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MAC 10 vs. Uzi: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 6, 2024
The MAC 10 is a compact American machine pistol, known for its use in special forces, while the Uzi is an Israeli submachine gun, famous for its robust design and widespread military use.

Key Differences

The MAC 10, developed in the U.S. in the 1960s, is a small, easily concealable machine pistol. The Uzi, originating from Israel in the 1950s, is a larger submachine gun known for its durability. Both are iconic in their design and have been used extensively in various military and security roles.
In terms of size, the MAC 10 is notably compact and designed for close-quarters combat, making it a choice for covert operations. The Uzi, while also used in close combat, is slightly larger and offers more stability. Both firearms have gained notoriety in popular culture for their distinctive appearances and uses.
The firing mechanism of the MAC 10 allows for a high rate of fire, which is beneficial in tactical scenarios. The Uzi, with its open bolt design, is known for its reliability and ease of maintenance. Each weapon reflects different approaches to design and functionality in automatic firearms.
The MAC 10's influence can be seen in its use by various special forces and law enforcement agencies. The Uzi, meanwhile, gained international fame for its use by the Israeli Defense Forces and other military units worldwide. Both have played significant roles in modern military history.
Ergonomically, the MAC 10's design focuses on compactness and ease of concealment. The Uzi, with its distinctive folding stock and grip safety, emphasizes user safety and adaptability. Both designs reflect the specific needs and contexts they were created for.

Comparison Chart

Country of Origin

United States

Size and Weight

Smaller and lighter, easily concealable
Larger, more robust

Rate of Fire

Higher rate of fire
Lower rate of fire, more control


Preferred in special forces, covert ops
Widely used in military and security forces

Design Features

Compact design, focus on concealability
Folding stock, open bolt design for reliability

MAC 10 and Uzi Definitions

MAC 10

Known for its rapid firing capability.
The MAC 10's high rate of fire is effective in close combat.


A product of Israeli military innovation.
The Uzi reflects the ingenuity of Israeli firearms design.

MAC 10

A recognizable firearm in movies and media.
The MAC 10 has appeared in numerous action films.


The Uzi is an Israeli-designed submachine gun.
The Uzi is renowned for its use in military operations.

MAC 10

The MAC 10 is a compact, automatic machine pistol.
The MAC 10's small size makes it easy to conceal.


Known for its robustness and reliability.
The Uzi's durability makes it a preferred weapon in harsh conditions.

MAC 10

Frequently used by special forces and law enforcement.
The MAC 10 was chosen for its efficiency in close-quarter scenarios.


Recognized for its distinctive look and folding stock.
The Uzi's unique design has made it an icon in the firearm world.

MAC 10

Developed in the United States for specialized operations.
The MAC 10 was a key tool in various U.S. special forces missions.


Widely used by military and security forces globally.
The Uzi has been a staple in various countries' security arsenals.


Any of various compact submachine guns having a caliber of 9 millimeters, originally designed in Israel in the 1950s.


A type of compact submachine gun, having a caliber of 9 millimeters with ammunition housed in the grip of the weapon.


A type of submachine gun that is designed and manufactured in Israel;
The Uzi is used throughout the world as a police and special forces firearm


When was the Uzi developed?

In the 1950s.

When was the MAC 10 developed?

In the 1960s.

What is an Uzi?

An Israeli submachine gun.

Is the MAC 10 concealable?

Yes, due to its compact size.

Is the Uzi used by military forces?

Yes, it's widely used in military and security roles.

What's the rate of fire of a MAC 10?

It has a high rate of fire.

Can civilians own a MAC 10?

Laws vary by country; in the U.S., heavily regulated.

What is a MAC 10?

A compact American machine pistol.

What's the rate of fire of an Uzi?

Lower than the MAC 10, with more control.

Is the MAC 10 used in movies?

Yes, it's a popular choice in action films.

Can civilians own an Uzi?

Subject to local gun laws and regulations.

What's the Uzi known for?

Its robust design and reliability.

Is the MAC 10 heavy?

No, it's lightweight and easy to handle.

Has the Uzi been used in significant conflicts?

Yes, in various military engagements worldwide.

Is the Uzi iconic in popular culture?

Yes, it's recognizable in films and media.

What's the primary use of the MAC 10?

Special operations and covert missions.

Does the MAC 10 have a safety feature?

Yes, it includes basic safety mechanisms.

Is the Uzi heavy?

Heavier than the MAC 10, but still manageable.

What's unique about the Uzi's design?

Its folding stock and grip safety.

Was the MAC 10 used in the Vietnam War?

Yes, it saw some use during the conflict.
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