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Calamine vs. Caladryl: What's the Difference?

By Aimie Carlson & Janet White || Published on March 14, 2024
Calamine is a mild antiprickly agent primarily used for soothing skin irritation, while Caladryl combines calamine with an antihistamine for enhanced relief from itching and discomfort.

Key Differences

Calamine lotion, known for its pink hue, is a topical medication used to treat mild itchiness from conditions like insect bites or poison ivy. It works by providing a cooling sensation that helps alleviate irritation. In contrast, Caladryl contains not only calamine but also pramoxine, an antihistamine that offers additional relief from itching by numbing the skin slightly.
Calamine serves as a protective coating that soothes and protects irritated skin, Caladryl takes it a step further by addressing the itchiness more aggressively. The inclusion of an antihistamine in Caladryl helps to reduce the body's allergic response, making it more effective for severe itching.
Calamine is often recommended for its simplicity and effectiveness in treating minor irritations and is suitable for use on sensitive skin. On the other hand, Caladryl, with its added components, is preferred for more intense itching sensations where a stronger treatment is necessary.
Despite their differences, both products are applied topically and share the ability to cool and soothe irritated skin. The choice between them usually depends on the severity of the symptoms and whether the added benefits of an antihistamine are needed.
In terms of availability, calamine can be found in its generic form in many pharmacies, making it a go-to for quick relief of minor skin irritations. Caladryl, as a branded product, combines these benefits with targeted action against itching, positioning it as a specialized option.

Comparison Chart


Mainly zinc oxide and ferric oxide
Calamine plus pramoxine (antihistamine)

Primary Use

Soothes minor skin irritations
Provides relief from itching and discomfort


Cooling effect on the skin
Cooling effect plus antihistamine action


Mild irritations, sensitive skin
More severe itching and irritations


Lotion with added antihistamine

Calamine and Caladryl Definitions


Used in various over-the-counter products.
Calamine is found in many OTC skincare products for itch relief.


Combines calamine with an antihistamine.
Caladryl lotion helped reduce the itching faster than calamine alone.


Suitable for sensitive skin.
For her delicate skin, calamine was the preferred choice.


Offers additional relief from allergic reactions.
Caladryl provided added relief from the allergic reaction on his skin.


Offers a cooling sensation upon application.
Applying calamine lotion provided immediate cooling to the sunburn.


Pramoxine in Caladryl numbs the skin slightly.
The pramoxine in Caladryl made the skin feel less itchy.


A mild agent used for treating itchiness.
She applied calamine lotion to soothe the mosquito bites.


Formulated for more intense itching.
For poison ivy, she chose Caladryl for its strong itch relief.


Contains zinc oxide for skin protection.
Calamine's zinc oxide content helps protect irritated skin.


Preferred for severe skin irritations.
Caladryl was recommended for the severe rash due to its antihistamine.


See hemimorphite.


A pink, odorless, tasteless powder of zinc oxide with a small amount of ferric oxide, dissolved in mineral oils and used in skin lotions.


An alloy composed of lead, tin, and zinc.


A pink form of zinc oxide formed as a byproduct of zinc sublimation, now used in skin lotions.


(mineral) hemimorphite, an orthorhombic-pyramidal mineral containing zinc.


(transitive) To coat or treat with calamine.


A mineral, the hydrous silicate of zinc.


A white mineral; a common ore of zinc


How does Caladryl differ from calamine?

Caladryl contains calamine plus an antihistamine for enhanced relief from itching.

Is calamine suitable for all ages?

Yes, calamine is considered safe for use on individuals of all ages, including infants.

Can Caladryl help with severe allergic reactions?

Caladryl can provide relief from severe itching, but severe allergic reactions may require medical attention.

What is calamine used for?

Calamine is used to soothe minor skin irritations like insect bites and poison ivy.

Can Caladryl be used on sensitive skin?

Yes, but it's stronger than calamine, so testing on a small area first is advised.

Is there a difference in cost between calamine and Caladryl?

Typically, Caladryl may be slightly more expensive due to the added antihistamine.

How often can calamine be applied?

Calamine can be applied several times a day as needed, following the product's instructions.

Is Caladryl good for bug bites?

Yes, Caladryl is effective in relieving the itching and discomfort from bug bites.

Does Caladryl stain clothes?

Like calamine, it can leave stains on clothes, so it's best to let it dry before dressing.

Does Caladryl have side effects?

Rarely, and if they occur, they are usually mild. Always read the label for guidance.

Is Caladryl effective for chickenpox?

Yes, it can help alleviate the itching associated with chickenpox.

Can calamine be used every day?

Yes, it's safe for daily use as needed for relieving skin irritations.

How quickly does Caladryl work?

It can provide relief shortly after application, though individual experiences may vary.

Can both calamine and Caladryl be used on the face?

Yes, but with caution, especially around the eyes and mouth.

Can calamine dry out the skin?

It can, especially with frequent use. Moisturizing after its use is recommended.

Is calamine a natural product?

Calamine is a mineral compound, considered natural, but it's usually processed for use in lotions.

Can calamine lotion be used for acne?

It's not specifically indicated for acne, but it can help soothe the irritation and dry out pimples.

Can Caladryl be applied to open wounds?

It's not recommended to apply Caladryl directly to open wounds without consulting a healthcare provider.

Does calamine expire?

Yes, like most medicinal products, calamine lotion has an expiration date and should be used within the shelf life indicated on the package.

How does calamine relieve itching?

By providing a cooling effect and forming a protective barrier on the skin.
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