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Divide vs. Apart: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on December 25, 2023
Divide refers to separate or split into parts or segments. Apart refers to be separated, at a distance, or not together.

Key Differences

'Divide' typically refers to the action of splitting or separating something into parts, whereas 'apart' describes a state or condition of being separated or distanced. Divide implies an active process, while apart indicates a resultant state.
In usage, divide often involves physically splitting objects or abstract concepts, like dividing a cake or opinions. Apart, however, emphasizes the distance or separation, like friends living apart or pieces kept apart.
Divide can also suggest division in mathematical or scientific contexts, as in dividing numbers. Apart, on the other hand, is used in spatial or relational contexts, highlighting disconnection or detachment.
In a metaphorical sense, divide can indicate creating differences or distinctions, as in dividing opinions. Apart signifies isolation or individuality, as in standing apart from the crowd.

Comparison Chart

Action vs. State

Active process of separating
State of being separated

Usage Context

Splitting objects/concepts
Emphasizing distance/separation

Mathematical/Scientific Context

Division of numbers
Not applicable

Spatial/Relational Context

Separating entities
Describing disconnection

Metaphorical Use

Creating distinctions
Signifying isolation

Divide and Apart Definitions


Split into parts.
They decided to divide the profits equally.


Excluding or not including.
Apart from the rain, it was a good day.


Separate into groups.
The teacher divided the class into teams.


In pieces.
The toy fell apart easily.


Mathematical operation.
Divide 10 by 2 to get 5.


As an aside.
Apart from that, I have no further comments.


Create a boundary.
A river divides the two towns.


Separated by distance.
They stood apart from each other.


Cause disagreement.
The issue divided public opinion.


To be distinct or different.
His ideas set him apart.


To separate into parts, sections, groups, or branches
Divided the students into four groups.


At a distance in place, position, or time
Railings spaced two feet apart.
Born three years apart.


To form a border or barrier between
A mountain chain divides France and Spain.


What does divide mean?

To split or separate into parts.

Can divide be used in math?

Yes, as a mathematical operation of division.

Does divide imply physical separation?

Often, but it can also be abstract.

Can apart imply uniqueness?

Yes, as in being distinct or separate.

Can divide apply to opinions?

Yes, as in dividing people's views.

What does apart mean?

Being separated or at a distance.

Can apart refer to feelings?

Yes, like feeling emotionally apart.

Is apart used spatially?

Yes, to describe physical or emotional distance.

Can apart describe a condition of things?

Yes, like something falling apart.

Is divide used metaphorically?

Yes, it can indicate creating distinctions or disagreement.

Does apart have a metaphorical use?

Yes, in expressing distinction or exclusion.

Is divide always intentional?

Not necessarily, it can be natural or accidental.

Does divide have a positive connotation?

It can be neutral, positive, or negative.

Is apart used in idioms?

Yes, like "worlds apart."

Can divide be a noun?

Yes, referring to a division or boundary.

Can divide refer to social issues?

Yes, like dividing communities.

Does divide imply a clear separation?

Typically, but the extent can vary.

Can apart mean 'aside from'?

Yes, as in "apart from that..."

Is apart a preposition?

Yes, it can function as one.

Does apart have a singular focus?

Often, it highlights individuality or separation.
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