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Daily Harvest vs. Hungryroot: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 23, 2024
Daily Harvest offers plant-based, frozen meals and smoothies, focusing on health and convenience. Hungryroot is a personalized grocery service delivering healthy foods and simple recipes.

Key Differences

Daily Harvest provides a subscription-based service offering a range of frozen, plant-based meals including smoothies, soups, and bowls, emphasizing organic and health-focused ingredients. Hungryroot, on the other hand, operates more like an online personalized grocery service, delivering not only meals but also a variety of health-conscious grocery items along with recipe suggestions tailored to individual dietary preferences.
Daily Harvest caters to individuals looking for quick, nutritious meal options that require minimal preparation, appealing particularly to those with a vegan or plant-based diet. Hungryroot focuses on providing a more comprehensive food shopping experience, ideal for those seeking to balance health, flavor, and the convenience of having ingredients and recipes delivered together.
Daily Harvest allows customers to choose their preferred meal options from a preset menu, while Hungryroot offers a more personalized approach, adapting its grocery and recipe suggestions based on user profiles, dietary restrictions, and taste preferences.
Meals from Daily Harvest are typically designed to be prepared quickly by just heating or blending, offering maximum convenience. In contrast, Hungryroot provides ingredients that may require some cooking and assembly, catering to those who enjoy some level of cooking but want to minimize time spent on meal planning and grocery shopping.
Both services emphasize health and sustainability, but Daily Harvest focuses specifically on plant-based, often organic ingredients, while Hungryroot offers a broader range of healthy food options, including meat and fish, catering to various dietary needs.

Comparison Chart

Service Type

Frozen meal delivery
Personalized grocery and recipe delivery

Food Style

Plant-based, health-focused
Diverse, healthy options including meat and fish

Preparation Required

Minimal (heat or blend)
Some cooking and assembly


Select from a menu
Personalized based on user profile

Target Audience

Busy individuals, vegans, health-conscious
Varied diets, those who enjoy cooking

Daily Harvest and Hungryroot Definitions

Daily Harvest

Includes smoothies, soups, and grain bowls.
The variety in my Daily Harvest subscription keeps my meals interesting.


Provides ingredients along with simple recipe ideas.
Hungryroot makes weeknight dinners easier with its recipe suggestions.

Daily Harvest

A subscription service offering frozen, plant-based meals.
My Daily Harvest box arrived with a week's worth of smoothies.


Blends the concept of a grocery delivery with meal kit services.
Hungryroot is like having a personal grocery shopper and chef.

Daily Harvest

Offers convenient meals without compromising on nutrition.
Daily Harvest saves me time on busy mornings.


An online service delivering tailored grocery items and recipes.
Hungryroot helped me discover new healthy foods I love.

Daily Harvest

Provides health-conscious, quick-prep meals.
Daily Harvest is ideal for my vegan diet.


Offers a range of healthy foods including fresh produce, meats, and plant-based options.
Hungryroot’s selection caters to my gluten-free diet.

Daily Harvest

Uses eco-friendly packaging for its products.
I appreciate Daily Harvest's commitment to sustainability.


Adapts deliveries based on dietary preferences and feedback.
Hungryroot updated my grocery list based on my food ratings.


Is Daily Harvest suitable for people with allergies?

They offer allergen-free options, but customers should check individual meal ingredients.

Can Hungryroot accommodate specific diets like Keto or Paleo?

Yes, Hungryroot offers options for various dietary needs including Keto, Paleo, vegan, and more.

Are Daily Harvest ingredients organic?

Daily Harvest strives to use organic and sustainably sourced ingredients whenever possible.

How does Daily Harvest packaging impact the environment?

They use eco-friendly, recyclable, or compostable packaging.

Can I choose my meals with Hungryroot?

Yes, you can select your preferred items or let Hungryroot suggest based on your profile.

How much preparation is required for Daily Harvest meals?

Minimal preparation, such as heating or blending, is needed.

What types of meals does Daily Harvest offer?

Smoothies, soups, harvest bowls, flatbreads, and more, all plant-based.

How does Hungryroot personalize grocery deliveries?

By using customer profiles and feedback to tailor grocery items and recipes.

How often does Hungryroot deliver?

Deliveries are typically weekly, but you can customize the frequency.

Can I get family-sized meals from Hungryroot?

Hungryroot offers ingredients and recipes that can be scaled up for family-sized meals.

Does Hungryroot provide full meals or just ingredients?

Hungryroot delivers both ingredients and simple recipes to prepare full meals.

What kind of recipes does Hungryroot offer?

Simple, quick, and healthy recipes tailored to your dietary preferences.

Are Hungryroot ingredients pre-prepped?

Some ingredients are pre-prepped for convenience, but not all.

Does Hungryroot offer international cuisine options?

Hungryroot includes a variety of cuisines, offering diverse and culturally varied recipes.

How does Hungryroot handle food allergies?

Customers can specify allergies so Hungryroot can tailor their grocery selections accordingly.

How does Daily Harvest ensure freshness of their products?

Their meals are flash-frozen to preserve freshness and nutrients.

Is Daily Harvest cost-effective?

It can be costlier than traditional grocery shopping, but offers convenience and quality.

Can I pause or cancel my Daily Harvest subscription?

Yes, subscriptions can be paused or cancelled anytime.

Are Daily Harvest meals customizable?

While you can choose your meals, individual meal customization is limited.

What makes Daily Harvest different from other meal services?

Their focus on plant-based, frozen meals that are both healthy and convenient.
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