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Cook vs. Cooker: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on December 2, 2023
Cook is a person who prepares food, while cooker is an appliance used for cooking.

Key Differences

The word cook refers to an individual who prepares and cooks food, often professionally in settings like restaurants. This term emphasizes the skill and action of preparing meals. In contrast, cooker denotes a device or appliance, such as a stove or oven, used for the process of cooking. It is a tool that aids the cook in their task.
When discussing cook, one often thinks of culinary skills and techniques, reflecting human expertise in food preparation. The cook's role involves planning, seasoning, and timing. Conversely, cooker is associated with types of kitchen equipment like pressure cookers or slow cookers, focusing on the mechanical or electronic means of cooking.
The term cook can also imply a range of expertise, from a home cook to a professional chef, highlighting the diversity in cooking skills and styles. On the other hand, cooker usually specifies the kind of appliance, like a rice cooker or gas cooker, each designed for specific cooking methods.
In cultural contexts, a cook often holds a significant social role, from family cooking traditions to professional kitchen hierarchies. The cooker, however, represents technological advancements in cooking, showcasing how tools have evolved to aid in food preparation.
Cook as a verb means to prepare food by heating, while as a noun, it denotes the person doing this action. In contrast, cooker never functions as a verb but always as a noun, specifically referring to the equipment used in the cooking process.

Comparison Chart


Human profession or activity
Kitchen appliance


Prepares and seasons food
Heats and cooks food


Different levels (home cook, chef)
Types (rice cooker, slow cooker)

Role in Cooking

Creative and skillful
Functional and practical

Usage in Language

Used as both noun and verb
Only used as a noun

Cook and Cooker Definitions


To prepare food by heating.
I love to cook spaghetti for dinner.


Equipment designed for specific cooking methods.
The rice cooker simplifies making rice.


Someone skilled in food preparation, often professionally.
The cook in that café makes the best muffins.


A tool used in the process of meal preparation.
The pressure cooker cuts down cooking time for beans.


To manipulate food ingredients to create a dish.
He cooks with such passion and creativity.


A kitchen device for heating and preparing meals.
We bought an electric cooker for our apartment.


A person who prepares meals.
The cook at the restaurant is known for her exquisite pasta dishes.


An appliance used for cooking food.
My new slow cooker makes perfect stews.


A culinary artist or kitchen worker.
The new cook at our house has improved our meal quality significantly.


A household appliance for culinary tasks.
Our gas cooker has four burners.


To prepare (food) for eating by applying heat.


One that cooks, especially a utensil or an appliance for cooking.


To prepare or treat by heating
Slowly cooked the medicinal mixture.


A person employed to operate cooking apparatuses in the commercial preparation of food and drink.


A device for heating food, a stove.


An appliance or utensil for cooking food.


A cooking apple.


A person who makes or uses illicit drugs, especially methamphetamine or cannabis.


A person who is cooked; a crazy person.


An implement for cooking.


A utensil for cooking


Are there different types of cooks?

Yes, ranging from home cooks to professional chefs.

What is a cook?

A cook is a person who prepares and cooks food.

Can cook be used as a verb?

Yes, 'to cook' means to prepare food by heating.

Is a cook always a professional?

No, a cook can be anyone who prepares food.

Is a cooker essential in a kitchen?

While not essential, a cooker can be very useful.

Can anyone be a cook?

Yes, with practice and interest in cooking.

Do cooks need special training?

Professional cooks often have culinary training, but it's not mandatory for all.

Can cooker be used as a verb?

No, cooker is only used as a noun.

Are there different types of cookers?

Yes, such as rice cookers, slow cookers, and pressure cookers.

Do all kitchens have a cooker?

Most modern kitchens have some form of cooker.

What is a cooker?

A cooker is an appliance used for cooking food.

Is cooking a hobby or profession?

It can be both, depending on the individual.

Do cooks create their own recipes?

Many cooks do create and modify recipes.

Can cooking be self-taught?

Yes, many people learn to cook through practice and self-study.

Is a chef different from a cook?

Yes, a chef typically has formal training and runs a professional kitchen.

Do cookers come in different sizes?

Yes, they range from small to large industrial sizes.

What skills do cooks need?

Skills like seasoning, timing, and food safety are important.

Can cookers be energy efficient?

Yes, many modern cookers are designed for energy efficiency.

Are all cookers electric?

No, there are gas, electric, and even solar-powered cookers.

Is using a cooker safe?

When used according to instructions, cookers are generally safe.
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