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Faber vs. Elica: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 25, 2024
Faber is a brand known for manufacturing kitchen appliances, especially range hoods. Elica is a company specializing in the design and production of kitchen hoods and air purifying solutions.

Key Differences

Faber is renowned for its range hoods and innovative air ventilation technologies, established in Italy in the 1950s. Elica also originated in Italy but focuses more broadly on air treatment products besides range hoods, like air purifiers and integrated kitchen solutions.
Faber is characterized by its blend of traditional and modern designs in kitchen appliances, emphasizing durability and functionality. In contrast, Elica is known for its aesthetically driven and avant-garde design approach, often integrating advanced technology in its products.
Both Faber and Elica have a significant global presence. However, Faber is often recognized for its strong market position in European and Asian markets, whereas Elica is notable for its widespread distribution, including a strong presence in the American market.
Faber appeals to a wide range of customers, known for providing reliable and cost-effective kitchen appliances. Elica, on the other hand, often targets a premium segment, focusing on customers who seek a combination of high-end design and innovative technology.
Both brands are committed to sustainability, but Faber often emphasizes energy-efficient products and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Elica integrates sustainable practices in its design philosophy, focusing on creating products that contribute to a healthier environment.

Comparison Chart


1955 in Italy
1970 in Italy

Product Specialization

Range hoods, kitchen ventilation
Kitchen hoods, air purifiers, design-focused solutions

Design Approach

Traditional and modern, functional
Innovative, avant-garde aesthetics

Target Market

Broad customer base, value for money
Premium segment, design-oriented consumers

Sustainability Focus

Energy efficiency, eco-friendly manufacturing
Sustainable design, environment-friendly solutions

Faber and Elica Definitions


A company known for its durable and functional kitchen appliances.
Their new kitchen was equipped with a high-quality Faber dishwasher.


An Italian brand renowned for innovative kitchen hoods and air purifiers.
The sleek Elica hood became a focal point in their modern kitchen.


An Italian brand specializing in kitchen hoods and ventilation systems.
The Faber range hood effectively removed smoke and odors from the kitchen.


A leader in environmentally sustainable kitchen appliance design.
They opted for an Elica model due to its energy-efficient features.


A brand with a focus on traditional and modern kitchen appliance designs.
The Faber cooktop blended seamlessly with their contemporary kitchen design.


A manufacturer integrating cutting-edge technology in its products.
The Elica extractor hood came equipped with smart sensor technology.


An established name in the kitchen appliance industry, valued for reliability.
Their Faber oven has been working flawlessly for over a decade.


A company noted for its avant-garde design in kitchen appliances.
The Elica induction cooktop featured a unique, futuristic design.


A manufacturer offering a wide range of kitchen ventilation solutions.
They chose a Faber exhaust fan for its superior air extraction capabilities.


A brand targeting the premium segment with high-end kitchen solutions.
Their luxurious kitchen was complemented by an advanced Elica air purifier.


How does Elica stand out in the market?

Elica stands out for its innovative, design-driven kitchen hoods and air purifying solutions.

What makes Elica products unique?

Elica’s uniqueness lies in its avant-garde design and integration of advanced technology.

What is Faber known for?

Faber is known for its range hoods, kitchen ventilation systems, and durable appliance designs.

Does Faber focus on any particular type of customer?

Faber caters to a broad customer base, offering value for money in its product range.

Are Elica’s products energy-efficient?

Yes, many of Elica’s products are designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Are Faber products widely available globally?

Yes, Faber products are available in many countries, with a strong presence in Europe and Asia.

What is the range of Elica’s product prices?

Elica’s products are generally in the higher price range, reflecting their premium quality and design.

What is the warranty period for Faber products?

The warranty period varies but Faber generally offers comprehensive coverage for its products.

Does Elica offer products outside of kitchen hoods?

Yes, Elica also offers air purifiers and integrated kitchen solutions.

Can Faber hoods be used in commercial kitchens?

Some Faber hoods are suitable for commercial use, depending on their specifications.

How does Faber support customer service?

Faber provides extensive customer service through its dealer network and online support.

How does Faber contribute to environmental sustainability?

Faber emphasizes energy-efficient appliances and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Does Elica provide international shipping?

Elica’s international shipping policies vary by region and retailer.

How does Faber ensure product durability?

Faber ensures durability through rigorous testing and quality materials.

Is Elica involved in any sustainability initiatives?

Elica is actively involved in sustainability initiatives, focusing on eco-friendly designs.

Is Elica considered a premium brand?

Yes, Elica is often seen as a premium brand, especially for customers who value design and innovation.

Can Faber products be considered budget-friendly?

Generally, Faber offers products that are considered cost-effective and provide good value.

Does Faber offer smart kitchen appliances?

Faber has incorporated smart features into some of its products, enhancing functionality.

Are Elica products user-friendly?

Elica designs its products with user-friendliness in mind, often incorporating intuitive controls and features.

Does Elica offer customized kitchen solutions?

Elica offers customization options in some of its high-end product lines.
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