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Digital Camera vs. SLR Camera: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 27, 2024
Digital camera captures images electronically. SLR camera uses a mirror and prism system for through-the-lens viewing.

Key Differences

A digital camera stores images digitally, allowing for immediate viewing and easy transfer to computers. Conversely, an SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera, traditionally film-based, is distinguished by its optical viewfinder, where light is directed from the lens to an eyepiece using a mirror.
Digital cameras often include features like auto-focus and various shooting modes, making them user-friendly for general photography. In contrast, SLR cameras offer more manual control, allowing photographers to adjust settings like aperture and shutter speed, crucial for professional or creative photography.
Many digital cameras are compact and portable, SLR cameras are typically bulkier due to their internal mirror mechanism. This size difference affects the handling and usage; digital cameras are convenient for casual use, whereas SLRs cater more to professional needs.
Digital cameras usually have an electronic viewfinder or an LCD screen for composing shots, which can be advantageous in bright light conditions. SLR cameras, however, provide a more true-to-life image through the lens, beneficial for precise framing and focus.
Digital cameras often feature integrated editing and effects, enhancing usability for casual photographers. SLR cameras, being more traditional, lack these digital enhancements but offer superior image quality and versatility for professional work.

Comparison Chart

Image Storage

Stores images digitally.
Traditionally uses film.

Viewfinder Type

Electronic or LCD screen.
Optical, using a mirror system.

Size & Portability

Compact and portable.
Bulkier due to mirror mechanism.


Often includes auto modes and features.
Offers manual control for professional use.

Image Quality

Suitable for general use.
Higher quality, preferred by professionals.

Digital Camera and SLR Camera Definitions

Digital Camera

Digital cameras often have an LCD for viewing and editing.
He reviewed the shot on his digital camera's screen.

SLR Camera

An SLR camera uses a mirror system for viewing through the lens.
The photographer adjusted the focus on her SLR camera.

Digital Camera

These cameras allow easy transfer of images to computers or the internet.
She transferred her holiday pictures from her digital camera to her laptop.

SLR Camera

They are often preferred by professionals for their image quality.
The studio photographer relied on her SLR camera for crisp images.

Digital Camera

A digital camera captures and stores images in digital format.
She uploaded photos from her digital camera to her blog.

SLR Camera

It typically allows for interchangeable lenses.
He switched to a wide-angle lens on his SLR camera for the landscape shot.

Digital Camera

Digital cameras can range from simple point-and-shoots to advanced DSLRs.
His digital camera was a high-end model with many features.

SLR Camera

SLR cameras provide manual control over exposure settings.
She set a long exposure on her SLR camera for the night sky.

Digital Camera

It's an electronic device that uses a sensor to record images.
The digital camera's sensor was very sensitive to low light.

SLR Camera

Traditional SLR cameras use film, but digital versions exist.
His vintage SLR camera still used film, unlike modern digital ones.


What is a digital camera?

A device that captures and stores images electronically.

How does an SLR camera work?

It uses a mirror and prism system for through-the-lens viewing.

Can digital cameras shoot video?

Yes, most modern digital cameras can record video.

Are digital cameras good for beginners?

Yes, their ease of use makes them ideal for beginners.

Are SLR cameras more expensive than digital ones?

They can be, especially models catering to professionals.

What's the difference between DSLR and SLR cameras?

DSLRs are digital versions of SLRs, using sensors instead of film.

Can I print photos directly from a digital camera?

Some models offer this feature, often via a connected printer.

Do digital cameras need film?

No, they store images on memory cards or internal storage.

Do SLR cameras have better image quality than digital cameras?

Generally, SLRs offer superior image quality, especially for professional use.

Can digital cameras use different lenses?

Some, especially DSLRs, allow interchangeable lenses.

Do digital cameras perform well in low light?

This varies, but advanced models often have good low-light performance.

Is it hard to learn to use an SLR camera?

It can be more challenging than a point-and-shoot digital camera.

Why do photographers prefer SLR cameras?

For their precision, control, and high-quality images.

What maintenance does an SLR camera require?

Regular cleaning and proper storage are essential.

Do digital cameras offer manual settings?

Advanced models, like DSLRs, offer manual settings.

Can I change the film speed in an SLR camera?

Yes, by using different ISO films or settings in digital SLRs.

Are SLR cameras good for video?

While some can shoot video, they're primarily designed for stills.

How long do digital cameras last?

They can last many years with proper care and usage.

What does 'SLR' stand for?

Single Lens Reflex.

Do digital cameras have zoom?

Yes, most have either optical or digital zoom capabilities.
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