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Feather vs. Quill: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on December 1, 2023
A feather is any of the soft, lightweight appendages covering a bird's body, while a quill specifically refers to a large feather, often used historically for writing.

Key Differences

Feathers are the soft, plumage structures that cover the bodies of birds, providing insulation and aiding in flight. Quills, on the other hand, are a specific type of large, strong feather typically found in the wing or tail of a bird. They were historically used as writing instruments.
The structure of a feather includes a central shaft with barbs, aiding in flight and insulation. Quills are distinguished by their hollow, sturdy shafts, which were once commonly cut and shaped for use as ink-dipping writing tools.
Feathers come in various sizes and types, including downy for warmth and flight feathers for aerodynamics. Quills are typically the larger flight feathers, valued for their strength and length, making them suitable for writing.
In terms of function, feathers play multiple roles in a bird's life, including temperature regulation, waterproofing, and mating displays. Quills, while still a part of a bird's plumage, gained significance in human culture as a primary tool for writing before the advent of modern pens.
The diversity of feathers is evident in their colors, patterns, and functions across bird species. Quills, although a subset of feathers, hold historical importance, being used in calligraphy and legal document signing for centuries.

Comparison Chart


Any soft, lightweight appendage of a bird.
A large, sturdy feather used for writing.

Location on Bird

All over the body.
Usually in the wings or tail.


Flight, insulation, waterproofing.
Historically used as a writing instrument.


Central shaft with barbs.
Hollow, sturdy shaft, ideal for ink retention.

Historical Significance

General bird anatomy and adaptation.
Widely used in writing and calligraphy.

Feather and Quill Definitions


A soft, lightweight structure growing on a bird's body.
The peacock's tail displays colorful feathers.


A flight feather adapted for use in ink-based writing and calligraphy.
Medieval scribes commonly used quills for manuscript writing.


Plumage that aids birds in flight and temperature regulation.
The eagle spread its feathers to soar higher.


A bird's feather characterized by a strong, hollow shaft.
The artist selected a quill for her detailed ink drawings.


A bird's external appendage with aesthetic and functional roles.
The parrot preened its feathers to maintain them.


A significant cultural and historical symbol of writing and communication.
In old portraits, scholars are often depicted holding a quill.


A key component in bird anatomy for insulation and display.
Penguins have dense feathers for warmth in cold climates.


A large, sturdy feather from a bird's wing or tail, used historically for writing.
The poet dipped the quill in ink to write his verses.


The outer covering of birds, varying in size, color, and shape.
Ornithologists study the feather patterns of different bird species.


A writing tool derived from the primary feathers of large birds.
Historical documents were often penned with a quill.


One of the light, flat structures growing from the skin of birds, consisting of numerous slender, closely arranged parallel barbs forming a vane on either side of a horny, tapering, partly hollow shaft.


The hollow stemlike main shaft of a feather. Also called calamus.


A feathery tuft or fringe of hair, as on the legs or tail of some dogs.


Any of the larger wing or tail feathers of a bird.


What is a feather?

A lightweight structure from a bird's body, aiding in flight and insulation.

What birds provide feathers for quills?

Often geese, swans, and turkeys.

Can any feather be used as a quill?

Typically, only large flight feathers are suitable as quills.

Are feathers used in any human-made products?

Yes, in fashion, bedding, and decorations.

Were quills used before modern pens?

Yes, they were common writing tools.

How are feathers adapted for different bird species?

They vary in size, color, and function per species.

Are all bird feathers similar?

No, they vary widely among species.

Do feathers have a role in bird's flight?

Yes, especially the flight feathers.

What is a quill?

A large, sturdy feather historically used for writing.

Are all feathers quills?

No, quills are specific types of large feathers.

Do quills still have a use today?

Mostly in calligraphy and historical reenactments.

Do feathers play a role in bird communication?

Yes, in mating displays and signaling.

Can feathers be artificially replicated?

Yes, but natural feathers have unique properties.

Can quills be made from any bird's feather?

Best made from larger birds with stronger feathers.

How are feathers maintained by birds?

Through preening and grooming.

Were quills only used for writing?

Primarily, but also in art and decoration.

How do birds grow feathers?

Through molting and regrowth cycles.

What replaced quills as writing instruments?

Fountain pens and later, ballpoint pens.

What is the cultural significance of quills?

Symbols of writing, history, and art.

How were quills prepared for writing?

Trimmed and shaped to hold ink.
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