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DVD-R vs. DVD-RW: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on December 12, 2023
DVD-R is a write-once format for storing data, while DVD-RW is a rewritable format allowing data to be erased and rewritten multiple times.

Key Differences

DVD-R allows data to be written only once; after burning, the data is permanent. On the other hand.,DVD-RW offers the flexibility to write and rewrite data multiple times.
DVD-R is ideal for storing data that doesn’t require changes, like archiving files. Whereas, DVD-RW is suited for data that needs updating, such as backups or temporary file storage.
Data on a DVD-R is more secure from accidental erasure, making it reliable for long-term storage. DVD-RW, while versatile, is more prone to data loss due to its rewritable nature.
DVD-R is typically cheaper and more widely available due to its simplicity and popularity. However, DVD-RW tends to be more expensive due to its advanced technology and rewritable capability.

Comparison Chart

Write Capability

Write once, cannot be erased
Can be written and erased multiple times

Primary Use

Permanent storage of data
Temporary storage, backups

Data Security

Higher, as data cannot be overwritten
Lower, as data can be rewritten


Good for long-term storage
Suitable for frequent updates


Generally cheaper
More expensive due to rewritability

DVD-R and DVD-RW Definitions


DVD-R is a disc that can be written once and the data is permanent.
I burned the wedding photos onto a DVD-R for safekeeping.


Allows for editing and updating the contents.
He updated the presentation on the DVD-RW before the meeting.


Provides a secure way to store data as it cannot be overwritten.
Sensitive information was stored on a DVD-R for security.


Ideal for temporary or changing data storage.
She used a DVD-RW for storing her video edits.


It is used as a storage medium for data, audio, and video.
He used a DVD-R to back up his computer files.


DVD-RW is a disc that can be written and erased multiple times.
I used a DVD-RW to continuously update my project files.


Ideal for archival purposes due to its permanence.
The company archives its records on DVD-R.


Suitable for dynamic data storage needs.
For weekly backups, a DVD-RW is more practical.


Widely compatible with most DVD players and drives.
The DVD-R worked in every DVD player we tried.


More cost-effective for frequent rewriting.
Using a DVD-RW is economical for his daily data transfers.


How many times can I rewrite a DVD-RW?

A DVD-RW can typically be rewritten up to 1,000 times.

Is DVD-R suitable for making backups?

Yes, it’s suitable for one-time backups or archival storage.

What does DVD-R stand for?

DVD-R stands for Digital Versatile Disc-Recordable.

What does DVD-RW stand for?

DVD-RW stands for Digital Versatile Disc-Rewritable.

Can I erase data on a DVD-R?

No, once data is written on a DVD-R, it cannot be erased.

What’s the storage capacity of a DVD-RW?

Like DVD-R, a DVD-RW typically has a capacity of 4.7 GB.

Are DVD-R discs more expensive than DVD-RW?

Generally, DVD-R is cheaper than DVD-RW.

How do I identify a DVD-RW disc?

DVD-RW discs are labeled as ‘DVD-RW’ and can be rewritten.

Can I record audio on DVD-R and DVD-RW?

Yes, both formats can store audio files.

Is special software needed to burn data on DVD-RW?

Standard DVD burning software can usually write to DVD-RW.

Do DVD-R and DVD-RW have different lifespans?

Yes, DVD-R generally has a longer lifespan due to its write-once nature.

Can I print labels directly onto DVD-R and DVD-RW discs?

Yes, if the discs are labeled as printable and you have a compatible printer.

Can I use DVD-RW for long-term data storage?

It’s possible, but DVD-R is more reliable for long-term storage.

What’s the storage capacity of a DVD-R?

A standard DVD-R usually holds about 4.7 GB of data.

Is the video quality different on DVD-R and DVD-RW?

The video quality is generally the same on both types of discs.

Can I convert a DVD-R to a DVD-RW?

No, DVD-R cannot be converted to DVD-RW as they are physically different.

Can DVD-RW be used in all DVD players?

Most modern DVD players support DVD-RW, but compatibility should be checked.

How do I identify a DVD-R disc?

DVD-R discs are often labeled as ‘DVD-R’ and cannot be erased.

Can DVD-R hold high-definition video?

Yes, but the storage capacity limits the length of HD video.

Are there dual-layer versions of DVD-R and DVD-RW?

Yes, dual-layer versions exist with approximately double the storage capacity.
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