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Followers on Instagram vs. Following on Instagram: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 6, 2024
"Followers on Instagram are users who subscribe to your content, seeing your posts in their feed, while Following on Instagram refers to users you subscribe to, seeing their posts in your feed."

Key Differences

Followers on Instagram are individuals or accounts who choose to receive updates from your account. They can see your posts, stories, and updates in their personal feed. Conversely, Following on Instagram is a list of people, accounts, or businesses you choose to receive updates from, allowing their content to appear in your feed.
When someone follows you on Instagram, it increases your follower count, indicating a level of popularity or influence. In contrast, the number of accounts you are following shows your interests and interactions on the platform.
Followers on Instagram can engage with your content through likes, comments, and shares. This interaction is pivotal for account growth and engagement. On the flip side, Following on Instagram dictates the content you interact with, shaping your Instagram experience and feed.
Gaining Followers on Instagram is often a goal for users seeking to increase their reach and influence. In contrast, carefully selecting who you are Following on Instagram can curate your feed to align with your personal or professional interests.
The balance between Followers and Following on Instagram can reflect a user's social media strategy. High followers with low following often indicate influencers or public figures, while a more balanced ratio suggests personal or less commercialized use of the platform.

Comparison Chart


Users who subscribe to see your content
Users whose content you subscribe to see

Impact on Feed

Their feed includes your posts
Your feed includes their posts

Engagement Direction

They engage with your content
You engage with their content

Indicator of

Your reach and influence
Your interests and interactions

Strategic Importance

Vital for growing influence and reach
Important for curating personal feed and connections

Followers on Instagram and Following on Instagram Definitions

Followers on Instagram

Followers are potential customers for businesses using Instagram for marketing.
Our new product launch was a hit among our Followers on Instagram.

Following on Instagram

Your Following list can affect the algorithmic curation of your Instagram feed.
I noticed more travel content in my feed after Following on Instagram several travel bloggers.

Followers on Instagram

Followers on Instagram are users who subscribe to view your posts and stories.
I just reached 10,000 Followers on Instagram, and my posts are getting more engagement!

Following on Instagram

It can indicate your engagement and interaction with various communities.
Since I started Following on Instagram more cooking accounts, my feed is full of recipes!

Followers on Instagram

They are your audience on Instagram, actively engaging with your content.
My Followers on Instagram loved my latest travel vlog.

Following on Instagram

Following on Instagram refers to the accounts you choose to receive updates from.
I’m Following on Instagram several fitness influencers for daily workout tips.

Followers on Instagram

Followers can be friends, fans, or other public accounts who find your content appealing.
Several local businesses became Followers on Instagram after I featured their products.

Following on Instagram

It represents your interests, tastes, and social connections on the platform.
My Following on Instagram is a mix of friends, news sources, and art pages.

Followers on Instagram

They play a crucial role in determining your social media presence and reach.
I conduct regular giveaways to keep my Followers on Instagram engaged and growing.

Following on Instagram

For businesses, it signifies strategic connections and market trends monitoring.
Our company is Following on Instagram all major competitors to stay updated.


What does it mean to be Following on Instagram?

It means you have subscribed to other users' accounts to see their posts.

Why is who you are Following on Instagram important?

It shapes your personal feed and reflects your interests and connections.

How do Followers on Instagram affect an account?

They increase reach and engagement, influencing popularity and influence.

What are Followers on Instagram?

They are users who subscribe to your account to see your content.

Can I see who my Followers on Instagram are?

Yes, you can view a list of your followers in your profile.

How can I manage who I am Following on Instagram?

You can follow or unfollow accounts to curate your Following list.

How can I increase my Followers on Instagram?

Post engaging content, interact with others, and use relevant hashtags.

Do private accounts on Instagram have public Followers?

Followers of private accounts are only visible to the account holder.

Can I customize my Following on Instagram?

Yes, by choosing whom to follow or unfollow.

How often should I review my Following on Instagram?

Regularly, to ensure it aligns with your current interests.

Is it possible to follow someone on Instagram without them knowing?

If their account is public, yes; if private, they must approve your follow request.

Are Followers on Instagram real people?

Mostly, but some may be bots or inactive accounts.

Do Followers on Instagram see all my posts?

They potentially can, but Instagram's algorithm also plays a role.

Is Following on Instagram reciprocal?

Not necessarily, you can follow someone without them following back.

Can I hide my Followers on Instagram?

No, followers are publicly visible unless your account is private.

Does having a large Following on Instagram impact my feed?

Yes, a larger following means more diverse content in your feed.

Do more Followers on Instagram mean better engagement?

Not necessarily, as engagement depends on content quality and relevance.

Can buying Followers on Instagram help my account?

It's not recommended as it can lead to low engagement and credibility issues.

How can I find new accounts to add to my Following on Instagram?

Explore the Discover tab, use hashtags, and look at suggestions.

Does unfollowing on Instagram affect my Following list immediately?

Yes, unfollowing someone removes them from your Following list instantly.
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