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Close vs. Near: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on December 6, 2023
Close refers to a short distance or a high degree of proximity, while near indicates being at a short distance without implying intimacy.

Key Differences

Close often implies a smaller distance than near, suggesting a higher degree of proximity or intimacy. Near simply indicates that something is not far away, without the connotation of a close relationship or connection.
In emotional contexts, close is used to describe strong personal bonds or relationships. Near, however, lacks this emotional connotation and is typically used in a more physical or spatial context.
Close can also mean nearly complete or about to happen, as in "close to finishing." Near, on the other hand, is used to describe something that is approaching but not necessarily imminent.
The term close is often used in the context of closing something, like "close the door," whereas near does not have this application.
In terms of usage, close can be an adjective, adverb, or verb, showing its versatile nature. Near can be an adjective or adverb but is less commonly used as a verb.

Comparison Chart


Implies a smaller, more intimate distance
Indicates a short distance without intimacy

Emotional Connotation

Often used for personal bonds or relationships
Lacks emotional connotation, more physical

Context of Use

Can mean nearly complete or imminent
Used for approaching, not necessarily imminent

Additional Meanings

Can mean to shut or seal something
Does not have a meaning related to sealing

Forms of Speech

Used as adjective, adverb, or verb
Used as adjective or adverb, rarely as verb

Close and Near Definitions


A short distance away or intimate in proximity.
The store is close to my house.


At a short distance in space or time.
The park is near my home.


To shut something.
Please close the door when you leave.


Almost or very similar.
Her painting was near perfection.


Nearly complete or about to happen.
The project is close to completion.


Close to in terms of a relationship, but less intimate.
She sat near her colleague.


Intimate or strong in terms of relationships.
They have a close friendship.


Approaching a certain condition or state.
The deadline is drawing near.


A narrow margin or short interval.
It was a close race.


To be in close proximity to something.
As we near the city, traffic increases.


Being near in space or time. See Usage Note at redundancy.


To, at, or within a short distance or interval in space or time
Moved the table nearer to the wall.
As graduation draws near.


Being near in relationship
Close relatives.


Just about; almost; nearly
Was near exhausted from the climb.


Does Close have a financial meaning?

Yes, in finance, it refers to the end of a trading session.

Can Close imply intimacy?

Yes, as in "close friends" or "close relationship."

Is Close used in technology?

Yes, like "close an application" or "close a file."

How is Close used in a sentence?

As an adjective: "The store is close by." As a verb: "Please close the door."

Can Close be used in emotional contexts?

Yes, as in feeling close to someone emotionally.

What's the difference between Close and shut?

Close is more general, while shut often implies a more forceful action.

How does Close relate to ending events?

It can mean to conclude, as in "close a meeting."

How is Near used differently from Close?

Near often implies a slightly greater distance than close.

What does Close mean?

It can mean a short distance in space or time, or the act of shutting something.

What does Near mean?

Close in distance, time, or relationship.

How does Near relate to proximity?

It specifically refers to physical proximity.

Does Near have an emotional aspect?

Less commonly, but it can imply emotional closeness.

Is Close used in legal terms?

Yes, as in "close a case" or "close a deal."

Can Close mean narrow?

Yes, in contexts like "a close call" or "close quarters."

Is Near used in navigational contexts?

Yes, like "near the intersection."

Can Near be used in a comparative sense?

Yes, as in "nearer" or "nearest."

Is Near used in danger contexts?

Yes, like "near miss" or "near accident."

What's the adverb form of Near?

"Nearly," which means almost.

Can Near be a verb?

Yes, as in "The deadline is nearing."

How does Near work in spatial relationships?

It describes physical closeness between objects or locations.
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