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UberX vs. Uber Select: What's the Difference?

By Harlon Moss & Janet White || Published on March 15, 2024
UberX offers affordable, everyday rides with standard vehicles, while Uber Select provides a more premium experience with high-end cars and highly rated drivers.

Key Differences

UberX is the most popular and budget-friendly option within the Uber platform, catering to everyday travel needs with standard sedans that accommodate up to 4 passengers. It's designed for those who seek efficient, cost-effective rides. In contrast, Uber Select is a step above UberX, offering a more luxurious ride experience with high-end vehicles such as BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes. This option targets users looking for extra comfort and style without the price tag of Uber's luxury services like Uber Black.
Drivers for UberX are required to have a 4-door vehicle in good condition, but there are no specific make or model requirements, making it accessible for many drivers. On the other hand, Uber Select drivers must meet more stringent requirements, including driving a higher-end vehicle with a leather interior, ensuring passengers ride in luxury. Additionally, Uber Select drivers tend to have higher ratings, providing not only a nicer car but also superior service.
Pricing is a significant difference between the two services. UberX is the more economical choice, with lower base fares, minute, and mile rates. Uber Select, due to its premium nature, costs more, making it suitable for those willing to pay extra for a better ride experience. Despite the higher cost, Uber Select offers value for riders seeking comfort and style, such as for business meetings or special occasions.
UberX serves as a practical choice for daily commutes and casual rides, Uber Select fulfills the demand for a more elevated service. Both services have their unique place within the Uber ecosystem, catering to a broad spectrum of user preferences and needs.

Comparison Chart

Vehicle Type

Standard sedans, accommodating up to 4 passengers.
High-end cars with premium interiors, accommodating up to 4 passengers.

Driver Requirements

Standard driver ratings and vehicle requirements.
Higher driver ratings and luxury vehicle requirements.


More affordable with lower base, minute, and mile rates.
Higher pricing for a premium experience.

Target Audience

Users seeking efficient, cost-effective rides.
Users desiring extra comfort and style for special occasions.


Widely available in most markets where Uber operates.
Limited availability, offered in select markets.

UberX and Uber Select Definitions


Catering to everyday travel needs.
UberX is perfect for my routine grocery shopping trips.

Uber Select

A premium ride option with high-end vehicles.
They booked an Uber Select for their anniversary dinner.


Focuses on efficiency and affordability.
For his daily commute, he prefers the affordability of UberX.

Uber Select

Higher driver ratings for superior service.
Our Uber Select driver was exceptionally professional and courteous.


Uber's most popular and economical ride option.
She took an UberX to the airport to save money.

Uber Select

Offers luxury cars with leather interiors.
The Uber Select that arrived was a pristine Audi with a leather interior.


Standard sedans for up to 4 passengers.
The UberX that arrived was a clean, modern sedan.

Uber Select

Priced higher than UberX for a luxury experience.
For special occasions, I don't mind the higher price of Uber Select.


Available in most cities where Uber operates.
UberX is my go-to option for quick rides around the city.

Uber Select

Suitable for business or special events.
He uses Uber Select when he has business clients to impress.


Can I request an Uber Select for a group of 5?

No, like UberX, Uber Select generally accommodates up to 4 passengers.

Are Uber Select drivers better than UberX drivers?

Uber Select drivers typically have higher ratings and provide superior service, reflecting the premium nature of the service.

What kind of cars can I expect with Uber Select?

Expect luxury brands like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes with leather interiors.

Is Uber Select available in all cities?

No, Uber Select is available in select markets and not as widely available as UberX.

What's the main difference between UberX and Uber Select?

UberX offers affordable, standard rides, while Uber Select provides a premium experience with high-end vehicles and highly rated drivers.

Is Uber Select much more expensive than UberX?

Yes, Uber Select is more expensive due to its premium vehicles and service quality.

Can UberX drivers upgrade to Uber Select?

Yes, if they meet the vehicle and service requirements for Uber Select, including having a luxury vehicle and a high driver rating.

How does the cancellation policy for Uber Select compare to UberX?

The cancellation policy for Uber Select may involve higher fees given the premium nature of the service, but policies can vary by region.

Is the price difference between UberX and Uber Select worth it?

It depends on the rider's preferences for comfort, style, and service quality versus the importance of saving money.

How does surge pricing affect UberX and Uber Select?

Surge pricing impacts both services during high demand, but the increase in cost may be more noticeable with Uber Select due to its higher base rates.

How do ratings affect Uber Select drivers compared to UberX drivers?

Ratings are crucial for all Uber drivers, but Uber Select drivers may face stricter standards to remain eligible for this premium service.

What impact does choosing Uber Select have on the environment compared to UberX?

The environmental impact varies by the specific vehicles used; however, luxury cars in Uber Select may have different efficiency levels compared to the more varied UberX fleet.

Why would someone choose Uber Select over UberX?

For enhanced comfort, luxury, and a higher level of service, especially for special occasions or business purposes.

How do I know if Uber Select is available in my area?

You can check the availability by opening the Uber app and looking at the ride options in your location.

Can I request a specific car model with Uber Select?

While you can't request specific models, Uber Select ensures your ride will be a high-end vehicle within its luxury criteria.

What happens if an Uber Select car is not available?

If Uber Select is unavailable, the app may suggest alternative premium options or default to the next best available service like UberX.

Is the interior of an Uber Select guaranteed to be leather?

Most Uber Select vehicles have leather or a similarly premium interior, but specifics can vary by market and vehicle availability.

Are there any additional perks with Uber Select besides the car and driver?

While the main perks include a luxury vehicle and highly rated driver, some markets may offer additional benefits like bottled water or chargers.

Do Uber Select drivers undergo additional training?

Uber Select drivers don't necessarily undergo additional training but must maintain higher performance standards and customer ratings.

Can Uber Select be used for airport rides?

Yes, Uber Select is an excellent option for comfortable and stylish airport transportation, subject to availability.
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