's called issuing from the root "issue," meaning to flow out or distribute.

What is the verb form of issuing?

Issuing is the present participle form of the verb issue.

What is the pronunciation of issuing?

Issuing is pronounced as /ˈɪʃuːɪŋ/.

What is the root word of issuing?

The root word is "issue."

What is the plural form of issuing?

Issuing does not have a plural form.

What is the singular form of issuing?

Issuing is both singular and plural; it's not countable.

Which preposition is used with issuing?

Common prepositions include "of," "by," and "to" (as in "issuing of tickets," "issuing by the office," "issuing to individuals").

Which conjunction is used with issuing?

Common conjunctions include "and" and "or" (as in "issuing and distributing," "issuing or releasing").

Which article is used with issuing?

The definite article 'the' is used, as in "the issuing process."

Is issuing a negative or positive word?

Issuing is neutral; context determines if it's positive or negative.

Is issuing a countable noun?

Issuing is not typically used as a noun; it's a verb.

What is the opposite of issuing?

The opposite could be "receiving" or "collecting."

What is the first form of issuing?

The first form is "issue."

What is the third form of issuing?

The third form is also "issued."

Is issuing a noun or adjective?

Issuing is a verb (present participle of issue) and can be used as an adjective in certain contexts.

Is issuing a vowel or consonant?

Issuing is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

How many syllables are in issuing?

There are two syllables in issuing.

What is a stressed syllable in issuing?

The first syllable 'is' is stressed in issuing.

What part of speech is issuing?

Issuing is a verb and can be used as an adjective.

Which determiner is used with issuing?

Determiners like "the," "this," "that" can be used, as in "the issuing authority," "this issuing process."

What is the second form of issuing?

The second form is "issued."

How is issuing used in a sentence?

"The library is issuing new cards to all its members this month."

Is issuing an adverb?

No, issuing is not an adverb.

Is issuing an abstract noun?

No, issuing is a verb and can be used as an adjective, but it's not typically a noun.

Is issuing a collective noun?

No, issuing is not a collective noun.

Is the issuing term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically but is generally literal.

Is the word issuing imperative?

No, issuing is not imperative; it's a present participle.

How do we divide issuing into syllables?

Issuing is divided as is-suing.

What is another term for issuing?

Another term is "distributing" or "dispensing."
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