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Nursary vs. Nursery: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on March 14, 2024
"Nursary" is incorrect, whereas "nursery" is correct and refers to a place for the care of young children or plants.

Which is correct: Nursary or Nursery

How to spell Nursery?

Nursary is Incorrect

Nursery is Correct


Key Differences

Think of "u" in "nursery" as in "upbringing" or "growth."
Recall that "ery" is a common ending for places (e.g., bakery), making "nursery" logical.
Remember that "nursery" contains "nurse," hinting at care for young.
Associate "nursery" with "nurture," both starting with "nur."
Visualize a tree nursery, where "nursery" has the "e" of "tree."

Correct usage of Nursery

They bought a beautiful plant from the local nursary.
They bought a beautiful plant from the local nursery.
We need to pick up some gardening supplies from the nursary.
We need to pick up some gardening supplies from the nursery.
She wants to work in a nursary with children.
She wants to work in a nursery with children.
The new parents are decorating the baby's nursary.
The new parents are decorating the baby's nursery.
Can you recommend a good nursary school in the area?
Can you recommend a good nursery school in the area?

Nursery Definitions

A plant nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to a desired age.
They bought flowering plants from the local nursery.
A childcare nursery is a facility where babies and young children are cared for during the daytime.
She picked up her son from the nursery after work.
In the animal context, a nursery refers to a place where young animals are raised.
The seal nursery on the coast attracts many visitors every year.
In a house, a nursery is a room specially designed for a baby or young child.
They painted the nursery in pastel colors for the new baby.
A school nursery is a class or group within a school for the education of very young children.
Her daughter loves attending the nursery class at the neighborhood school.
A room or area in a household set apart for the use of children.
A place for the temporary care of children in the absence of their parents.
A nursery school.

Nursery Sentences

They enrolled their daughter in a nursery school close to their home.
The nursery rhyme had a catchy tune that the kids loved.
The nursery was filled with the sounds of children laughing and playing.
The baby's nursery is painted in soft pastel colors.
She works as a teacher at a local nursery, looking after toddlers.
The nursery had a wide selection of both indoor and outdoor plants.
The nursery is equipped with everything a baby could need.
Parents often choose nursery schools based on their educational philosophy.
They transformed one of the spare rooms into a cozy nursery.
We visited the plant nursery to pick out flowers for our garden.
We bought a beautiful maple tree from the garden nursery.
They read a nursery rhyme as part of the bedtime routine.
The nursery provided a safe and nurturing environment for the children.
The nursery employees are knowledgeable about the needs of different plants.
The nursery school emphasizes learning through play and exploration.
Decorating the nursery for the new arrival was an exciting project.
The nursery school organizes fun educational activities for the children.
The nursery was abuzz with the preparations for the annual spring sale.
Each child at the nursery has their own cubby for personal items.
The theme of the nursery was inspired by classic children's stories.
The nursery had a section dedicated to exotic plants and flowers.
They chose a nursery that was within walking distance from their house.
She found her passion for teaching while working in a nursery.
On weekends, the nursery offers workshops on gardening and plant care.
Parents were invited to the nursery school for an open day.

Nursery Idioms & Phrases

Nursery slopes

Beginner's slopes in skiing, suitable for learning.
We'll start on the nursery slopes since it's your first time skiing.

In the nursery

Relating to the earliest stage of something.
When it comes to cooking, I'm still in the nursery.

From the nursery to the grave

From birth to death; throughout one's life.
This health care program aims to support citizens from the nursery to the grave.

Nursery rhyme

A traditional poem or song for children.
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is a well-known nursery rhyme.

Nursery school

A school for very young children before they go to primary school.
My son just started attending the local nursery school.

Nursery ground

A place where young fish or other marine life are abundant, serving as a breeding area.
The conservation area is known as a nursery ground for several endangered species.

Nursery web

The protective web or environment created by some spiders for their young.
The spider meticulously constructed a nursery web for her eggs.

Plant nursery

A place where plants are propagated and grown to a desired age.
We got our fruit trees from a reputable plant nursery.

Nursery tale

A fairy tale or a children's story.
Before bed, I often read my kids a nursery tale to spark their imagination.

Nursery crimes

Humorous term for minor misdemeanors typically committed by children.
Eating cookies before dinner falls under nursery crimes in our household.

Nursery decor

The decoration and furnishing of a room for a baby.
We're going with a jungle theme for the nursery decor.


Suitable or safe for young children.
We need to ensure the house is nursery-friendly before the little one starts crawling.

Nursery rhyme character

A character from a traditional children's song or tale.
She dressed up as a nursery rhyme character for the school play.

To go back to the nursery

Suggested for someone acting immaturely, implying they need to grow up.
If you're going to throw a tantrum over this, maybe you should go back to the nursery.

Out of the nursery

Having progressed beyond the initial or basic stage.
Moving from arithmetic to algebra means you're out of the nursery in math.

Nursery teacher

An educator who specializes in working with young children in a nursery school.
My sister loves her job as a nursery teacher.

Nursery window

A metaphorical view into the innocent and simple world of children.
Children's books offer a glimpse through the nursery window into their imaginations.

Nursery fodder

Food or content considered suitable for young children.
Simple picture books are perfect nursery fodder for toddlers.

To turn something into a nursery

To convert a space for the use or care of young children.
We're turning the spare room into a nursery for the new baby.

Nursery year

The academic year spent in nursery school.
His nursery year was filled with lots of play and foundational learning.


Which vowel is used before nursery?

Typically, "a" or "the" is used before nursery, depending on the context.

Why is it called nursery?

Nursery is called so because it nurtures young plants or children, similar to how a nurse cares for patients.

Which preposition is used with nursery?

Prepositions like "in," "at," or "from" can be used with nursery, depending on the context.

What is the root word of nursery?

The root word of nursery is "nurse."

What is the singular form of nursery?

The singular form is "nursery."

Is nursery a negative or positive word?

Nursery is a neutral word, neither inherently negative nor positive.

What is the pronunciation of nursery?

Nursery is pronounced as /ˈnɜːrsəri/.

What is the plural form of nursery?

The plural form is "nurseries."

Is nursery an adverb?

No, nursery is not an adverb.

Is nursery a collective noun?

Nursery can be considered a collective noun when referring to a group of young children or plants.

What is the verb form of nursery?

Nursery itself is a noun, not a verb; it doesn't have a verb form.

How many syllables are in nursery?

Nursery has three syllables.

What is the opposite of nursery?

An opposite could be "adult care center" or "barren land," depending on the context.

What is the third form of nursery?

Nursery doesn't have a third form; it remains "nursery."

Which article is used with nursery?

"The" or "a" is used, depending on whether the nursery is previously known or not.

Is the word nursery imperative?

No, nursery is not an imperative; it is a noun.

Which conjunction is used with nursery?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with nursery, depending on the sentence structure.

Is nursery an abstract noun?

No, nursery is a concrete noun, as it can be physically seen and touched.

Is nursery a vowel or consonant?

The word nursery starts with a consonant.

Is nursery a countable noun?

Yes, nursery is a countable noun.

Which determiner is used with nursery?

Determiners like "the," "a," or "this" can be used with nursery.

Is nursery a noun or adjective?

Nursery is a noun.

How do we divide nursery into syllables?

Nursery is divided as nur-se-ry.

What is another term for nursery?

Another term for nursery is "childcare center" or "plant greenhouse," depending on the context.

What is the second form of nursery?

Nursery doesn't have a second form; it remains "nursery."

How is nursery used in a sentence?

Example: The children spent their day playing and learning in the nursery.

Is the nursery term a metaphor?

Nursery can be metaphorical when referring to an environment fostering growth or development.

What is a stressed syllable in nursery?

The first syllable "nur" is stressed in nursery.

What part of speech is nursery?

Nursery is a noun.

What is the first form of nursery?

The first form is "nursery," as it is a noun, not a verb.
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