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Dell Latitude 5400 vs. Dell Latitude 7400: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 5, 2024
The Dell Latitude 5400 is a reliable business laptop with essential features, while the 7400 offers premium features and design in a more compact and lightweight form.

Key Differences

The Dell Latitude 5400 offers solid performance suitable for standard business needs. The Latitude 7400, in comparison, provides enhanced performance and efficiency, catering to more demanding business applications.
The 5400 model features a sturdy, functional design, focusing on durability and practicality. The 7400 boasts a sleeker, more premium design, with a focus on portability and aesthetic appeal.
Latitude 5400 provides adequate display quality suitable for everyday business tasks. The Latitude 7400 steps up with a higher-quality display, offering better color accuracy and viewing angles, suitable for more graphics-intensive work.
The 5400 has a respectable battery life, but the 7400 excels with a longer battery life and more efficient power management, making it ideal for extended mobile use.
The Latitude 5400 is targeted towards businesses seeking reliable performance at a more budget-friendly price. The Latitude 7400, being a premium model, is priced higher, appealing to professionals seeking top-tier features and design.

Comparison Chart

Performance Level

Standard business performance
Enhanced, high-end business performance

Design and Build

Durable and practical
Sleek, premium, and lightweight

Display Quality

Adequate for everyday tasks
Superior, suited for graphics-intensive tasks

Battery Life

Long-lasting and efficient

Price and Audience

Budget-friendly, for general business needs
Premium, for professionals seeking top-tier features

Dell Latitude 5400 and Dell Latitude 7400 Definitions

Dell Latitude 5400

A laptop designed for business users.
The Dell Latitude 5400 met all her business needs.

Dell Latitude 7400

Suitable for intensive applications.
The Latitude 7400 ran her design software flawlessly.

Dell Latitude 5400

Offers reliable performance for everyday tasks.
The Latitude 5400 handled all his office applications smoothly.

Dell Latitude 7400

Ideal for extended use without charging.
His Latitude 7400 lasted all day on a single charge.

Dell Latitude 5400

Practical and user-friendly design.
She appreciated the functional design of her Latitude 5400.

Dell Latitude 7400

Easy to carry around.
She loved her Latitude 7400 for its portability.

Dell Latitude 5400

A cost-effective option for businesses.
They chose the Latitude 5400 for its affordability.

Dell Latitude 7400

Offers a high-quality visual experience.
The display of the Latitude 7400 made her presentations look great.

Dell Latitude 5400

Known for its sturdy build.
His Dell Latitude 5400 survived a minor fall unscathed.

Dell Latitude 7400

A high-end laptop for business professionals.
His Dell Latitude 7400 was perfect for his demanding job.


Does the Dell Latitude 7400 have a better processor than the 5400?

Yes, the 7400 often features more advanced processors for enhanced performance.

What operating system comes pre-installed on the Latitude 5400?

It typically comes with Windows 10 Pro or a similar version.

Are there any notable security features in the Latitude 7400?

The 7400 often includes advanced security features like fingerprint readers and smart card readers.

Can the RAM in the Latitude 5400 be upgraded?

Yes, it has upgradeable RAM options.

What type of processor does the Dell Latitude 5400 use?

It typically uses Intel Core processors suitable for standard business tasks.

What are the storage options for the Latitude 7400?

The 7400 offers various SSD storage options, including high-capacity drives.

Is the Dell Latitude 5400 suitable for video conferencing?

Yes, it has adequate capabilities for video conferencing.

Does the Dell Latitude 7400 offer better screen resolution than the 5400?

Generally, the 7400 has higher screen resolution options.

How does the battery life of the Latitude 5400 compare to other laptops in its class?

Its battery life is competitive within its class, suitable for a full day's work.

Is the Dell Latitude 5400 heavy or bulky?

It is relatively lightweight and portable for its class.

Are there customization options available for the Latitude 7400?

Yes, Dell offers various customization options for the 7400 model.

How durable is the Dell Latitude 5400 for daily use?

The 5400 is designed for durability and can withstand the rigors of daily business use.

Does the Dell Latitude 7400 come with a touchscreen option?

Yes, there are configurations of the 7400 that include a touchscreen.

What kind of graphics card can be found in the Latitude 7400?

It usually comes with integrated Intel graphics, suitable for business applications.

What is the price range of the Dell Latitude 5400?

It is generally priced as a mid-range business laptop.

Does the Dell Latitude 5400 have good connectivity options?

Yes, it includes various ports and wireless connectivity options.

Is the Dell Latitude 7400 environmentally friendly?

Dell focuses on sustainability, and the 7400 includes various eco-friendly materials and features.

Is the Latitude 7400 considered a good choice for travel?

Yes, its lightweight design and long battery life make it ideal for travel.

Can the Latitude 7400 handle gaming or graphic-intensive tasks?

While not primarily designed for gaming, it can handle moderate graphic-intensive tasks.

What is the typical warranty period for the Latitude 5400?

It usually comes with a standard one-year warranty, with options to extend.
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