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Elder vs. Alder: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on November 1, 2023
Elder refers to a person of greater age or higher rank. Alder refers to a type of tree belonging to the birch family.

Key Differences

Elder usually refers to a person of greater age, often respected for wisdom, while an alder is a type of deciduous tree.
In a community, an elder might hold a position of authority, while an alder would be part of the natural landscape.
An elder can also mean a church official or leader, while alder trees are known for their catkins and wood.
In a family, an elder could be the oldest member, whereas alder wood is often used in furniture making.
Culturally, elders are repositories of knowledge and tradition, while alders play an ecological role in their habitats.

Comparison Chart


Older person, leader
Type of tree

Community Role

Position of authority
Part of landscape

Church Context

Church official

Family Context

Oldest member


Knowledge, tradition
Furniture, landscaping

Elder and Alder Definitions


A leader or authority figure.
She became an elder in her community.


Has wood used in various products.
The guitar was made from alder wood.


A person of greater age.
The elders in the family shared stories of the past.


Grows in moist environments.
Alders thrive in the wetland area.


A senior church official.
The elder led the congregation.


A type of tree in the birch family.
The alder trees grew along the riverbank.


A relative of higher age.
My elder sister is a doctor.


Known for its catkins.
In spring, the alder displayed prominent catkins.


An older member of a group.
As the team's elder, he offered advice.


Provides habitat for wildlife.
Birds nested in the alder's branches.


Greater than another in age or seniority.


Any of various deciduous shrubs or trees of the genus Alnus, native chiefly to northern temperate regions and having alternate simple toothed leaves and woody, conelike female catkins.


(Archaic) Superior to another or others, as in rank.


The wood of any of these plants, used in carvings and for making furniture and cabinets.


An older person.


Can alder wood be used for smoking food?

Yes, its wood is popular for smoking fish.

Are alder trees evergreen?

No, alders are deciduous.

Are there female elders in communities?

Yes, elder can refer to any gender.

Do elders always have to be old?

Generally, but "elder" can also imply maturity or rank.

Can an elder be a family title?

Yes, it often refers to the oldest family member.

Do alders grow fast?

Yes, they're known for relatively fast growth.

Does elder have different meanings in cultures?

Yes, the role of an elder varies across cultures.

Do alders have any medicinal uses?

Historically, parts of the alder were used medicinally.

Can alders grow in urban areas?

Yes, they're often used in urban landscaping.

Is alder wood durable?

It's moderately durable, good for interior use.

Can "elder" be an official title?

Yes, in many religious and community contexts.

Is respect for elders universal?

While widespread, cultural attitudes vary.

Can "elder" mean a mentor?

Yes, it can imply a guiding or mentoring role.

Are elders always related by blood?

Not necessarily, it can be a community-based title.

Do elders have legal authority?

It depends on the cultural or organizational context.

Can an elder be a spiritual leader?

Often, especially in indigenous communities.

Are alders good for the environment?

Yes, they improve soil quality and provide habitat.

Are alders affected by pests?

They can be, but they're generally hardy.

Is alder wood expensive?

It's moderately priced, not overly expensive.

Can alder wood be used for flooring?

It's more commonly used for furniture and instruments.
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