Nationality vs. Citizenship

Main Difference The main difference between nationality and citizenship is that the nationality of a person illustrate his/her residence or country of birth while the citizenship of a person display that the individual is enrolled as a citizen by the government of the respective country. Nationality vs. Citizenship The nationality of a person, declare his/her […]

First Degree Murder vs. Second Degree Murder

Main Difference Murders according to the law and judiciary system all around the world are mainly categorized or classified into three kinds or levels. These kinds or levels are based upon the nature of the murder, the intention of the murderer, the weapon used, etc. These three levels are First Degree Murder, Second Degree Murder, […]

Common Law vs. Statute Law

Main Difference Common Law and Statute Law both collectively led the foundation of the law of a particular country and state. Common Law and Statute Law is two different kinds of law that collaborate with each other and are simultaneously followed in the state of the country. The basic difference between these both sort of […]

Dui vs. Owi

Main Difference DUI and OWI are the criminal behaviors of the motorists as they drive their vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Such motorists are punishable by law and are examined through their speech, smell of alcohol or the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). The DUI stands for ‘Driving Under the Influence), whereas OWI […]

Theory vs. Law

Main Difference The scientific method is the comprehensive method of checking the validly of the various phenomena and statement. It mainly comprises of the six basic steps, which are followed by the one to gain the best possible results. As we know that science is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the […]

Judge vs. Magistrate

Main Difference To provide justice to the citizens is one of the top priorities of the democratic state, and for this purpose, the judicial system is built which comprises of lawyer, judges, magistrates and many other. It should be kept noted without the strong judicial system which serves justice equally among citizens; a prosperous society […]

Federal Prison vs. State Prison

Primary Difference Crime has become norm in all the countries around the world and there are many ways of tackling it in the form of sentence. These range from few weeks to life imprisonment depending on the crime but that is a totally different discussion. Prison cells are the places where criminals are kept to […]

Warranty vs. Guarantee

Primary Difference A warrantee is termed as surety in a written form which is referred to as a written guarantee. This is for the purchaser that if the product requires repair within the given time then they will provide their services (the manufacturer). While on the other hand guarantee is to provide surety or security […]

Jail vs. Prison

Primary Difference A jail is a place where the people are confined for a short period of time when they have done a crime or have been accused of it. Criminals are there in a jail for a detention period. Prisons on the other hand Rae there to detain people who have committed a very […]

Assault vs. Battery

Main Difference Battery and Assault are two terms which are commonly used in criminology. Both these words originate from the same scene and give the impression of having a similar meaning which is true in most cases, but there are slight differences between them which are therefore presented properly during a court proceeding or filing […]

W-4 vs. W-2

Main Difference W-4 and W-2 are the tax forms that are issued by the Internal Revenue Services. They demand these forms to estimate the income tax of an individual worker. They both are different. W-4 form tell your employer about your filing status and your tax claiming allowances. W-2 tells you about the taxable income […]

FBI vs. US Marshal

Main Difference The FBI is the Federal bureau of investigation. It serves as a criminal investigation center and an intelligence bureau both. while US marshal is the extended arm of the courts and does the investigation to help in court cases. What is FBI? The FBI stand for Federal bureau of Investigation. It runs under […]

Passport Book vs. Passport Card

Main Difference Without a passport or legal document, no one can travel into the territory of other country. Passport is a legal document that is issued to a citizens and non-citizens nationals of a country. It is unlawful to travel without a passport in another country. Passport is in fact the identity of a person […]