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Educational Technology vs. Information Technology: What's the Difference?

By Janet White || Published on December 15, 2023
Educational technology focuses on the use of technological tools to enhance learning, while information technology involves the use of technology to manage and process information.

Key Differences

Educational technology integrates digital tools and resources into teaching and learning environments to improve educational outcomes. Information technology, however, is centered on creating, storing, securing, and exchanging electronic data and information.
In educational technology, the emphasis is on pedagogy, learning theories, and improving student engagement and understanding. While, information technology primarily focuses on the technical aspects of computing, like network management, software development, and data analytics.
Educational technology includes tools like educational software, e-learning platforms, and digital multimedia used in classrooms. Whereas, information technology encompasses broader aspects like system administration, database management, and cybersecurity in various sectors.
The goal of educational technology is to facilitate and enhance the educational process, making learning more accessible and effective. Information technology aims to optimize and secure the handling of information for businesses, governments, and other organizations.
Professionals in educational technology often work in academic settings, developing and implementing technology-enhanced learning strategies. Information technology professionals work in various industries, focusing on IT infrastructure, software solutions, and information security.

Comparison Chart

Primary Focus

Enhancing learning with technology
Managing and processing information using technology

Key Applications

E-learning platforms, educational software
Network management, software development


Improve educational outcomes
Optimize and secure information handling

Work Environment

Academic settings, schools, universities
Various industries, including business and government

Relevant Skills

Pedagogy, instructional design
Technical computing skills, data analytics

Educational Technology and Information Technology Definitions

Educational Technology

Technology that supports educational theory and practice.
Adaptive learning software is an example of educational technology tailored to individual student needs.

Information Technology

The study or use of systems for storing, analyzing, and sending information.
Implementing an enterprise resource planning system is a complex information technology project.

Educational Technology

Tools and resources that facilitate learning and teaching.
Educational apps on tablets are widely used in technology-enhanced classrooms.

Information Technology

The infrastructure and components that enable modern computing.
The development of mobile applications is a part of information technology.

Educational Technology

Integration of digital tools into education.
Online learning platforms are a key aspect of educational technology.

Information Technology

Management of information through computer-based tools.
Database management systems are a crucial part of information technology.

Educational Technology

The use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.
Interactive whiteboards are a popular form of educational technology in modern classrooms.

Information Technology

The use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data.
Cloud computing is a significant advancement in information technology.

Educational Technology

Application of technology in educational settings.
Educational technology includes the use of virtual reality for immersive learning experiences.

Information Technology

Technology involved in the creation and maintenance of computer systems.
Information technology professionals often work in network security.


What is the main goal of educational technology?

To use technology to enhance and facilitate learning and teaching processes.

What does information technology primarily focus on?

It focuses on managing, processing, and securing electronic data and information.

Can educational technology include online learning?

Yes, online learning platforms are a significant part of educational technology.

How does educational technology impact students?

It improves engagement, understanding, and accessibility in learning.

How does educational technology benefit teachers?

It provides teachers with tools to enhance instruction and engage students more effectively.

What skills are important in information technology?

Skills like technical computing, network management, and data analytics are crucial.

Is virtual reality considered educational technology?

Yes, when used for educational purposes, virtual reality is a form of educational technology.

What is a common role in information technology?

Common roles include network management, software development, and data security.

Are MOOCs part of educational technology?

Yes, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are an aspect of educational technology.

Can educational technology be used for remote learning?

Yes, it's widely used for remote and distance learning.

How do instructional designers relate to educational technology?

They design educational content and experiences using technology tools.

What is a key trend in information technology?

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence are key trends.

Are smartboards a type of educational technology?

Yes, smartboards are a popular educational technology tool in classrooms.

Is cybersecurity a part of information technology?

Yes, cybersecurity is a key component of information technology.

What role does data play in information technology?

Data management and analysis are central to information technology.

Do information technology professionals work in specific industries?

They work across various industries, wherever technology management is needed.

How important is network security in information technology?

It's critically important for protecting data and systems.

Are programming skills required in information technology?

Yes, programming skills are often required, especially for software development roles.

Can educational technology include traditional teaching methods?

It primarily focuses on integrating digital tools and methods.

What is the future scope of information technology?

It's constantly evolving, with growing importance in all sectors.
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