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Distinction vs. Honors: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on December 23, 2023
Distinction refers to a high level of achievement or excellence in a specific field, whereas honors denote recognition or awards given for outstanding performance, often in academic contexts.

Key Differences

Distinction is an accolade earned by demonstrating superior performance or achieving a high level of excellence in a particular area. Honors, in a similar vein, are accolades or titles conferred upon individuals who have shown exceptional achievement, particularly in academics.
In academics, distinction often refers to achieving high grades or marks, signifying exceptional understanding or skill. Honors, however, can include dean's list recognition, cum laude degrees, and other formal acknowledgments of academic excellence.
Distinction can also apply to professional or artistic achievements, highlighting a person's extraordinary skill or contribution. In contrast, honors are often associated with formal awards, medals, or titles granted by institutions or organizations.
Receiving a distinction typically indicates a high level of mastery or proficiency in a subject or field. Receiving honors often entails public recognition and may accompany ceremonies or special privileges.
Distinction can be seen in the quality of work or performance, transcending standard expectations. Honors, as formal recognitions, often bring prestige and can be listed as accolades in professional profiles.

Comparison Chart


High level of achievement or excellence.
Recognition or awards for outstanding performance.


Academic, professional, or artistic fields.
Primarily academic, but also in professional and civic contexts.


Mastery, proficiency, or exceptional quality.
Formal awards, titles, or public acknowledgments.


Often internal or intrinsic.
Typically involves external, formal acknowledgment.


Top percentile in class, excellence in a skill.
Dean's list, cum laude, medals, honorary titles.

Distinction and Honors Definitions


Exceptional quality or performance that sets someone or something apart.
Her research on renewable energy earned her distinction in the scientific community.


Academic recognition for high achievement.
She graduated with honors in her major, demonstrating her academic prowess.


A mark of honor or excellence.
Achieving distinction in his field, the professor was highly respected by his peers.


Awards or distinctions given as recognition for excellence.
He received military honors for his bravery in service.


Superiority in status or reputation due to achievements.
The artist’s unique style brought her distinction in the art world.


Special privileges or status granted as a mark of respect.
As valedictorian, she had the honors of giving the commencement speech.


A noteworthy difference or contrast between things.
The distinction between her early and later work is striking.


Public or formal acknowledgment of someone’s merit.
The scientist was given honors by the university for her groundbreaking research.


Recognition for outstanding achievement.
He received a distinction for his exceptional service to the community.


Courses or programs in schools designed for high-achieving students.
She enrolled in honors classes to challenge herself academically.


The act of distinguishing; differentiation
Economists making an ongoing distinction between domestic and foreign markets.


High respect, as that shown for special merit; recognition or esteem
The honor shown to a Nobel laureate.
The place of honor at the table.


The condition or fact of being dissimilar or distinct; difference
"the crucial distinction between education and indoctrination" (A. Bartlett Giamatti).


What is a distinction?

A recognition of high achievement or excellence.

Can distinction apply outside of academics?

Yes, in professional or artistic achievements.

Are honors only academic?

Primarily, but they can also be professional or civic awards.

What are honors?

Awards or acknowledgments for outstanding performance.

Are dean's list honors common?

Yes, they're a common form of academic honor.

Do honors always come from educational institutions?

Mostly, but other organizations can also grant them.

Can honors include scholarships?

Yes, scholarships can be a form of academic honor.

Does distinction always involve formal recognition?

Not necessarily; it can be intrinsic.

How is distinction recognized?

Through superior performance or mastery in a field.

What forms can honors take?

Titles, medals, formal recognition, or special privileges.

Is distinction the same as graduating top of the class?

It often implies this, but can refer to other areas too.

Is distinction a subjective assessment?

It can be, depending on the criteria used.

Can one achieve distinction in a hobby or interest?

Yes, through exceptional skill or achievement.

Can honors be revoked?

In some cases, especially if criteria are no longer met.

Are honors classes more challenging?

Typically, they are designed to be more rigorous.

Do honors require maintaining a certain GPA?

In academic contexts, usually yes.

Can anyone receive honors?

Yes, if they meet the specific criteria or standards set.

What does it mean to make a distinction?

To recognize or point out a significant difference.

Can distinction lead to career advancement?

Yes, it can enhance one's professional reputation.

Is a distinction always an official award?

Not always; it can be an informal recognition of excellence.
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