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Frost Dutch Bros vs. Freeze Dutch Bros: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on April 7, 2024
Frost Dutch Bros are blended ice coffee drinks, while Freeze Dutch Bros are frozen, creamy coffee-based beverages.

Key Differences

Frost Dutch Bros are typically blended ice drinks with a coffee base. Freeze Dutch Bros, on the other hand, are more like traditional frozen coffees, creamy and thick.
The Frost offers a lighter, icy texture, similar to a slushie. The Freeze is creamier and thicker, akin to a milkshake.
Frosts come in various flavors, often fruity or sweet. Freezes are more focused on rich, creamy coffee flavors.
Frost Dutch Bros cater to those who prefer a refreshing, lighter drink. Freeze Dutch Bros are ideal for those who enjoy a creamy, indulgent coffee treat.
Frost drinks are blended with ice for a slush-like consistency. Freezes are blended to achieve a smooth, thick texture.

Comparison Chart

Base Ingredient

Coffee and ice
Creamy coffee blend


Icy, slush-like
Creamy, milkshake-like

Flavor Variety

Broad, including fruity options
Primarily coffee-focused

Drink Style

Light and refreshing
Rich and indulgent

Ideal For

Quick, cool refreshment
Dessert-like coffee experience

Frost Dutch Bros and Freeze Dutch Bros Definitions

Frost Dutch Bros

Variety of Flavors.
They have many Frost Dutch Bros flavors, like mango.

Freeze Dutch Bros

Frozen Coffee Treat.
I love the creamy texture of Freeze Dutch Bros.

Frost Dutch Bros

Refreshing Beverage.
The Frost Dutch Bros was refreshingly sweet.

Freeze Dutch Bros

Creamy Coffee Beverage.
The Freeze Dutch Bros is like a coffee milkshake.

Frost Dutch Bros

Coffee Slushie.
It's like a coffee slushie, that Frost Dutch Bros.

Freeze Dutch Bros

Rich Flavor.
Their Freeze Dutch Bros comes in rich coffee flavors.

Frost Dutch Bros

Blended Ice Coffee.
I ordered a Frost Dutch Bros on a hot day.

Freeze Dutch Bros

Indulgent Drink.
For a dessert drink, I pick Freeze Dutch Bros.

Frost Dutch Bros

Icy Drink.
The Frost Dutch Bros is perfect for cooling down.

Freeze Dutch Bros

Thick Coffee Blend.
The thickness of Freeze Dutch Bros is satisfying.


What is a Freeze Dutch Bros?

A frozen, creamy coffee-based beverage.

What is a Frost Dutch Bros?

A blended ice coffee drink available in various flavors.

Are Frost Dutch Bros drinks caffeinated?

Yes, they typically contain coffee as a base.

What makes Freeze Dutch Bros creamy?

They are blended with creamy ingredients, giving them a milkshake-like texture.

What are popular Frost Dutch Bros flavors?

Popular flavors include fruity and sweet options.

Is there caffeine in Freeze Dutch Bros?

Yes, Freeze drinks are coffee-based and contain caffeine.

Can I get a Frost Dutch Bros without coffee?

Some Frost flavors may be available without coffee.

How many calories are in a Freeze Dutch Bros?

Calorie content varies depending on the size and ingredients.

Which has more caffeine, Frost or Freeze Dutch Bros?

Generally, both contain similar caffeine levels, but it depends on the size and coffee used.

Which is sweeter, Frost or Freeze Dutch Bros?

It varies by flavor, but Freeze tends to be richer and creamier.

Can I customize my Frost Dutch Bros drink?

Yes, you can usually customize flavors and add-ons.

Can I get toppings on my Freeze Dutch Bros?

Yes, toppings like whipped cream are common.

Are Freeze Dutch Bros drinks customizable in terms of sweetness?

Yes, you can usually request adjustments to the sweetness level.

Are Freeze Dutch Bros drinks good for a hot day?

Yes, they're frozen and perfect for cooling down.

Is Frost Dutch Bros considered a dessert drink?

It can be, especially with sweeter flavors.

Can I get a dairy-free Frost Dutch Bros?

Some locations may offer dairy-free options.

Does Freeze Dutch Bros use real coffee?

Yes, they are made with real coffee.

Is Frost Dutch Bros suitable for children?

Non-caffeinated versions can be suitable for children.

Do Freeze Dutch Bros come in different sizes?

Yes, they typically come in various size options.

Are there sugar-free options for Frost Dutch Bros?

Some locations might offer sugar-free flavors.
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