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Fudge vs. Brownie: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on December 23, 2023
Fudge is a soft, dense confection made from sugar, butter, and milk, while a brownie is a baked dessert blending flour, sugar, chocolate or cocoa, and eggs.

Key Differences

Fudge is a dense, creamy sweet made primarily from sugar, butter, and milk or cream, often flavored with chocolate, vanilla, or nuts. Brownies, in contrast, are baked desserts made from flour, sugar, eggs, and chocolate or cocoa, with a distinctively cake-like or chewy texture.
The texture of fudge is smooth and soft, often melting in the mouth. It is typically cut into small squares and can be very rich and sweet. Brownies, on the other hand, have a crumbly, moist texture, and are often enjoyed as slices, sometimes with a crusty top and fudgy or cakey interior.
Fudge is made through a process of heating and mixing sugar, butter, and milk, then cooling the mixture to set into a dense consistency. It can be made with or without chocolate. Brownies are created by mixing flour, sugar, eggs, and chocolate or cocoa, then baking the mixture, resulting in a soft, chewy dessert.
Variations of fudge may include the addition of nuts, fruits, or flavors like peppermint or peanut butter. It is typically served as a candy. Brownies can be varied with additions like nuts, frosting, cream cheese, or chocolate chips and are often considered a type of cake.
In terms of origin, fudge is an American invention from the late 19th century, known for its rich sweetness. Brownies also originated in the United States, with the first known recipe appearing in the early 20th century, becoming a popular baked treat.

Comparison Chart


Sugar, butter, milk or cream
Flour, sugar, eggs, chocolate or cocoa


Dense, smooth, and soft
Moist, chewy, sometimes with a crusty top


Heated and cooled


Nuts, fruits, different flavors
Nuts, frosting, chocolate chips

Typical Serving

Cut into small squares, like candy
Served as slices, like cake

Fudge and Brownie Definitions


A smooth, melt-in-your-mouth candy.
He gifted her a box of homemade fudge.


A baked chocolate dessert, moist and chewy.
She baked brownies for her friends.


A soft, dense confection made of sugar, butter, and milk.
She made chocolate fudge for the bake sale.


A square or rectangular chocolate treat.
The walnut brownies were delicious.


A creamy, rich sweet treat, often flavored with chocolate.
The vanilla fudge was a hit at the party.


A chocolate-based cake-like treat, served in slices.
For dessert, they had brownies with ice cream.


A versatile confection that can include various flavors and additions.
They tried making peanut butter fudge.


A dessert with a crusty top and fudgy interior.
Their specialty is a fudge brownie with a gooey center.


A sweet delicacy cooked to a soft-ball stage.
Making fudge requires precise temperature control.


A popular American baked good, often with added nuts or frosting.
He loves brownies with chocolate chips.


A soft rich candy made of sugar, milk, butter, and chocolate or cocoa.


Brownie A member of the Girl Scouts from six through eight years of age.


A bar of moist, usually chocolate cake, often with nuts.


What is the main ingredient in fudge?

Sugar, butter, and milk are the main ingredients in fudge.

What makes a brownie different from a cake?

Brownies are denser, with a chewy texture, unlike the fluffy texture of cakes.

Are brownies served warm or cold?

Brownies can be enjoyed both warm and cold.

Can fudge be made without chocolate?

Yes, fudge can be made in various flavors without chocolate.

Is fudge considered a type of candy?

Yes, fudge is often categorized as candy.

Is fudge a popular holiday treat?

Yes, fudge is often made and gifted during holidays.

What texture should a good brownie have?

A good brownie should be moist and chewy.

Is it difficult to make fudge?

Making fudge can be tricky due to the precise temperature control needed.

What's the difference in preparation between fudge and brownies?

Fudge is cooked and cooled, while brownies are baked.

Can fudge be flavored with fruits?

Yes, fruits like cherries or oranges can be added to fudge.

Can fudge be vegan?

Yes, vegan fudge can be made using plant-based ingredients.

Do brownies always contain chocolate?

Traditional brownies contain chocolate, but variations exist.

How is fudge typically served?

Fudge is usually cut into small squares.

How long do brownies take to bake?

Baking time for brownies varies but typically ranges from 20 to 30 minutes.

Can nuts be added to fudge?

Yes, nuts are a common addition to fudge.

How are brownies cut for serving?

Brownies are typically cut into squares or rectangles.

Can brownies be made without nuts?

Yes, nuts are optional in brownie recipes.

What variations can be made to brownies?

Brownies can include frosting, cream cheese, or different types of chocolate.

Is fudge a popular gift item?

Yes, fudge is often gifted, especially during festive seasons.

Are brownies considered a casual or formal dessert?

Brownies are versatile and can fit both casual and formal settings.
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