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DBZ vs. DBZ Kai: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 23, 2024
DBZ is the original anime series "Dragon Ball Z", while DBZ Kai is a remastered version with less filler, updated audio, and new graphics.

Key Differences

DBZ (Dragon Ball Z) and DBZ Kai are two versions of a popular anime series. DBZ, the original series, aired from 1989 to 1996 and is known for its lengthy episodes and extensive filler content. DBZ Kai, released in 2009, is a remastered version of DBZ, offering a more streamlined experience with much of the original filler content removed.
In DBZ, the pacing is slower due to the inclusion of filler episodes that were not part of the original manga. DBZ Kai provides a faster-paced narrative, sticking closer to the manga's storyline, effectively reducing the episode count from DBZ's 291 episodes to Kai's 167 episodes.
The visual and audio quality of DBZ reflects the technology of the late 80s and early 90s. DBZ Kai, however, underwent significant remastering, including updated HD visuals and re-recorded audio tracks, offering a more modern viewing experience.
DBZ remains a classic and is beloved for its originality, while DBZ Kai appeals to a new generation of viewers and purists who prefer content that aligns more closely with the manga. DBZ Kai also includes updated translations and scripts, refining the dialogue and story flow.
DBZ's impact on anime culture is monumental, establishing many conventions of the shonen genre. DBZ Kai, while maintaining the core essence of the original, streamlines the experience, making the series more accessible to a contemporary audience without altering its fundamental story.

Comparison Chart

Episode Count

291 episodes
167 episodes


Includes filler episodes
Filler content largely removed


Slower due to additional filler
Faster and more aligned with the manga

Visual and Audio

Original quality from the 80s/90s
Updated HD visuals and re-recorded audio

Audience Appeal

Classic anime fans, nostalgia
New viewers, those preferring streamlined content

DBZ and DBZ Kai Definitions


A significant influencer in the shonen anime genre.
DBZ set many of the standards for what we see in shonen anime today.


A remastered version of DBZ with enhanced quality.
DBZ Kai's HD visuals bring a new life to the series.


Features the original audio and animation style of its era.
The nostalgic feel of DBZ's original audio is unmatched.


Features re-recorded audio and updated scripts.
The improved dialogue in DBZ Kai enhances the storytelling.


Known for its extended episodes and filler content.
DBZ's filler episodes add depth to the characters' backgrounds.


Streamlined to closely follow the manga's storyline.
DBZ Kai cuts down on the filler, making the plot more concise.


An iconic anime series known for its action-packed storyline.
DBZ's fight scenes have become a staple in anime culture.


Released in 2009, appealing to a modern audience.
DBZ Kai is perfect for new fans who want a quicker introduction to the series.


Original series airing from 1989 to 1996.
I grew up watching DBZ in the 90s.


Shortened episode count for a more efficient viewing experience.
With fewer episodes, DBZ Kai is easier to binge-watch.


How many episodes are there in DBZ?

DBZ has 291 episodes.

Did DBZ Kai alter the original story of DBZ?

No, DBZ Kai stays true to the original story but removes most filler content.

What is DBZ?

DBZ is the original "Dragon Ball Z" anime series.

What is the episode count of DBZ Kai?

DBZ Kai has 167 episodes.

Which series has better visual quality, DBZ or DBZ Kai?

DBZ Kai has better visual quality due to its remastering.

Does DBZ Kai include new animation?

DBZ Kai mainly remasters existing animation but includes some new scenes.

Can I start watching DBZ Kai without seeing DBZ?

Yes, DBZ Kai can be watched independently as it covers the same story.

Is the pacing in DBZ Kai faster than in DBZ?

Yes, DBZ Kai has faster pacing due to reduced filler.

What makes DBZ Kai different from DBZ?

DBZ Kai is a remastered version of DBZ with less filler and updated quality.

Is the dialogue in DBZ Kai different from DBZ?

DBZ Kai features updated scripts and translations, leading to some differences in dialogue.

When was DBZ originally aired?

DBZ aired from 1989 to 1996.

When was DBZ Kai released?

DBZ Kai was released in 2009.

Is DBZ Kai considered canon?

Yes, DBZ Kai follows the original manga, making it canon.

Which version is more faithful to the original manga, DBZ or DBZ Kai?

DBZ Kai is more faithful to the manga due to its reduced filler and streamlined story.

Who is the intended audience for DBZ Kai?

DBZ Kai targets both new viewers and those preferring a streamlined version of DBZ.

Which series is longer in terms of runtime, DBZ or DBZ Kai?

DBZ is longer due to more episodes and filler content.

Are the filler episodes in DBZ important for the storyline?

While they add depth, they are not crucial to the main storyline.

Is the audio quality in DBZ Kai different from DBZ?

Yes, DBZ Kai features re-recorded audio for better quality.

Did the character designs change in DBZ Kai compared to DBZ?

The character designs remain largely the same, but the visual quality is enhanced in DBZ Kai.

Are there any major plot differences between DBZ and DBZ Kai?

No, the major plot points remain the same in both versions.
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