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Camcorder vs. Handycam: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on December 4, 2023
A camcorder is a portable device for recording video, often with built-in storage, while a Handycam is a brand-specific compact camcorder designed for easy handheld use.

Key Differences

A camcorder is a self-contained electronic device designed to record and sometimes broadcast video. Sony's Handycam, a specific brand of camcorder, is known for its compact size and user-friendly design, ideal for handheld recording.
Camcorders come in various sizes and capabilities, ranging from professional-grade equipment to consumer models. The Handycam, introduced by Sony, was notable for its smaller size and ease of use, appealing to casual videographers.
Modern camcorders often include features like high-definition recording, large storage capacity, and advanced zoom capabilities. Sony's Handycam models are typically geared towards consumers, emphasizing portability and simplicity over professional features.
Camcorders can be used for a wide range of purposes, from filmmaking and news reporting to home videos. Handycams, being more consumer-oriented, are commonly used for personal events, travel vlogging, and home movies.
The term 'camcorder' is generic, encompassing a wide range of video recording devices, while 'Handycam' specifically refers to Sony's line of consumer-friendly camcorders.

Comparison Chart


A portable electronic device for video recording
A brand-specific, compact camcorder by Sony

Size and Portability

Varies, from larger professional to compact models
Known for its compact, easy-to-carry design


Ranges from basic to advanced professional features
Focused on user-friendly, consumer-level features


Professional filming, news, home videos
Primarily for personal use, travel, home movies

Brand Association

Generic term, not brand specific
Associated exclusively with Sony

Camcorder and Handycam Definitions


A camcorder is a portable device for recording video.
I used a camcorder to film the wedding ceremony.


Sony's Handycam line emphasizes portability for everyday use.
Their Handycam was ideal for capturing spontaneous moments.


Camcorders are used for diverse purposes, from home videos to filmmaking.
We bought a camcorder to record our family vacations.


A Handycam is Sony's brand of compact, user-friendly camcorders.
She recorded the entire trip using her new Handycam.


Modern camcorders offer high-definition recording and zoom capabilities.
The camcorder's zoom feature helped capture distant wildlife.


Handycams are known for being lightweight and easy to handle.
The Handycam's lightweight design made it perfect for hiking.


Camcorders vary from consumer to professional grades.
For our documentary, we need a professional-grade camcorder.


Handycams cater to consumers with a focus on simplicity.
He chose a Handycam for its simple operation and good quality.


Camcorders often have built-in storage and advanced features.
His camcorder has enough storage for hours of high-definition video.


Handycams are popular for personal events and travel vlogging.
She uses her Handycam to vlog her travels around the world.


A lightweight, handheld video camera, especially one that records data in digital form onto a storage device such as a videotape, DVD, or hard disk.


Alternative form of handicam


A camera recorder: a portable electronic device for recording images and audio on to a storage device, hence functioning as a camera and a recorder in a single unit.


To record using a camcorder.


A portable television camera and videocassette recorder


Can camcorders record in high definition?

Many modern camcorders can record in high definition.

What is a Handycam?

A Handycam is a brand of compact camcorders produced by Sony.

Are Handycams only made by Sony?

Yes, Handycam is a trademarked brand of Sony.

Do camcorders come with built-in storage?

Most camcorders have built-in storage, and many also support external storage.

Are Handycams good for professional filming?

Handycams are more suited for consumer use, though some models may be adequate for semi-professional purposes.

What features are common in camcorders?

Common features include zoom, built-in microphones, and varying levels of video resolution.

Are Handycams easy to use for beginners?

Yes, Handycams are designed to be user-friendly and are suitable for beginners.

Do Handycams support external microphones?

Some Handycam models support external microphones, but it varies.

How do camcorders differ from Handycams?

Camcorders are a general category of video recorders, while Handycams are a specific Sony brand known for compact size.

What is the price range for camcorders?

Camcorders range from affordable consumer models to expensive professional equipment.

What is a camcorder?

A camcorder is a portable device designed for recording videos.

How long can camcorders record continuously?

This varies by model, but many can record for several hours on a full battery and with sufficient storage.

Can Handycams record in 4K resolution?

Some of the latest Handycam models can record in 4K resolution.

Are Handycams compatible with tripods?

Most Handycams have a standard mount compatible with tripods.

Are camcorders heavy and bulky?

Camcorders range in size; professional models are larger, while consumer models are often compact.

Do Handycams have zoom capabilities?

Yes, most Handycams have zoom capabilities suitable for general use.

Do Handycams come with editing software?

Some Handycam models may come with or support editing software.

Do all camcorders have a flip screen?

Many, but not all, camcorders have a flip screen feature for ease of recording.

Can camcorders be used for live streaming?

Some camcorders have capabilities for live streaming, depending on the model.

Are Handycams waterproof?

Some Handycam models are waterproof, but not all.
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