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Crew Cab vs. Quad Cab: What's the Difference?

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A crew cab offers larger rear doors and more rear-seat space, while a quad cab typically has smaller rear doors and less rear-seat room.

Key Differences

When navigating the world of truck configurations, understanding terms like "crew cab" and "quad cab" becomes imperative. A crew cab, as its name suggests, is designed with the crew in mind. This configuration typically boasts larger rear doors and offers generous rear-seat space, ensuring maximum comfort for all passengers. Often chosen by families or those who frequently transport passengers, crew cabs have become highly popular in the U.S.
In contrast, the quad cab design, while still offering four doors, generally has smaller rear doors that are sometimes hinged to open in the opposite direction of the front doors. The rear seating area in a quad cab is typically less spacious than that of a crew cab. This design prioritizes the bed length of the truck, offering more cargo space without elongating the entire vehicle too much. Quad cabs might be the choice for those who need occasional back-seat space but prioritize hauling capabilities.
The nomenclature for these truck configurations can sometimes be brand-specific. For instance, while "crew cab" is a fairly standardized term across manufacturers, "quad cab" is primarily associated with Dodge and RAM trucks. Other manufacturers might have their unique names for configurations similar to the quad cab.
Making a decision between a crew cab and a quad cab often boils down to individual needs. If rear passenger comfort is a high priority, the crew cab may be the better choice. However, if the truck's bed length and hauling capabilities are paramount, the quad cab might be more appropriate.

Comparison Chart

Rear Door Size

Larger rear doors
Smaller rear doors

Rear Seat Space

More rear-seat room
Less rear-seat room

Primary Use

Passenger comfort
Bed length & hauling

Door Opening

Conventional opening
Some have reverse-hinged doors


Standardized term
Mostly Dodge & RAM

Crew Cab and Quad Cab Definitions

Crew Cab

Truck layout prioritizing passenger comfort.
For long road trips, a crew cab offers optimal seating room.

Quad Cab

Truck variant with smaller rear-hinged doors.
Accessing the backseat in some quad cabs requires opening the front door first.

Crew Cab

Vehicle design offering generous space in both front and rear.
With the crew cab, everyone has enough legroom.

Quad Cab

A truck design with four doors but compact rear space.
He chose the quad cab because he rarely had backseat passengers.

Crew Cab

A truck configuration with spacious rear seating.
Many families prefer the crew cab for its comfortable passenger space.

Quad Cab

Four-door truck compromising rear seat room for cargo.
The quad cab provided just enough space for his occasional passengers.

Crew Cab

A four-door truck with large rear doors.
The crew cab design allows easy access for rear-seat passengers.

Quad Cab

Configuration seen mainly in Dodge and RAM trucks.
In the dealership, the RAM quad cab stood distinct from other models.

Crew Cab

A common truck variant maximizing interior space.
The crew cab model was more expensive due to its added space.

Quad Cab

A vehicle layout offering more bed length.
For his construction job, the quad cab's extended bed was perfect.


Do all quad cabs have reverse-hinged rear doors?

Not all, but some quad cab models feature reverse-hinged rear doors.

Is the term "quad cab" used by all truck manufacturers?

No, "quad cab" is primarily associated with Dodge and RAM trucks.

Which is more fuel-efficient: crew cab or quad cab?

Fuel efficiency depends on engine type and other factors, not just cab configuration.

Which is better for families: crew cab or quad cab?

Families often prefer the crew cab due to its larger rear seating space.

Is there a price difference between crew and quad cabs?

Often, crew cabs might be priced higher due to their increased interior space.

Is one safer than the other: crew cab vs. quad cab?

Safety largely depends on the specific make and model, not necessarily the cab configuration.

Can both crew and quad cabs seat five passengers?

Yes, both can typically seat five, but the crew cab offers more rear-seat comfort.

Do all quad cabs look the same across brands?

No, while the concept is similar, design specifics can vary by brand.

Which has better resale value: crew cab or quad cab?

It varies by market demand, but crew cabs might have higher resale value due to their popularity.

Can you convert a quad cab into a crew cab?

Conversions are complex and might not be feasible due to structural and design differences.

Is the quad cab more about cargo space?

Yes, the quad cab often prioritizes bed length and hauling capabilities.

Do crew cabs compromise on truck bed length?

Some crew cabs may have a shorter bed to accommodate the larger cab.

Are there two-door versions of the quad cab?

No, "quad" indicates four doors. Two-door versions are typically called "regular" or "standard" cabs.

Are crew cabs only for trucks?

While most common in trucks, the term can be used for any vehicle with a spacious rear seating area.

Which offers more rear seat space: crew cab or quad cab?

The crew cab offers more rear seat space.

Are all four-door trucks considered crew cabs?

No, both crew cab and quad cab have four doors, but they differ in rear space and door size.

Which is easier to park: crew cab or quad cab?

Both can be challenging due to their size, but specific ease depends on truck length and driver skill.

Which is more common in the U.S.: crew cab or quad cab?

Crew cabs have become more popular in the U.S. in recent years.

Is the crew cab more modern than the quad cab?

Both configurations have been around for a while; preference is based on needs, not modernity.

Does a quad cab always mean a larger truck bed?

Typically, quad cabs have a longer bed compared to crew cabs of similar overall length.
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