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Cottagecore vs. Goblincore: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 16, 2024
Cottagecore is an aesthetic celebrating an idealized rural life, while Goblincore embraces nature’s chaos and imperfections.

Key Differences

Cottagecore and Goblincore are two distinct aesthetics, each with its own philosophy and visual style. Cottagecore is centered around the romanticization of rural life, nature, and traditional skills like gardening and baking. In contrast, Goblincore finds beauty in the less conventionally attractive aspects of nature, like mud, fungi, and insects.
Aesthetically, Cottagecore emphasizes soft, warm colors, floral patterns, and an overall sense of tranquility and nostalgia for pastoral life. Goblincore, meanwhile, celebrates the “uglier” side of nature with a focus on darker, earthier tones, and objects that might be considered as clutter or unconventional.
Cottagecore often involves activities like picnicking in a meadow, tending to a vegetable garden, or handcrafting home decor. Goblincore, on the other hand, might involve collecting rocks, bones, or appreciating the beauty in decay and natural cycles.
In terms of fashion, Cottagecore styles include flowy dresses, straw hats, and hand-knit sweaters, often inspired by vintage or pastoral fashion. Goblincore fashion leans towards more practical, often second-hand clothing, with an emphasis on comfort and utility.
Cottagecore tends to create a utopian vision of rural life, focusing on harmony and simplicity. Goblincore, conversely, embraces the chaos and randomness of nature, finding joy in the imperfections and the overlooked aspects of the natural world.

Comparison Chart


Romanticized rural life, tranquility
Chaos of nature, imperfections


Soft, warm colors, floral patterns
Dark, earthy tones, unconventional items


Gardening, baking, crafting
Collecting natural items, appreciation of decay


Vintage, pastoral styles
Practical, second-hand, comfortable


Idealized nature, simplicity
Embracing natural chaos and randomness

Cottagecore and Goblincore Definitions


Focused on activities like gardening and baking.
Cottagecore encourages activities that connect with nature, like planting your own herbs.


Emphasizes earthy tones and natural chaos.
Goblincore fashion is all about comfort and practicality, often using earthy colors.


Emphasizes harmony with nature and traditional crafts.
Cottagecore decor often includes handmade quilts and pottery.


Focuses on the randomness and messiness of nature.
Goblincore embraces the untamed, unstructured side of nature.


Inspired by vintage fashion and pastoral imagery.
She dresses in Cottagecore style, with flowy dresses and floral prints.


Aesthetic that finds beauty in nature’s imperfections.
His Goblincore collection includes various interesting rocks and fossils.


Aesthetic idealizing a simple, rural lifestyle.
Her Cottagecore blog features tips on baking and flower gardening.


Celebrates unconventional aspects of nature.
Goblincore aesthetics often include elements like mushrooms and moss.


Represents an escape to a more peaceful, rural life.
Cottagecore offers a nostalgic escape from modern urban life.


Involves collecting natural, often overlooked items.
She enjoys Goblincore activities like foraging for wild plants.


An aesthetic that celebrates a return to traditional skills and crafts associated with rural living, such as sewing, gardening, foraging, baking, and pottery.


What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is an aesthetic celebrating a romanticized, idyllic rural lifestyle.

What are key elements of Goblincore fashion?

Goblincore fashion includes practical, often second-hand items, with a focus on comfort.

What types of activities are associated with Cottagecore?

Activities like gardening, baking, and handcrafting are central to Cottagecore.

Is Cottagecore only about rural living?

While it emphasizes rural life, it's more about embracing simplicity and nature.

What types of items are collected in Goblincore?

Collections often include natural items like rocks, bones, and moss.

What are common themes in Cottagecore?

Common themes include nature, simplicity, traditional crafts, and vintage fashion.

How does Cottagecore relate to fashion?

Cottagecore fashion often features flowy, vintage-inspired garments and floral patterns.

Does Goblincore promote environmentalism?

Yes, it often includes a respect for and fascination with natural ecosystems.

Can Cottagecore and Goblincore overlap?

Yes, both share a love for nature, though they approach it differently.

What is Goblincore?

Goblincore is an aesthetic that appreciates the less conventionally beautiful aspects of nature.

How does Goblincore differ from Cottagecore?

Goblincore focuses on nature’s chaos and imperfections, unlike Cottagecore’s idealized view.

Do Cottagecore and Goblincore have specific color palettes?

Yes, Cottagecore favors soft, warm colors, while Goblincore opts for darker, earthier tones.

How does one participate in Goblincore?

Participation can include outdoor exploration, collecting natural items, and embracing earthy aesthetics.

Is baking considered a Cottagecore activity?

Yes, baking is a quintessential Cottagecore activity.

Is Cottagecore a new concept?

Cottagecore has gained popularity recently but is rooted in longstanding ideals.

Are Cottagecore and Goblincore trends just visual?

While highly visual, they also encompass lifestyle choices and personal values.

Does Goblincore have a particular philosophy?

Its philosophy revolves around finding beauty in nature's imperfections and randomness.

Can these aesthetics influence home decor?

Absolutely, both can significantly influence home decorating choices.

Is there a community aspect to these aesthetics?

Yes, both have communities, especially online, where enthusiasts share ideas and images.

Are these aesthetics limited to rural areas?

No, both can be adopted in various settings, including urban environments.
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